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“Faith. Family. Ducks.” — West Monroe, Louisiana

Posted on December 23, 2013

WEST MONROE, La. — “Faith. Family. Ducks.” It’s the unofficial motto for the family featured in the TV reality show Duck Dynasty and that homespun philosophy permeates nearly everything in this small north Louisiana town.

It’s perhaps most on display at the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe, where the Robertson family prays and preaches most Sunday mornings.

The family — including patriarch Phil Robertson, who ignited a controversy last week when he told a magazine reporter that gays are sinners and African-Americans were happy under Jim Crow laws — were in a front pew this past Sunday. And standing by beliefs they say are deeply rooted in their reading of the Bible.

The rest of the flock, decked out in Duck Dynasty hats and bandannas, stood by the family and the sentiments Phil Robertson expressed.

Alan, Robertson’s eldest son, helped deliver a Christmas-themed sermon. He started off by referring to last week’s controversy.

“Hope your week went well,” he dead-panned. “Ours was kinda’ slow.”

He was referring, of course, to Phil’s forced hiatus: TV network A&E suspended Phil last week after remarks about blacks and gays caused a public uproar.

But the controversy barely resonated above the organ music at White’s Ferry Road Church. Son Willie — the CEO of the multimillion dollar Duck Commander duck call and decoy enterprise that inspired reality show producers to give the family a show — put on camouflage wader overalls and baptized three people, including one man with cancer.

“Who’s going to be the lord of your life?” he asked, before dipping the man back into the baptismal pool at the front of the church.

To the people of West Monroe, this is the Robertson family: honest, family-focused and filled with the love of God and Jesus. It’s the family that brought the spotlight to West Monroe, population 13,000, and in doing so put in sharp relief the cultural, political and religious differences that define — and often divide — America.

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7 thoughts on ““Faith. Family. Ducks.” — West Monroe, Louisiana

  1. Now if we can just get Phil Robertson to comment on Bitcoin, hits will go through the roof and we will see a 45% jump in Bitcoin value!!!

  2. I don't recall any quotes about "blacks being happier under Jim Crow". If so I doubt that Phil meant it. I don't know anyone who "enjoys" being treated as a 2nd class citizen.

    The remarks on sex outside of traditional marriage are correct. That fact that many of us do not follow the teaching does not make us right. Lord knows, I've suffered quite a bit of pain over the years because of it. I know very few married people who hate it as much as they hated being single.

  3. Arthur Brown says:

    You were not there, were you? Organ music at a Church of Christ?

  4. Virginia Porter says:

    White's Ferry Church of Christ does not have an organ. Singing is acappella only.

  5. Phil said that when he worked side by side with blacks in the cotton fields, he saw NONE being mistreated! Where does Jim Crow fit in with that statement?? More liberal media fact changing to add more hatred in America….. SHAMEFUL!!!!

  6. Jimmy Higgs says:

    He did make the comment about the blacks…but…he made it from his personal experience working along side with them in the fields. His point was that blacks were happier because they were out "working" and "singing" while "earning" … and they were more Godly back then. What many who have attacked Phil for his comments about the blacks is they choose to ignore he was right there working "side-by-side" with the blacks in the fields. Phil was NOT talking about the blacks happier as being treated as "2nd class citizens," it was about their work ethic and respect of God…both have suffered as of late thanks to the welfare state and multitude of government programs pushed and "sold" to the black communities as "help" by the so-called "civil rights leaders" and the Democrat Party.

  7. Willythegeek says:

    Bitcoins will not work unless they are made out of gold, silver, platinum or copper, etc. and you can hold them in your hot little hands.