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$5 Million for Illegal Aliens Attending the University of California

Written by Gary North on January 8, 2014

The President of the University of California system, Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano, has announced a $5 million subsidy for illegal aliens on campus. She of course did not use the legally precise term, “illegal aliens.” She used “undocumented students.”

The money will be used to fund student services, work-study programs, and for loans.

We read that “Napolitano encouraged campuses to consult with student leaders and organizations as they develop their plans. Though the allocation was recently announced, some students on campus have already been involved in system-wide discussions regarding the funds.”

Immediately, an illegal alien complained. The money used for loans is not really aid.

Sophomore Ivan Villasenor Madriz, an undocumented student, spoke with representatives from the UC Office of the President and other undocumented student representatives across the UC campuses in a conference call the evening of Dec. 18.

Madriz said the students raised concerns about the use of the funds for loans rather than other types of aid such as grants and work-study. He said loans should not be considered “aid” because they are only increasing student debt and putting more pressure on students.

“The loans that are given out are making one hole to fill another,” he said. “It defeats the purpose of so-called ‘financial aid.’ ”

Activist group BAMN shares similar sentiments. David Douglass, a UC Berkeley BAMN leader, said the UC Regents should call for a Federal Dream Act.

“We think that the 5 million dollars will have an impact,” Douglass said in an email, “if the money goes directly into the pockets of undocumented students.”

These students are here illegally. They are getting on board the government’s gravy train. Here is their position: “We don’t need no stinking loans.”

There are millions of other would-be illegal aliens who want to come to America to cash in on government money. Liberals love to tax citizens to give money away to illegal aliens. They will continue to do this for as a long as they are elected to office. That is likely to be a long time in California.

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50 thoughts on “$5 Million for Illegal Aliens Attending the University of California

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    California has the right to determine whether or not these students are "illegal." The Constitution does not grant that right to the Federal gunverment. Whether or not they have the right to give away this tax money is between the state and its taxpaymers, who have the right to move if they don't like it.

  2. I think I'm going to throw up…..all this is out of control….illegal means illegal….no person that is a non citizen should receive any taxpayer money whatsoever!!!!!

  3. They also have the right to keep their money, but the State doesn't recognize it and garnishes their wages.

    Nothing for nothing, I always say.

  4. If all of our employers wouldn't comply with the order to pilfer our paychecks, the government would fall apart. Yay! Those friends of y'alls that wear the state's LEO costumes wouldn't bash our skulls for free. Well, some would…

  5. Tell me Phillip, why isn't that money being used to reduce the cost for legal US citizens?

  6. The arrogance of these invaders is to be expected…they disrespected our Nation's legal path to entry, and jumped over their own countrymen/women to get here…but I want to know where these people are going to work to pay off what little loans they need?

  7. Since California is a state looking for money to fund ALL their liberal agenda, it seems credible that this move will somehow encourage the Obama liberals to "pitch-in" with additional grants, subsidies and "programs" to boost "Big Sis's" wallet. Where does the sucking stop? Those who work for their food have a long drying-up spell in their future-vision. We are now trying to help our children with advice and warnings about how to cope with Barry's "Radically Changed" America. I just can't see how it CAN continur in this fashion.

  8. tiredofracism says:

    You should put a little effort into studying history. This country was built, literally, with non-white, immigrant labor…and they were ALL denied citizenship until about 50 years ago. It's still very difficult to get citizenship, many, many hoops to jump through and most are paid only miminum wage and discrimination keeps them in poor neighborhoods with very little access to any services what-so-ever because they can't apply if they don't have a SSN. A lot of these kids are "illegal" only because their parents are afraid to go through legal channels, especially now when to admit they don't have papers will get them sent out of the country. However, their children who were born here should be citizens, so what's up with that? This country wouldn't be what it is if it hadn't been for all those people who did all the work as "progress" was raping the land from the East coast to the West, and this is how we treat them? We should all be ashamed, and the rest of the world thinks that as well. I know people who travel abroad and wear Canada t-shirts so people won't know they're American.

  9. Harboring, aiding, and abetting criminals are crimes! Napolitano has a history of mocking and defying the Constitution and legitimate law thereunder! CITIZENS MUST FILE CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS AGAINST HER!!! Citizens & their children from the ghettos to the suburbs are in a state of financial collapse!!

    Send ALL illegal (criminal) aliens home – ELIMINATE $402 Billion GOVERNMENT SPENDING ON 11 MILLION CRIMINAL ALIENS – that’s $36,545 each – (that's $17.57/hr @ 52wks @ 40hrs – from Obama before they hit a lick!), jail their tax evading employers & start collecting taxes (25% employee & 30% employer = 55% of wage… on12/2012 BLS $49,462 wage @ 40 hrs = $299+ billion tax revenue! THEN, let the free market set wages… & when jobless go to legitimate work they stop unemployment & countless other welfare type benefits (another $402 billion?) AND PAY TAXES!
    November jobless, using a 12 year average workforce to population ratio of 66.54% was 19.7 MILLION (12.0%). THE 144.4 MILLION EMPLOYED ONLY WORKED 34.4 HOURS (86% of 40 hour week = 14% lost), which is another 20.2 million (12.2%) equivalent joblessness due to short work week hours (144.396 employed * 14%)

    Imagine what would happen if we brought all of the manufacturing & other infrastructure GE, GM, and all of the other "global monopolists" moved to China etc! What if The US opened the energy & other esource fields up for American use on a competitive basis & we jailed and levied triple fines on the monopolists that have been sucking the blood out of the USA. It could start tomorrow if we'd jail Obama and 2/3 of the current progressive & RINO officials, and Holder running America into the gutter!

  10. Why should money be stolen at all? "Legal" US citizens don't have a right to my money.

  11. No person should receive any taxpayer money whatsoever.

  12. The concept of citizenship is absurd. Some land-thief draws a line on the map and the people on either side are all of a sudden different? Nothing for nothing, I always say.

  13. Your ancestors were invaders, at one point.

  14. Gary North here, with more sensationalist nonsense!

    Grow up, Gary. Everyone or their ancestors was illegal here, at one point or another.

  15. Voting this concept down is interesting. By doing so, you're saying that someone in Washington DC (dictrict of criminals) has a right to tell you whom you can host or employ. You can't invite your foreign-national cousin to work for you without getting a paper-pusher to say you can? That's freedom, baby!

  16. "Everyone or their ancestors was illegal here, at one point or another."

    No, the first people to arrive in an area can't be illegal, since someone would have to have been there before to pass a law.

    Common sense, Shane.

  17. Terry Fox says:

    I have no problem with California deciding what to do with its tax money. The problem is our federal immigration law requires employers to verify citizenship prior to hire through the use of "documents". If a student is "undocumented", the student can not be hired by the University of California under Simpson-Mazzoli. How can an undocumented student be legally hired into a "work-study" program if that student is ineligible to be hired because of lack of documents?

  18. Bonney Bacon says:

    Immigrants built this country-yes. Illegal immigrants did not build this country, they are tearing it down. Who, exactly, was denied citizenship until 50 years ago (1963)? Yes, it is hard to get citizenship–it's supposed to be. Just try getting Mexican citizenship, or how about New Zealand? There have been ways and means all these years for the illegals to become legal–starting even before they crossed the border (and after). Don't give me the old saw about they were afraid–they either didn't care or didn't want to become citizens. Maybe they always wanted to return 'home' or they didn't want to give up their birth-courtry citizenship. Whatever, they didn't and their heirs shouldn't be allowed to continue on that path. The 14th Amendment to the US Constitution was to give citizenship to the slaves–not allow other nations citizens to come to the USA have their kids and then have those kids be considered citizens–doesn't happen in any other country!

  19. LogicFirst says:

    Your liberal point of view IS really slanted. You should really read your history. America does not need to apologize to anyone in the world. Get off the weed, you obummer sympathizer…

  20. Bonney Bacon says:

    We as Californians also have the right to vote against giving illegals tax money but the 'lovely Democratic' legislature won't pass a bill we can vote on. Propositions don't get anywhere because they are blown away by the 'here have more of our money' Democrats. So tell me, Phillip the Bruce, do you have a student or two that can't get grants because of the 'illegal' issues? I do. So, like when I went to UCLA, we'll do loans–and pay them back!

  21. Bonney Bacon says:

    Hey Thumper, it's called a green card or a work permit. It's a privilege not a right. It's also a reminder that when the job is done that person needs to GO HOME.

  22. PAY back?!! No one said they were going to pay back the loan! Heck, they are illegal and therefore OWE nothing since it should NOT have been given to them. See the logic here?

  23. Napolitano is a communist ideology fool and she is still pushing Obamas agenda as also California as a whole. This is very un-American and there are a lot of true Americans that could use these grant more.

  24. Bill Doane says:

    isn’t that the truth we Americans have a hard time finding work and the government is giving tens of thousands of dollars away to illegals I for one think they should make them like every other people from other countries have to do to become Americans and take the test why are they getting special attention its not fair the only reason Obama was to get their vote and why do you not have to show identification to vote you have to show identification for almost everything you do and when they found out that dead people supposably voted and people voting more than once for Obama what is going on and our country anymore

  25. Glad to see that CA has all that extra money. They must have so much that they can spread it around to anyone that wants it. In reality, they should simply get an agreement from their home countries that the home country will pay for the kids education. Try going to Mexico and get a free or reduced education as an illegal alien.

  26. My first ancestor came here with little, aquired land, cleared it, and farmed it. He didn't use slaves, he paid his workers. There are even records of him paying his German POW's for their work during our first war with England. DUring slave times, they hid, at their own peril, runaway black slaves. This country was built by all peoples sweat. It just depended on when it was as to who was the lowest paid sweat producer.

  27. To eliminate voter fraud, the law requires registration to vote. This Administration has denied that states abide by this Constitutional Law. Have seen documentation where Illegal Aliens have been transported to the Polls to Vote for Obama for payment a 6 pack of beer.
    That is why they the Administration is pushing for amnesty. They have even sued States that have Voter Registration Laws. They should not be allowed to vote, but have. The Constitution says U.S. Citizenship is required to Vote.

  28. I think we should all become illegal aliens. We would get free health care, free welfare, free food stamps, free cars, free education, free, cell phones. Wow! Candy~Land! Woopie!!!

  29. You may not realize it but you're a statist, Bonney Bacon. You're in good company among those commenting on this website.

  30. Kathleen3 says:

    And what, pray tell, is Napolitano doing to reward returning veterans for their service or the children of military, especially those wounded or killed? This woman long ago crossed the line that separates dereliction of duty from treason.

  31. We don't have an immigration problem, we have a welfare problem!

  32. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    The gov't has a way of softening words, subsidies are gifts, free gratis! People and gov't reps think the gov't can give people money! They can't, they have none, they don't produce anything! They have no money to give, they can only take from the people with money, transfer to the people that don't! The taxpayers pay more! We are educating a bunch of failures from marxist countries, to support and maintain, our marxist society!

  33. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    Yep! That's the way it works! Mexico is mexico, and the USA is us, us vs them! Only citizens should by law, compete for jobs, homes, votes, etc. it's called a soveriegn country! Borders seperate, unless they are open! You can go ahead and give them your stuff, I don't mind, it's yours, but let me make my decision!

  34. They aren't entitled to my money, either. I never contracted them for their "service" and would have declined if they had asked me.

  35. Alright Already says:

    Ha! Most other countries have more strict immigration laws than we do! Lol! Do you know what Mexico does with illegals in their country? How about Canada? They only allow “productive, educated” people in their country. There are tons of countries who just ship back or jail their illegals. Maybe you’d like to escape to Mexico or Iran where they shoot or behead you? If you want to come to this country and be a productive member of society, do it legally. We don’t want the diseases and welfare cases the illegals bring. We have enough losers already legal here. We cannot afford any more “tired and poor”.

  36. We do not have an immigration problem, we have a congress problem. As long as you fools keep electing the same old boys every time, you will get the same results, more lies and more give aways. Grow some balls and vote ALL incumbents out, not just a few, ALL. If you don't, expect no change and more screwing by lying congress people and government officials.

  37. I don't feel sorry one little bit for where California is headed. I do feel sorry for the handcuffed conservatives that continue to have absolutely little input into how it's governed. Should California go bankrupt there is no doubt in my mind that the Feds will bail them out. The place is out of control! I so wish they would be allowed to succeed from the US!

  38. Interesting situation. My oldest granddaughter graduated from a CA HS. Her family all lives and pays taxes in CA. When she graduated HS she recieved an academic scholarship to an out of state school. She went to school for the first 2 years, out of state, when she tried to transfer to a CA school, they wanted to charge her as an out of state student because she had been going to non-CA schools for over a year.
    Yet we, in CA allow illegal aliens to pay instate tuition and now want to give them monitary assistance.

  39. I have decided that I will move into your house, you will have to help feed me, you will have to pay my Dr bills, you will have to educate my kids, you cannot require me to work, you will have no say on what I do, because some land thief made the decision that you have property lines and you think you have a right to say who lives in your house.

    You think that is a good idea???

    If you do, you are an idiot.

  40. Good sense from a lib???

    Sorry, not gonna happen.

  41. Don't get me started on this one. An illegal Alien can work here with a permit, but has no grounds to be allowed to vote. I don't care what Obama says, he is trying to destroy everything this nation stands for and he is setting up a win for Hillary with illegal votes too. WE HAVE TO STOP THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL. WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS. THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS IF THEY DON'T TRY TO STOP THIS. No, they will not get the illegal votes, but anyone who does,should be out for even one illegal vote. It has to stop somewhere.

  42. I get angry at the Republicans too, but they are the minority now so not much they do will get passed. I would also like to see them try, and to publish every bill they have tried to get passed to the public and the world to see. We know it, but the liberals feel it is their right to have these things happening. NOT!

  43. So they have to uproot themselves for the illegals, right? Make way for the illegals? California should be sliced off the US.They should make themselves part of Mexico. Seems like their priority are the nationals of other countries that should not be here in the first place. Taxing the legal Californians to support the illegals. The law of this country is, that people who come here should have the proper paperwork and documentation to do so. Not just thrash the country for their own ends. It is very unfortunate that California is allowing them to do so.

  44. Pink Alaska says:

    Order has to be enforced. The line in the sand are the borders of countries that have to be enforced and respected. Mexico lost the war. They have to live by it. But people without respect for another are nothing more than animals. You have a house Thumper? Ok if anyone can trample into it?

  45. Pink Alaska says:

    No, I do not agree with you. The people that came here before were here legally. The country was underpopulated at the time and the government allowed people from other countries to come. Not so anymore. Either you are here legally or you are an illegally. If you were not approved to come here, you are an illegal. Or if you jump the border or sneaked in, you are an illegal and NOT entitled to anything, out of legal people's pockets.

  46. PinkAlaska says:

    Be an illegal in Mexico and you get 8 years in jail.

  47. PinkAlaska says:

    I am with you. You could not be more right.

  48. PinkAlaska says:

    You are right. No welfare, no freebies, no illegals. I do not know why the politicians do NOT know that. Seems like they do not care who are in this country, as long as they get their votes. Pathetic. And very, very sad.

  49. I think you mean SECEDE. That is get away from the US, not one of the states anymore. And that will not be a bad idea. California is giving problems to the other states, by allowing all those illegals to get in …and….supporting them.

  50. Concerned_American says:

    Let freakin get to it already! I'm ready, willing & more than able to either mobilize en masse or whatever. I've made calls after calls to my Rep's demanding they not give in to this blanket Amnesty BS and I want our pathetic John Boehner gone! He's a friggin Jesuit traitor!

    Americans need to standup TODAY as Americans first, not as "demo'crites" or "republi'cons", and they better act soon or forever lose their freedoms to this rogue government that's detroying us, as it serves itself a disgraceful prostitute of the rich, for the rich, by the rich!