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Betrayal and Its Consequences

Written by Gary North on January 2, 2014

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I could write a book titled David And. . . Chapters: David and Goliath. David and Bathsheba. David and Joab. David and Absalom. David and Barzillai. But the most depressing chapter would be David and Uriah.

In the New Testament, the worst betrayal is the story of Judas and Jesus. In the Old Testament, it is the story of David and Uriah.

The story is a warning, both to would-be Davids and potential Uriahs. Those with power can misuse it. Those who get in their way are disposable. The story of David and Uriah is the story of a righteous man turned evil, and another righteous man who became his victim.


Uriah was a righteous man. He was a warrior. He served in the army.

He was the victim of David, who seduced his wife while Uriah was on the battlefield. David was safe at home. He had too much time on his hands. With a home on the high ground, he could see the rooftop of another man’s house. He spied Bathsheba bathing. He lured her into a trap.

When she became pregnant, he ordered Uriah to return home, thinking he would spend time with his wife. In Uriah’s mind, he was still on duty. The war was still in progress. He slept outside his wife’s door.

David, desperate, then told his overly loyal commander Joab to send Uriah into the thick of battle, and then order Uriah’s support team to retreat, leaving him exposed. This is the worst situation for a soldier. A brave man stands his ground. If his colleagues run, he is most likely to be killed. His courage is his death warrant.

David signed Uriah’s death warrant.

In First Samuel, chapter 12, we read of the outcome. Nathan the prophet came to him. He told David a story. A man of great wealth stole a female lamb from a poor neighbor. What should be done to the thief? Execute him, David said, plus fourfold restitution to the victim. Nathan’s response, in the language of the King James version of 1611, has come down through the centuries: “Thou art the man.” He added:

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10 thoughts on “Betrayal and Its Consequences

  1. victorbarney says:

    I just wanted to say, the biggest problem is America is our 74%er's, who w/i one standard deviation of the mean at the 2 1/2%lever of significance are all "gatherer's" by biology alone(typically the female sex) or by culture(typically non-Anglo-Saxon e.g., except Cuban's who tend to be right on the exact same page as Anglo-Saxons), but when our "gatherer's" are our "Super Majority" voting block as said above and it also was said so well by Dandy Don Meridith(sp?) in NFL football: "Turn out the lights, the party's over…WATCH…

  2. SoWhatBubb says:

    This Back Stabber Republican party deserves
    neither our respect,
    nor our loyalty,
    nor our money,
    nor our vote.

    Let the Back Stabber Rino Republican party crash and burn in 2014.
    2016 will be a different strategy,
    but in 2014 these despicable Rinos need to be punished.

  3. Michael Skok says:

    Just a few observations: I thought Bathsheba was bathing in a public bath. But I can't find that in the Bible. It still doesn't say Bathsheba was bathing outside in her own house. David had a lot of time on his hands because he was suppose to be with his army. As for Judas betraying Jesus, Judas almost had no choice in the matter. Satan entered into him and made him betray Our Lord. Besides that, if Judas hadn't betrayed Jesus, Scripture would not be fulfilled and Jesus would not have died for our sins.

  4. old_salty_dawg says:

    Sounds like what the RINOS have done to America. Those like McCain and McConnell who sold out the TRUTH for a little more power bu they will be sold out just as they sold America out since it is a known and proven FACT that the Dems have NEVER kept their word on what they promise in a budget deal or any where else for that matter.

  5. Thanks for the good article, Gary!

  6. I used to be a Republican party loyalist. I ran for office twice as such. As I saw the way the party was headed with the "middle of the road" Republicans, we used to call them Rockefeller Republicans, I opted out. I bill myself now as a Constitutional Conservative. It suits my politics and my temperament much better. All party pols look first to their own power, second to their party, third to their monied supporters. There is not much left fot those of us that elect them. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  7. Stuart Shepherd says:

    Totally wonderful story and message. Thank you, Mr. North, for the Bible lesson. Eternal truth. There's another layer to betrayal that I've experienced and seems to be part of God's will at time (besides vindication)- God using a betrayal by someone else as a "blessing in disguise" to you. More than 1 betrayal, although devastating at the time, has taken me OUT OF a situation that would have been bad for me in the long run, and eventually INTO a situation that was a blessing in disguise. Even having LESS can be a blessing- a simpler life and free of some of the worries and frustrations and responsibilities of too much "stuff" or a toxic relationship or situation.

  8. Thanks, Stuart, for your encouraging and informative contribution. I've almost given up on reading such from Gary's respondents. Such an excellent webpage as his should attract a higher caliber of readership. I don't know what the problem is. Keep up the good work, Gary.

  9. Did Judas really have no choice or was he a willing vessel that Satan used as a foothold?

  10. victorbarney says:

    While we're talking about it, if scripture is true, and HEBREW is the only set-apart spiritual language as written at least 3 times, twice even the Greek New Covenant(Zeph. 3:6, Acts 26:14, 1 Cor. 4:6), telling ALL READERS to prove everything New in the Old Hebrew, it kind of throws out the "Jesus" Roman Catholic in Rome's 1320'sAD deal doesn't it? Hopefully, the reader also knows that historians confirm from Petrus Galatinus himself, who came up with the name "Jesus," wrote that it was the tradition of Rome to honor the highest deities of those that they had defeated & Greece gave them "Zeus" and Petrus himself gave Rome "Jesus" to honor Greece! p.s. Ask any Hispanic whose name is "Jesus" to pronounce it for you? "HEY-ZEUS!" Duh? Yes folks, the whole world really has been deceived as also written, hasn't it?