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Video: Trying to Get Walmart Shoppers to pay 15% More to Give Workers a Raise. No Takers.

Written by Gary North on December 28, 2013

Peter Schiff had a great idea. Go into a Walmart parking lot and try to persuade shoppers to accept a 15% increase on their bills. Why? In order to pay Walmart employees $15 an hour.

He tells them that he represents an organization called “15 for 15.” Very creative name! Then he presents his plan.

There were no takers.

His point: Walmart shoppers are there to pay low prices, not pay high wages. Amazing concept!

This is the problem with all trade unions that use government coercion to force companies to pay above-market wages. They bring in the government to keep other potential employees from being allowed to work for less than the union has specified. They get the government to make it illegal for a business to pay less than what the union wants its members to receive.

Customers don’t want to pay high wages. They want to pay low prices. It’s not just Walmart’s customers. It’s all customers.

The next time you hear about a union demonstrating for wages higher than non-union workers are willing to work for, remember this video.

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79 thoughts on “Video: Trying to Get Walmart Shoppers to pay 15% More to Give Workers a Raise. No Takers.

  1. Redwhiteblu says:

    It keeps coming back to the same old story……low income wages WERE ALWAYS meant to be a stepping stone to a better job….whether it is to grow within the company or to education to advance yourself to a better job. BUT….mist employees at Walmart

  2. Redwhiteblu says:

    Continued…..but most employees at Walmart, Burger King, Wendy's, etc…..just want to float along at life and then BITCH because they don't make enough money.

  3. This is too funny. So, does anyonerealize that when minimum wages go up, the average cost of all goods and all services go up to pay for all the wages going up in all the business sectors. Thus the owrkers with more cash have to spend more to buy the same as before. The only difference, is now the businesses have to lay off people because guess what – their taxes and fees to the local, state,and federal government don't correspondingly go down – in fact they go up because the artificial increase in cash flow causes them to pay more even even though their costs are also increasing. This is a fools game used by politicians ot fool the masses for votes – but it has disastrous affects. Our criminals in office are either blantantly stupid at anything other then conning voters or are dishonest jerks. You decide.

  4. No they do not…..the LOW INFORMATION MORONS just think that they are entitled to what ever wage the want with to reprocussions on the economy or themselves

  5. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    ALL, as in EVERY union contract carries a clause that the union wages are DIRECTLY TIED to the "minimum wage" in the area, in all contract wages are a multiple of the minimum wage. Either 1.5 times, 2 ties, 2.5 etc.

    IF the 'minimum wage goes up ALL union members are 'forced' into a higher salary.

    This has nothing to do with a 'living wage', it is driven to force employers to give their 'employees' an undeserved raise.

    The higher wage forces an increase in the price of union dues, which in turn, forces an increase in union boss salaries as well.

  6. justjammim says:

    It doesn't seem fair, but it is what it is. Our bigger problem is getting people off the unemployment and welfare roles. It's time to drastically reduce illegal and LEGAL immigration and get OUR people back to work. Orr government is importing talent from other countries, while DUMBING down our children so that they are not prepared for the better jobs. Do whatever you can, but get back to work America. WAKE UP!!

  7. $15 an hour…………impossible, it would ruin the company………….and anyway Walmart do not allow unions in their workplace. We pay our shop workers about $23 an hour, food prices are about the same as in Walmart, and they have included in the price 12% sales tax………….our companies are doing very well……………

  8. Wattdidusay says:

    Costco pays a living wage and is doing fine. Wal-Mart is a greed driven entity and cares nothing for it's employees, patrons nor the municipalities it has ruined. Those of you that think Unions are the 'problem' are 100% wrong, Unions have paved the way for you to enjoy the lifestyle you do. The RTW movement, along with the t-party is a lie and those of you buying the kool-aid are the real terrorists.

  9. Wattdidusay says:

    Not sure where you get your information Crusty but, you are mistaken. The Davis-Bacon Act allows for a 'prevailing' wage on Government projects which ties the wages of persons on that project to the wages in that particular Geographic area. Your assertions are typical of a Fox News viewer, skewed and out right false.

  10. Wattdidusay says:

    Your post is confusing, on one hand you say $15 an hour would ruin Walmart then you quote $23 for 'our shop workers' and say your companies are doing very well. Which way is it?

  11. WHY would they want to pay HIGH wages for a LOW tech job? In order to sell the product to the consumer at a low price, they need to keep their costs down (wages, fancy thrills and whatever). I worked at a WalMart and their thing was temporary workers or people working less than 32 hrs/week. They would go ballastic if they needed people to work 32 or more hours (which happens during Christmas only).

  12. crazyfreddie says:


  13. They want the high tech job rates for a LOW tech job. People working in the High Tech space went to additional schools to get those jobs and have Student Loans to pay off. Hence they usually get paid a little bit more.

  14. Part of the problem is that (in our city) the man who changes the light bulbs is called an Electrician and is paid that prevailing wage and benefits. Then, when actual electrical work is required they have to contract it out to private companies.
    Things like this is what caused the demise of Detroit.

  15. johnnycab23513 says:

    Costco serves a higher income buyer, too. Costco is not budget priced.

  16. And yours are that of a typical CNN watcher.

  17. Who is Peter Schiff??

  18. glenthompson says:

    So so so true! Why show any enthusiasm for work when the Federal Government through supplemental “benefits” (I love that word) will take care of all your needs. Let’s put the blame where it belongs. Right in the lap of the Democrats and the Federal Government. They have succeeded in totally destroying American work ethics. I also know of a Walmart whose location will not be disclosed. It is used as a front for the real business of their employees: sale of drugs in parking lot during breaks. I have also heard of possible prostitution coming from the vans parked in the lot. Since I know about this, I don’t know how the store manager and the police could not.

  19. Many Democrats own or run retail businesses. Why do they not lead by example and pay their employees $15 per hour just to show everyone else that it can be done? Why do Democrat refuse to pay higher taxes or higher wages unless everyone is forced to do it? They keep telling us that it can be done, but they never do it on their own. Most fast food stores are franchised; the owners determine how much they will pay their employees, not the corporation. Any Democrat McDonald's owner can start paying $15 NOW and lead by example, but I have not seen one single news story about one of them doing this.

  20. Typical union thug lies repeated over, and over, and over again. Right to work gives them employees the option of joining the union or not, just like they have the option of where they work. If the union is so desirable, then there would be no reason why the employees would not choose to join. But unions do not operate on a voluntary basis; they only work by brute force. Union are known for intimidation and violence, even murder, in order to get their way. You call those people who want right to work "terrorists," yet they have not physically assaulted ANYONE, but union thugs have and will continue to do so.

    If unions are so great, then why is the U.S. auto industry in so much trouble? What happened to the steel industry? Why is U.S. manufacturing in so much trouble in union states? Because union thugs do not know anything about economics and competition; only "getting what is coming to them." You accuse companies of being "greedy," but unions are the greediest entities of them all, because they want to be paid MORE than they produce.

    If you are right, then go ahead and start a company and pay your employees union wages and benefits; show the entire country how much you know. Union thugs always complain, but they never organize the "ideal company" because they do not know the first thing about owning and running a company; they only run companies into the ground with their excessive demands and make employees lose their jobs.

  21. Let's get real! Actaully how much would Walmart have to raise prices across the board to pay their workers $15.00 per hour? This nonsence of 15% by everyone is ridiculous. It would take a figure considerablely lower than 15%. Can onyone determine that figure outside of Walmart?

  22. If you all are serious about this 15% increase for only Wally Worlds employees you must be a bunch of idiots. Don't forget the extra taxes that customers will have to pay. Don't forget the extra taxes employees will have to pay. Don't forget the extra medical insurance premiums due to the Affordable Medical Act. And if the raise is good for Wally World employees it is good enough for every employee in the country especially those in the restaurant business where severs get paid $2.65 an hour. And if you want tp put hundreds of thousands folks out of a job force Wally World to paid this extra money. The only reason they would be out of a job is because you in most cases demand cheap prices and would look for another place to shop.

  23. Vladivostok says:

    we dont need the hypocritical public to voluntarily pay higher prices for higher wages, soon the federal government will subsidize the wage of low income earners, with a guaranteed national wage…paid for with a new national VAT tax. Then maybe you tax protesters can apply for refugee status in russia, and the russian homosexuals can apply for status in USA – fair trade!

  24. The customers should have been asked if they would shop more often at Walmart if they lowered the management's salaries/bennies/perks from the top down, and gave the base employees a raise, paid the producers more for better product and the customers were still able to have good prices.

    Real trickle down economics applied, real business sense applied, because a company can function without a CEO, but the sales person on the floor, or the shelf stocker, the clean up crew — those are the real profit makers. CEO's don't make profit, they just swill it down in an ignorant, company destroying orgy of self puffery, self-deception and self-aggrandizement.

  25. Right to work means I have a right to work at a place if I want to and they are willing to hire me. Unionism means I have the right to work at a place if I want to and they are willing to hire me — after I have been forced against my will to join a union and pay the part of my earnings. Is there anyone who can not see that I have more freedom in a RTW state? AND — in a RTW state, unions still have the right to organize IF the people are willing to join. They just can not be forced to join.

  26. When WalMart increases wages, every retailer in the area is going to raise prices, not just WalMart. And, those not receiving a salary increase are going to pay more for everything they buy, from gas to groceries, light bulbs, toys and computers. If you don't like what WalMart pays, go somewhere else and work for eight or nine bucks then go to WalMart to save a little on the things you have to buy.

  27. I worked at whataburger when I had no skill. LABOR accounted for 25 – 30 percent of ALL revenue at the store. This didn’t account for corporate payroll, electricity, utilities, inventory etc. We worked hard To keep the labor rate at 25 %, otherwise people got sent home. Liberals think there will be no negative repercussions. Businesses will maintain their profit margins, they have to. Either move up in management or move on to other work. There should NOT be mothers of 3 working the fry cooker, unless of course that is all they can do.

    And in that case, personal responsibility says not to keep having children if all you can figure out is how to cook French fries at 350 degrees for 2:45 mins. A minimum wage hime ENCOURAGES people to settle for these no skill jobs, instead of knowing they have to work hard in school and after school.

    Life takes work and children deserve more than these lazy slouches as parents.

  28. Stop and think back for a minute. Raises back when were given in dollars or cents across the board. Today they are calculated as a percentage of income. This creates a greater divide in income between lower paid workers and management.
    POLITICIANS AND UNIONS discovered if they gave workers a raise it would mean a greater raise for themselves if they issued it as a percentage.
    This is how we have come to the great wage difference we experience today.

  29. Then these idiots can apply for those jobs at Costco.

    When you buy stock on the stock market, do you intentionally pay more than you have to per share? No. Just as a business has no incentive to pay absurd wages IF they have an incredible amount of demand for those jobs.

    A high paid worker may be a happy worker, but $100/hr doesn’t create a worker that produces 10 x as much. The fact that so few actually work for the minimum wage prkves that supply and demand works. Also it proves that employers reward the hard work of their employees by offering advancement and raises.

    Liberals think they can get around basic economic fact and the law of scarcity.

  30. Your salary is only good for what it CAN BUY.

    Thus, Walmart gives every customer a raise by offering goods at such low prices.

  31. Point taken, Peter!

  32. A great American.

  33. This from someone privileged enough to get a decent paying job. Congrats on being born to the right people, because that's all it took for you to get to where you are.

  34. Actually, your entire theory is incorrect. Australia tried it – goods and services only went up by around 8%. Everyone makes a living wage. They're the only country to have weathered the global recession.

    Try again. Or don't, because you'd still be wrong.

  35. Actually, "guest," everyone IS entitled to STAY ALIVE.

  36. Xenophobia much?

  37. That's Republican logic for you. They can never explain how what they say is correct.

  38. They'd have to raise each value meal by about 50 cents. Check Australia. They did it – it worked.

  39. HAHAH. Costco IS budget priced. Have you not ever been there?

  40. No, that is not what "Right to Work" means.

    A "right-to-work" law is a statute in the United States that prohibits union security agreements, or agreements between labor unions and employers, that govern the extent to which an established union can require employees' membership, payment of union dues, or fees as a condition of employment, either before or after hiring.

    >>>"Right-to-work" laws do not, as the short phrase might suggest, aim to provide a general guarantee of employment to people seeking work, but rather are a government regulation of the contractual agreements between employers and labor unions that prevents them from excluding non-union workers, or requiring employees to pay a fee to unions that have negotiated the labor contract all the employees work under.

  41. Jeanne Stotler says:

    I don't know about most Walmarts, but the ones around me have people working there that speak very little, if any English, and yes these are entry level jobs, BUT our youth cannot get them, every McD's and Burger king, same way , house painters and construction fields are full of them, while the American Painter and construction guy begs for work. I've seen it inmy family, I have 2 grandson'r that NEVER get a call back, 2 sons are in Painting business, this last year has been horrible, their boss said he cannot compete, that Illegals underbid him, around the corner are 2 houses, Illegal rooming houses, authorities DO NOTHING, they know 6 families living there (each one), they send their kids to school, free lunches, No Amnesty, enforce our laws, Mexico jails you if you overstay, Close the borders and then deport, anyone caught illegally here the second time 5 year3 in jail, add 5 years each time they come back.

  42. That's what Walmart wants you to think. You've been sucked in by corporate rhetoric, hook, line, and sinker.

    And while you subsidize China with cheap foreign-made goods, Walmart continues to swim in billions of dollars of government subsidies – in the form of food stamps and housing assistance for their workers. Since they don't have to pay a living wage, the government kicks that in, which in turn means YOU kick that in. Each Walmart store costs America approximately $900,000 per year, and there are THOUSANDS of stores in the US.

  43. Uh, no one's asking for $100/hr.

    FYI, there are tens of millions of people in the US working for minimum wage, but they're working multiple jobs at minimum wage just to try to stay afloat. That's not good for anyone.

  44. Jeanne Stotler says:

    It is budget priced , BUT contents are limited and getting the samr product all the time is not guaranteed. Same with BJ's and Sam's, also size of some articles are not compatable to all.

  45. Jeanne Stotler says:

    Actually "RIGHT TO WORK" means YOU CANNOT BE forced to join a Union as a condition of employment, nor forced to pay union dues

  46. Jeanne Stotler says:

    I went to work when in HS at a neighborhood 5 & 10, my pay was .25 and hour, I worked Friday evenings ans Sat. and through the summer, I also babysat for .25 and hour, I finished school and went to Georgetown Univ., got married and held many jobs, mostly part time to supplement out family income, this was for special things, new car, trip to see our parents, etc. My husband died after 26 yrs. of marriage and I went back to school, worked nights in local hospital, obtained my lic. as a nurse, and continued to work, 50/60 hours a week, pay in 1979, $5.25 and hour which included shift differential, trouble with these workers, they are not educated, cannot even speak English in some cases, and from what a friend who is a dept. Mgr. tells me, they show up when and if they feel like it. "YOU CANNOT MAKE A SILK PURSE OUT OF A SOW'S EAR"

  47. If you have any leftover crow you can donate it to the hungry Shane.

  48. Shane, is that you at the end of the clip berating Schiff telling him to say "higher wages" not "higher prices"?

    Here is the quote…

    "….dammit. I'm trying to tell you. When you say 'higher prices' you turn people off…Nobody wants to pay higher prices."

  49. It's not the workers who are bitching. It's the professional union protestors who want to play to envy. The workers are happy, or they wouldn't be there.

  50. Politicians get behind stuff like this lying about wanting to help these ""poor" workers.Moost of the woorkers at walmart can barely form a sentance in english and cannot do simple math in their heads. The more education you have the more you are worth.to the employer. Low wages are normally paid to workers that have low economic value to the employer. As their value increases due to their working knowledge where they work so then their wages increase, or should. You did not graduate high school, cannot speak english, I dont want you to service my english speaking customers because you do them a disservice. It was always a matter of being qualified to do a job, not hire someone for a wage normally paid to competant workers who cannot perform the job they were hired to do. Do you want a dentist hiring someone that is not fullu competant to work on you and turn that person loose on you and prray hee does the job correctlly? Wise up bleeding hearts. When you are ready to pay full price to an apprentiice who is incompetant to work on you, then Iwill listen to you. Not before.

  51. I believe he is a retarded imbecile democrat

  52. We can`t make , fabricate, build a Stupid Light Bulb here in the U.S. ; a stupid Light Bulb is made in china , just like everything else ; so what shall we expect?????

  53. Yes. But you're not entitled to steal from me to do so. Get your own job Mr. Parasite.

  54. Try goggling his name.

  55. Ah, a financial expert who knows all of the ins and outs of Walmart's business. You really look stupid….but then that's nothing new.

  56. You know why we don't make light bulbs in the US? Think HARD…..Here's a hint. Read mises.org for awhile then come back.

  57. Typical Liberal mentality. They like Lib ideas but are unwilling to pay for them. (Someone lese should, oh yeah the "rich, not me.") The disconnect between cause and effect to these people is unfathomable.

  58. Damn you ARE completely stupid aren't you?

  59. And, in order to get a raise, they must improve their marketing. One needs to get educated in what one is doing. Get more education to get a better job, get better OTJ training to bet better pay. That is how it works. Unfortunately, there are some that just get more money for another years experience, even if it the same experience year after year. Those people are teachers and politicians.

  60. God, I hope not

  61. What planet are you on sir? Exactly what wage does Costco pay that is different from its competitor, Sam's Club. That is a little like saying NASA pays a living wage, why doesn't the fireworks stand just outside the city limits pay the same.

  62. Even though their constituents don't, most politicians understand that Minimum Wage law simply prohibits employers from hiring anyone for less than some arbitrary amount determined by phoney compassion. Politicians know the law will only help their Labor Union base, whose contracts are tied to minimum wage law. In reality, it will hurt all consumers as well as the poor, unskilled and unemployed – thus increasing food stamp recipients while decreasing the number who can find jobs. Virtually, everyone loses on the deal except politicians who are supported by Unions and the terminally gullible. It’s the way politicians climb the ladder of success on the backs of the poor, while making employers look like the bad guys.

  63. salmon ella says:

    Peter's being a bit disingenuous. Not one in ten thousand people have likely heard of the Walton GRAT, but Peter may have. The Walton GRAT, was the means by which the Tax Court exempted Sam Walton's fortune from what would have been one of the largest estate tax levies in the history of the estate tax.

    People may not know the mechanics of the ways in which the government exempts the wealthy from taxation, but they know that the wealthy are exempt from meaningful taxation courtesy of the government. So when they call for Wal Mart employees to get pay hikes, they want these hikes to come from what they consider to be the unfair advantage enjoyed by the Waltons and other privileged families and interests. This is why there are no takers and Peter know that. Which is why this was a cheap publicity stunt.

  64. "This from someone privileged enough to get a decent paying job. Congrats on being born to the right people, because that's all it took for you to get to where you are."

    This tells us a lot about Shane. He has no clue that getting a decent paying job, and keeping it, requires the skill to do the work in at least a competent manner. That he would be so stupid as to claim that you have to be born to the right parents to get a job makes me wonder if he ever even had a job in his entire life. Are we dealing with a community organizer here?

  65. What a dunderhead ! Does Schiff not realize that almost all of Wlmart's customers are shopping at Walmart because they WANT LOW PRICES. It's not Einstein math.

  66. My union friends often bellyache about jobs going " offshore." I remind them that businesses MUST make a profit to remain in business, and that their own DEMONRAT party has put a 35% corporate income tax on businesses here in the U.S.- the largest corporate income tax on the planet. I then ask them," If you were going to open a business or manufacturing facility, how would you like to have a 35% handicap on you before you opened that business? Companies move offshore because of this abomination of a tax. G.E., a prime Obama contributor, refuses to come home because the company would have to pay billions to washington D.C. ( District of Corruption).

  67. Fredrich O'Bane says:

    Of course, those people shopping at Walmart want the low prices, that's why they shop there … But at what cost does those low prices come? How many of the employees are paid so poorly that they are also, already on a social welfare program? How many of the manufacturers had to dilute their product (like kitchen aid having to move to plastic gears, to make the price-point Walmart demands) or ship manufacturing overseas (like Levi jeans did, to make the Walmart price-point) or go out of business, because they didn't have stores nationwide, that they could raise the prices in, a little bit, to carry a store undercutting the local businesses, since those stores in the other locations are now pretty much the only place left to shop? Makes you wonder that there isn't a Walmart in the swanky parts of town, where they are already paying %15 more …

  68. Fantasize about ball-washing "exotic" foreigners much?

  69. Why does this site attract so many illiterates?

  70. You’re close, but a more accurate term would be professional union organizers. A lot of the protesters at the Walmarts were just people hired to protest. I guess that you could say that since, at that time, those protesters were being paid to protest that would make them “professionals”. In general, however, most of the protesters were just people who were hired by the unions for a backdrop for the TV news crews. If you don’t have a decent amount of people for a protest, you aren’t going to make the TV news.

  71. Milton Waddams says:

    You really can’t see the Forest for the Democrats can you.

  72. Comprehend much?
    He didn't say anyone was asking for $100/hr.

  73. If you think that Peter Schiff is a Democrat, then you obviously didn't understand the message of the video. Maybe you should watch it again.

  74. Jobs at Wal-Mart, McDonald's, and every other minimum wage job are supposed to be starter jobs and part time jobs for additional income. They are not intended to be a career.

    The amount an employer offers a prospective employee, or gives as a raise to a current employee, is determined by a number of things.
    1. What skill set is necessary to do the job?
    2. What pertinent skill set(s) does the person have for the job?
    3. What is the local availability of people with the necessary skill set?
    4. What pay range is necessary in order to hire/keep employees?
    5. How well does the employee do the job?

    Since there is really no minimum skill set necessary to work at Wal-Mart, the over abundance of prospective employees keeps the pay range necessary to keep employees, and/or hire new ones, relatively low. If the employee thinks he or she is worth more to Wal-Mart than what they are getting paid, they should show them what it is they do that is worth more than anyone else… or apply at a Wal-Mart where the local availability of prospective employees is such that Wal-Mart can’t find a “kid right off the street” who they can hire as a replacement for minimum wage.

    If a person wants a job that pays more than Wal-Mart is offering, they should find a job that pays more than Wal-Mart when they are looking for a job. Usually, however, the person doesn’t have the necessary skill set for that job. I that case, they should use the job as it is intended… as a starter job… while they acquire the skill set necessary to get hired at the job they want.

  75. Maybe you need to watch, and comprehend, the video. The video is pointing out that all of these customers SAY that the employees should get a pay raise, but the customers are not willing to pay a higher price for their goods in order for the company to pay the employees more. If the employees end up getting a pay raise, for whatever reason, the cost of that raise will end up being passed on to the customers. Schiff is just pointing out that the customers SAY they want the employee pay raise, but are unwilling to pay the resulting price increases to get it.

  76. The real question is – would you rather have 2 people working for $7.50/hr or 1 person working for $15.00/hr ?

  77. Lighten up. This was simply to make a point; Peter Schiff did not expect it to really happen.

  78. ""Our shop workers" as in Sweden, that is exactly what they are paid from the 1st day…………..union members most of them as well, and they get 5 weeks vacation a year with full pay……………..and the prices in the shops here are the same or lower than in yours…………..and still the companies are making good profits

  79. Stupido, read again my comments…………….I said OUR shops, now read it again, word by word…….ask mommie with the big words