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Video: Nanny Bloomberg’s 12-Year Legacy

Written by Gary North on December 31, 2013

Here it is, in less than 3 minutes.

He paid $650 million out of his pocket to leave this legacy.

If he had given this money to the top ten charities that help the unemployed, New Yorkers would be better off.

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14 thoughts on “Video: Nanny Bloomberg’s 12-Year Legacy

  1. Norman Scovronick says:

    Mayor Bloomberg was the best mayor I have encountered in the past 50 years…He is honorable, honest and has the interest of all New Yorkers at heart. Many of the items you ridicule are a tribute to his actions and a rebuke to your narrowminded views.

  2. How much did he pay you to say this crap He is a evil man and will pay some dayfor what he has done his money wont help him at all He cant take it with him and pay god off You people in New York are brain dead even if you were starving to deat you would say Ovmit was great You all get what you deserve The good ones better get out and let the libs and Demcraps have it

  3. electricangel1978 says:

    Agreed. There are a number of Bloomberg items in the video that I disagree with, especially the war on salt. Of course, he did not ban any salt shakers. And, thankfully, Bloomberg's influence on gun policy nationally was nil; his abuse of eminent domain is the only charge that really strikes at his legacy.

    But the juvenile video from Reason is actually counter to much of what TPE is about. We should ALL strive to have LOCAL government do these sorts of things, and be held accountable, either by the voters or by having people flee that jurisdiction. Don't want calorie counts on fast food menus (and, really, there's an objection to that? I suppose conducting food safety investigations of local restaurants is also wrong under Reason's "reasoning." Fine: let there be cities that do not do so, and see which has a more thriving restaurant industry. In God we trust; all other bring data.)? Don't do them in your city. Don't want sodas with High Fructose Corn Syrup, or fries made with Frankenfats unknown to human history before the 20th century? Oh, sorry: the Federal Government has almost mandated these with market interference, and don't you DARE have local officials battling the bad effects of Federal crony-capitalist policy.

    New York is wealthier, cleaner, better run, safer, and has fewer welfare recipients than at any point since the liberal disasters began under John Lindsay in the 1960s. Has YOUR locality seen the same improvement in local governance in the last 12 years?

    The big problem, of course, is that this improvement has made people forget what a disaster liberalism caused in NYC, and encouraged them to vote in a Sandinista. That is also Bloomberg's legacy.

  4. I am not a resident of New York thankfully because I would never be able to afford the high cost of living including the tax rate. I do however have something to say to him and all the members of the senate and congress. Why didn't any of you so called representatives read the Obama bill. They said it was in legal eze and the ordinary citizen would not be able to understand it. Why would they use terminology that only a attorney would be able to understand? Since practically evry senator, congressman, and mayor and governor is an attorney, why didn't they read the bill. If what they say is true and who wouldn't believe a politician, they have known for years that you could not keep your insurance. By the way I have someone who is unemployed and signed up for Obama care and found that his cost will be $388.00 per month and a deductible of 4,000.00. Needless to say he will not be taking that policy because he is unemployed. They said Obama signed up and his would be $400.00 per month. Please tell me that a person who is making the salary of president of the united states is going to pay more than an unemployed person.

  5. I agree with you, do we really need some multi millionaire telling the peasants what is good for them? If public education wasn't a waste of time people would be able to spot a bull s hitter when they hear one.

  6. By the way if you want to feel good about government protection of the citizens, find out why the FDA was not suppose to allow NutraSweet and so on in sodas and then we turn around and they are allover the place. I can tell you what I think, Money talks.

  7. electricangel1978 says:

    I think ANY government "protection" of the citizens at the Federal level is going to be driven by money and crony capitalism. Dr. North had a great explanation on this, earlier: http://www.garynorth.com/public/11601.cfm; this one article finally snapped into place a lot of things I had only barely understood.

    You are precisely correct: money talks in Federal decisions, and they are all corrupted by it. NutraSweet is a disaster, as is High Fructose Corn Syrup, and all the feed that comes out of Federal decision-makers who have no accountability for their actions: you can't sue them, and you can't get away from them without giving up citizenship. We used trans-fats because of the war on saturated fat, based on bad scientific data from Federale Ancel Keys. Bloomberg banning them is a step TOWARD liberty, or at least subsidiarity, limiting the damage of bureaucratic decisions.

  8. electricangel1978 says:

    "How much did he pay you to say this crap He is a evil man."
    Perhaps he is an evil man; that will be for God to judge.

    In the realm of data, we know this about 2013: Chicago, with 1/3rd the population of New York, had 80 more murders. If New York had Chicago's murder rate, about 700 more people would have been killed in the city this year. Those 700 people had the chance to seek absolution, to repair damaged relationships, to contribute to society as more than just a way to pay morticians. You may not do evil that good may come of it; perhaps Bloomberg IS evil, but I can think of 700 people whose human lives have continued because of his management of the city, and I dare say you will admit that that is a good come of his being an "evil man."

  9. You don’t have to be a troll. I was gonna comment anyway.

    Now, about his $650,000,000, why, as a liberals did not Dumberg give it away to the poor they are always concerned about? Instead he spent/gave it to all his cronies.

    He reminds me of that other liberal who found what he did so distasteful he jumped off a 16 story building. He gave his $850,000,000 wealth to all his environmentalist cronies instead of giving it the poor they proclaim they are always concerned about.

    PERHAPS Dumberg and Wilson are only concerned when YOU have to give YOUR money do they all of sudden become concerned for the poor.

  10. I applaud Bloomberg's Stop & Frisk policy. It should be adopted in every city, town and village plagued by violence-prone minorities and Third World dreck.

    If a given municipality's leaders don't want the chore, then it should be taken-up by said municipality's adult male citizens.

  11. Spoken like a true mentally disordered leftist – unbelievable! This little reptillian despot is a joke!

  12. Not trying to change the subject by a lot of effort is being used on problems that are not the real problem of our USA. The real problem is that our Nation has been taken over by a religion called Secular Humanism. Our Public Schools, colleges, universities , and Federal Government. Download Humanist Manifesto I & 2.. and compare it to what has and will happen. Our President's mother was a Secular Humanist and Obama wrote that in his own book . His real dad played chess with his grandfather and trained the PRESIDENT in the evening .Check out the signers in 1933 of the Humanist Manifesto an their connection with the NEA. Why did Jimmy Carter Put Shirley Hufstedler in charge of a new Department of Education before he left office? Etc.. , etc.

  13. The Watson says:

    The libs & Dems already have it.

  14. Virgil_Hilts says:

    That's SATIRE, right?