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A&E Eats a Huge Portion of Crawfish, Followed by a Slice of Crow Pie

Written by Gary North on December 28, 2013

A&E has backed off its suspension of Phil Robertson.

It has issued a statement that basically says, “We can’t afford to lose that much money. GLAAD can kiss off.”

Bobby Fisher was once asked as a teenager why he liked chess.  “I love to see ’em squirm.” A&E has squirmed.

The brass thought they could get away with it at zero cost. They didn’t.

The backlash was like nothing seen in cable TV history. It turns out that in between Hollywood and New York City there are viewers. They spend lots of money. And they don’t like having a representative silenced.

A&E made Phil Robertson a national spokesman for a large but silent minority. They finally got tired of eating dust. They revolted.

A&E got its memo from GLAAD. It shot from the hip. This ignored North’s law of hip-shooting: “When you shoot from the hip, you risk blowing off an important appendage.” Boom!  Oops!

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34 thoughts on “A&E Eats a Huge Portion of Crawfish, Followed by a Slice of Crow Pie

  1. America's First Family? Hint…it ain't the Obamas. It's DUCK DYNASTY — long live Phil and his Louisiana brood.

  2. crazy_kizmet says:

    Disney (owner of A&E) can kiss me where the sun don't shine. I will not be doing anything that gives them money if I can help it. I have been strongly against what they support all along. You can watch the show for free online. And only Duck Commander merchandise for us.

  3. A&E was afraid of a shareholder lawsuit….. it is their duty to make money for the shareholders, blowing up the most popular show on TV is doing just the opposite.

  4. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    I still want the family to relocate to a more FAMILY FRIENDLY network.

    When contract time rolls around, just tell A&E to quadruple the base price, plus a "STUPID MOVE" clause that would remove ownership of any and ALL previous episode from the network and grant full and complete, unencumbered ownership to the family.

  5. Nixon once said there was a, “Silent majority in America.” Perhaps it’s no longer “the majority” but I’d wager it damn sure outnumbers the rest of the country, and it doesn’t like what it sees. Phil Robertson and family express values this group recognizes as fundamentally correct – the right to free expression and opinion, without hatred. Try finding that anywhere else these days. In a country suffocating from the absolute dysfunction of “political correctness,” Phil Robertson is a breath of fresh air and calm logic, and this country desperately needs more men like him.

  6. The gay "community" can scream and shout all they want but they are not going to get most people to accept their life style. Most reasonable people will accept them as persons but not when they try to parade their private behavior in public. More and more people are ignoring "political correctness", thank God. Now if we could get those that require political correctness to use as a weapon to understand the error of their ways. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  7. Isn't it interesting what the so called "Tolerant Left" will tolerate from one of their own, but not from anyone else! Al Phil did was express his belief in scripture and the Bible that he thought that the Act, was a sin, and that the sinner should repent and sin no more (basically) But let's look at what Reverend Louis Farrakhan said, basically what the Queen of Hearts said in Alice in Wonderland: "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!" THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS. FARRAKHAN SAID THAT ALL HOMOSEXUALS SHOULD BE BEHEADED!!! (don't take my word, Google it!!!) So that would include women too! Has anyone heard a "PEEP" from the NY or LA Times??? What about the Reverend "JESSE JACKSON, OR AL SHARPTON, OR ANY OTHER LIBERAL ICON, INCLUDING BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA?????

  8. "Do as I say, not as I do." Right on the money.

  9. A&E isn't the only one eating crow this morning. Everyone, here is a previous quote from Shane…

    "Just as Phil isn't free of the consequences of speaking ill of others. His beliefs aren't common – they're part of a dying minority."

    Would you like a little duck to go with your plate of crow Shane?

  10. I hope the ducks fly away as soon as any contract with A@E ends. I saw only a part of one Dynasty show. Liked it more than most things. But, I've seen all the bullying I ever want to see from people like this glaad outfit, whinning discrimination everytime someone dares criticize whatever it is they like to do. More importantly, however, I hope the matter stays alive long enough to cause us to take a closer and deeper look at, a closely related matter, our First Amendment rights.

    I get it, that only Congress is barred by the First Amendment from making any law hostile to our rights of speech, religion, the press or assembly. And, for that reason, it is not clear to me how Congress can make a law prohibiting whatever it or anyone else considers to be 'hate speech'. And, if Congress can make no such law; and if, as I believe, the Constitution states that all legislative powers are vested in the Congress; then, how can there be a law declaring certain things 'hate speech'? If we are not careful we will someday find ourselves defending the content of our thoughts. And, that is a scary (ahem) — thought.

  11. I could care less about what sexual practice is performed by homosexuals on each other. The human rectum is the orifice that is in charge of eliminating waste and disease products from the body and is the most dangerous and disease ridden part of the human body. homo males use each others rectums as vaginas and then will perform oral copulation on each other. Would anyone you know voluntarily place fecal matter on their ice cream cone and then suck/lick it off the cone and swallow it? Unless mentally deranged, it is not likely a thing any thinking person would knowingly do. Enough said. Let the gays do what they want to each otheer. They will cull their oown herd fast enough without our help, They will then be angry because nobody cares that they are dying as a result of their own sick/perverted activity. They would be right as far as I am concerned. I regard thhat activity as something animals would be more likely to do than humans.

  12. carahillebrandt says:

    I could care less…think about it. It means that there is something you care less about than sexual practices of homosexuals. The correct phrase is I COULDN'T care less! When I read these forums, I can see that there is truly a need for major improvement in the educational system. A high percentage of the people who post to these forums don't know the difference between your and you're, then and than, since and sense, and a host of other elementary level grammatical issues. For crying out loud, people, learn to spell and properly construct a sentence! It lends a whole lot of credibility to your statements!

  13. PATRICK LOONEY says:

    das rite,uus ubonics! dat be proppa prolly!

  14. don't mind queers as long as they don't push their agenda in my face… they do it all the time for attention… this time the lost big time … people are tired of their BS!!!

  15. wonder how the QUEERS took control of Disney? Your right about not giving Disney another dime!

  16. Thomas A. Bacon says:

    So their grammar isn't perfect. Their thoughts are correct and I am in full agreement with them, regardless of how they express themselves.. I also happen to be a word-smith and a published author. That aside, I empathize with you about the general confusion between there, they're, and their, along with other common errors in grammar, spelling, and syntax. Sometimes it makes my teeth itch to read some of the emails I get.

    In any event, I hope Duck Dynasty moves to a more family-friendly station when its contract with A&E expires. Happy New Year everyone, and I hope you had a Merry CHRISTmas.

  17. I enjoy Duck Dynasty….it causes me to remember my childhood. The simple days of sitting around a table with family, talking, laughing and praying. Yes, we know what the Bible says and are not afraid to share it…we are to love the sinner but hate the sin. Phil was asked a question and he answered it. Let's pray God will continue to have people like the Roberson Family on TV for our children and grandchildren. Think what a great channel A&E could be if it would search out shows with family values………would be Number 1………24×7!

  18. LOL. And Phil and his "brood" have played you nimrods like fiddles. Keep on feeding ignorance and bigotry, hoss.

  19. Sorry, the "tolerant left" doesn't tolerate hate and ignorance. Try educating yourself, then come back for a rational discussion.

  20. Gary, if you think this was anything other than a publicity stunt, you're sorely mistaken.

  21. RantingRex says:

    I agree with most of what you state. However, their "Lifestyle" cannot cause production of a new human. Therefore, they have to indoctrinate our children and/or grandchildren into their "community". These "Libers" are getting assistance from schools to teach that this life of sodomy is an acceptable alternative.

  22. Yorktown 1781 says:

    GLAAD hit an irrecoverable low last year when it put Charles Colson on its “Accountability List” after his 3+ decades of Christian ministry worldwide in prisons, often to dying AIDS patients. (Done that myself.)His reaction here: http://www.christianpost.com/news/making-glaads-accountability-list-71620/ says it all. And in the end, if they are “lost” because we Christians didn’t brave their scorn to try and deliver the good news of Jesus Christ to them, the Bible says that their blood is on our hands. Sorry, GLAAD. We have to keep on coming.

  23. I wonder if Barrycade obuma and his henchmen learned the true facts about our America—that it IS A CHRISTIAN NATION!!! Repeating—-THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was founded on Christian principles and remains a CHRISTIAN NATION!!! Homosexuals (and muslims) are, and will always be, a very small minority! Americans are a freedom loving, generous people… Live and let live…..but push us too far, and we'll pass out mega 'what for'! The world quickly learned that the silent majority Christians in America really love Phil Robertson and what he believes; and just as quickly, the minorities knew that they could NOT win that battle! GOD bless America. GOD IS GOOD!!

  24. I wish I could give your comment 100 'thumbs up'! Nobody seems to know that when this Country was following the Bible and Jesus, we were the most prosperous Country in the world. But there is a way back- 'If my people who are called by my name will pray, and ask for forgiveness, and repent, I will heal their broken land…' (paraphrased). I pray daily for the opening of eyes and hearts, and a return to the Christian values that made us great. May we all repent, that God will bless America!

  25. zookeeper216 says:

    The story is about an American who voiced his opinion. Doesn't matter if you agree with it or not it's because he can. I find you rude and crude but that's just my opinion.

  26. Everybody sing!
    Hey, A&E's run by PC jerks!
    A&E's run by PC jerks!
    Nyah! Nyah! Nyah!

  27. I'm just relieved to hear comments in favor of normal people for a change. I'm glad to see programs dealing with families living like they were created to live. I thought for awhile that I was going to have to forgo television entirely. Hang in there Phil you have more support than you can imagine.

  28. WhiteFalcon says:

    I still think that Phil and his family should look for another network. A&E is getting off to easy. They need to suffer a little.

  29. I have to agree with WhiteFalcon. If there isn't such a thing as consequences then there isn't change. We as the viewing public have to start showing our dislike of the support these networks have been giving immorality. For the sake of our children we need to bring wholesome viewing back into our homes. We need to cast the filth and the networks that support it out where they belong. I'd take Phil but leave A&E.

  30. And you fell for it Shane. Hook, line and sinker.

  31. Michael B. says:

    I believe they owe the Robertsons and the viewing American public an aired public apology. I have not watched any program on this network since they came about. I hope like others they will consider another network when contract is due for renewal.

  32. TXPatriot says:

    When I saw what Macy's did to the Thanksgiving Day Parade, I about lost it! How can our most cherished traditions be so integrated with these heathens?

  33. Shane's oh-so-much-more-intelligent-and-enlightened-than-thou lefty response would just be: I guess most of the people in America are bigoted morons. Right, Shane?

  34. Shane is not very bright, but it finally sank into his thick skull that in a battle of wits with me, he comes out looking like the bigoted moron.