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4 thoughts on “Millionaire Politicians: Average Net Worth

  1. And liberals think they fight for us. Jeez, just look at pelosi…

    They all are bought and paid for and all use the information to make illegal stock trades.

  2. ALL politicians are out for themselves,IF,they can throw their constitutants a bone,they damn sure make sure everyone in their state knows about it,their ONLY reason to be in DC,is to get rich,get re-elected,and let everyone know that they are a big deal.99.9% of ALL politicians $UK………..

  3. David Brewbaker says:

    PElosi Should Be In Prison. When VISA had Their IPO Pelosi Was Able To Get In When Only Brokerage Firms Could Buy In On The IPO. Pelosi Cashed In Over $100,000 Ahead In 1 Day. A Thief & A Criminal.

  4. As I said a thousand times government exist to steal from your hard-work and money. If they left you alone you would eventually be a millionaire like them!

    When you vote one creep in they are all to happy to separate you from your wealth and make it their own.

    That is the TENDENCY and final goal of ALL forms of government. Yes, even ours. That is why they added illegal amendments to the original Constitution.

    They eventually know you will find out and be PISSED. That is why the want to get rid of the 2nd amendment, and that is one reason why I will never honor or shake hands with ANY politician!