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How Police Use Gun Registration Data in “No-Knock” Raids

Written by John Odermatt on December 20, 2013

Do you think exercising your Second Amendment right of legal gun ownership could be used by the State as a means to infringe upon privacy rights afforded by the Fourth Amendment?

Absolutely, Yes! The State could and already has used their knowledge and databases of legal gun owners in order to justify “No-Knock” police raids on their residences.

For reference, let’s examine the circumstances that led to a SWAT-team style raid on a Collin County, Texas man in 2006. Police obtained a warrant to search John Quinn’s home based on information that his son might be in possession of illicit drugs. The warrant did not authorize the police to enter the home without knocking and announcing their entry.

This did not deter the cops. The police forcibly entered Quinn’s home without knocking or announcing. They did this based on information that there were firearms in the house.

During the raid Quinn reached for his legally owned handgun, not knowing that the invaders in his home were police officers, and was shot. After ransacking the residence, police only found less than a gram of cocaine. Quinn was charged with possession.

Thanks to the Rutherford Institute this case is not going away quietly.

The Rutherford Institute has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case.   Institute attorneys would argue that if owning or possessing a firearm is grounds for a raid, then police could circumvent protections afforded by the Fourth Amendment by using databases filled with individuals that exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms. If the Institute is able to get the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case and a favorable ruling is achieved, that would be a huge triumph for liberty.

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13 thoughts on “How Police Use Gun Registration Data in “No-Knock” Raids

  1. It's rather more uncommon for a Texas home to NOT have a gun in it than the reverse. (And the Branch Davidians were painted as having a horde of guns when they had no more than average in Texas for the population they had living there.)

  2. Under the present administration, we are losing our Constitutional Rights daily. They are out of control and the spineless Congress will not exert restraints. If we don't reverse this soon we will lose the republic. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  3. Looks like police are ignoring the law they swore to uphold. Sort of like that lying sodomite in office.

    We must remove all lefties from positions of power as wherever they be, police, civil, government, education, the MSM, etc.

    They have proven to be liars, hypocrites, hateful, no morality, lawless and even EVIL, (did I mention liars?), I think I did.

  4. If someone breaks into my home unannounced, they're going to get shot. These renegade cops need to be restrained. And if they really did do anything outside of the restraints of a court order, then they are criminals.

  5. If you haven't already, read "The Ashes of Waco". It explains a lot about the abuses of government.

  6. First the land probably was not land of the US pursuant to Art 1, sec 8 as a Seat of Gov. , nor a "Place Purchased, so no territorial jurisdiction. 2nd there may not be a Oath (4th) supporting the warrant, most snitches will not give a sworn statement. Lawyer Paul

  7. 3rd gun registration is only valid in the "State" which is government owned land.

  8. Your up against insurmountable odds when dealing with the LAW. They can do no wrong because they are the brotherhood. One lies and the others swears to it. Fact!!

  9. here in arizona we don't have mandatory gun registration so we don't have to worry as much.

  10. this has been going on for decades from both parties, the war on drugs has been one of the worst offenders to the destruction of our constitutional rights.

  11. they were sent by eric and the doj

  12. Ken thats why were coming to AZ

  13. LiberalsRTraitors says:

    Trust me, everyone that had bought a gun legally has their name on ATF and other gov. websites. Any law enforcement agency can and does use this information.
    For the past 90+ years many problems we have faced were tests. Tests to see how we would react. From our own civil war to 9-11 everything has been scrutinized. Can you see a progression? Look at just the more recent ones. Waco=Oklahoma City=9-11.
    Look at Waco. It was an orchestrated raid with 4 cameras running. Not a single film was turned over. Log books had whole pages torn out, All the crime scene evidence was tampered with (With Bull Dozers) even the front door was taken from the scene and disposed of because that would have proven that the ATF agents shot 1st.
    Why do we put up with this? The government is supposed to work for us, not against us. The Branch Davidians told law enforcement repeatedly that anytime they wanted to see the weapons they had they were welcome to come in. SO why did the ATF shoot first and cause the deaths of so many innocent people? Because in their twisted minds they needed something on film to show the American people what would happen if they resisted government control. Period.
    Delta force was sent in, they opened up the compound building filled it with flammable gas and set fire to it. But first they dug in fox holes in strategic locations where they knew the Branch Davidians would try to escape the flames. They created fields of fire so that anyone trying to flee that burning building would be machine gunned to death. And thats exactly what happened. The FLIR recordings from a plane circling above proved it beyond any shadow of a doubt. These people, men women and children were murdered. It was all a prelude to making sure when they pulled off 9-11 you wouldnt riot and take back the country by force. Everything is a test. If you dont want it to get much much worse you have to stand up against what you know to be wrong. Dont let them get away with anything.