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Video: Anti-ObamaCare, Anti-Democrat Ad for 2014

Written by Gary North on December 19, 2013

The names will not be changed to protect the guilty.

I wrote about an ad campaign like this back in October. To read what I said, click the link.

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4 thoughts on “Video: Anti-ObamaCare, Anti-Democrat Ad for 2014

  1. I heard this ad on talk radio yesterday. Great ! If the GOP would get off their scaredy-pants butts and do more of the same, we might have a chance to take our country back and get rid of the leeches who make a CAREER of food stamps, WIK, subsidized
    housing, 99 weeks of unemployment, obamaphones ,and a plethora of government programs that discourage people from being independent. Welfare was not supposed to be a lifestyle; it was supposed to provide a han-up until you could get your feet back on the ground. A first step is to require some WORK to receive the government handout. I remember when I returned to civilian life in 1963, I was eligible for 12 weeks of unemployment. To receive my $ 27.00 check, I had to report to the unemploymnet office with documentation, signed by human resources, that showed I had shown up at 3 different places seeking work. Give people the incentive, and they WILL find some kind of work.

  2. The united states should have no reason to have the people on welfare food stamps and unemployment. WAIT LET ME REPHRASE THAT. Were it not or the united states government selling our country to foreign interests. The government and I mean the democrats as well as the republicans have done everything to harm this country in the name of protecting us. Why does the government own land? Why does the government control mineral and oil and gas rights?? Why do we continue to support a group of politicians who have spent more money than we will be able to repay in the next 200 years? With the resources we have and the work force and the public education quality we should have, we should be the envy of the world.
    Now the senate and congress have passed a bill that will cut the retirement of military vets. They say they will fix that before it goes into effect. DOES ANYONE BELIEVE THAT?

  3. It does seem like an interesting time for the GOP, but I don’t think it means much for the American people. That’s because at the leadership level, the GOP are barely distinguishable from the Democrats. They are pretty much on board with the whole big spending, big government, more regulations theme. There are Republicans who are trying to make a difference but they have no power in the party. So even if the GOP sweep the house and senate, don’t expect much of a change. Don’t forget, exe were started down this current path by Bush – a big government Republican.

  4. Brilliant ad!