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Video: Obama Talks Sense on Jobs! Unbelievable!

Written by Gary North on December 16, 2013

See for yourself.

This year, workers have walked off their jobs for a day to strike at Walmart, McDonald’s, and fast food restaurants. They did not get fired.

The only good reason for not firing them was that this would have gotten them free publicity. Shoppers did not notice they were gone. They had zero negative impact on their employers. They merely called attention to reality: the union movement is busted.

Contrary to Pete Seeger, solidarity was not forever. Pete has outlived the union movement. (He has outlived the Communist Party, too. He bet on the wrong ponies.)

They think they own their jobs. No one without a contract owns a job. And if the contract specifies that a worker is not entitled to strike, then workers should be fired if they strike. Simple. It’s the right of contracts.

In the spring of 1981, PATCO struck: the air traffic controllers union. All 13,000 members walked off the job. President Reagan gave them a deadline to go back to work. Then he fired everyone who didn’t: over 11,000 of them. In October 1981, the union was de-certified. That is a fancy word for “busted.” That sent federal government union members a message. “You don’t own your job.” They are not pushy any more.

The union movement is just about dead in the USA. Only 11% of all workers are in unions, and half of these are in government-job unions.

Under 7% of private sector employees are in unions, and these unions have just about zero bargaining power. They know it. Management knows it.

In the USA, someone who wants to bid his services for a job does not have to join a union. Unions can no longer block workers who are willing to work for wages lower than union members want.

The highest union membership in the USA was in the 1950s, at one-third. Those days are over. They will never return. This is one of the great victories for liberty in my lifetime — the liberty of being allowed to bid for a job.

The National Labor Relations Board should be shut down — just as the Interstate Commerce Commission was shut down in 1995. It’s as useless as the ICC was. The sunset law should be applied to it. “Stick a fork in it. It’s cooked.”

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13 thoughts on “Video: Obama Talks Sense on Jobs! Unbelievable!

  1. Alright already says:

    Except the teachers’ union! We’re still struggling with their unreasonable assesses. They are pathetic! In PA they are still ruining our school systems. We try to negotiate reasonable contracts but they are greedy. They are the only ones left with pensions instead of 401ks,totally unreasonable salaries, medical benefits FOR LIFE, even after they retire! , they get a “salary bump” after 10 years of service, which means they get an extra $25, 000 added to their salaries PERMANENTLY for life, which in turn increases their pensions, summers off, tons of sick days and “Act 80” says, which means “send the kids home so I can lounge & work easy for the day”, they are limited on how many kids they have to teach as well as how many hours they have to teach, they still get vacation time galore even though they get their whole summer off!, they are now able to have computers teach their kids while they sit on their smartphones & emails & internet, they have no accountability because they are not allowed to be observed by parents because parents are no longer allowed in the schools, they cannot be fired in any way that is reasonable, etc…etc… etc… need more?

  2. Or how bout the Clerical Worker Union that struck in long beach, closing down the entire port for days. These slouches make 6 figures, demanded more, but most importantly caused billions of $ in damage.

  3. victorbarney says:

    Talk is cheap! WATCH what this self-professed "Anti-Christ"("fundamental transformation" guy into Marxism & only unforgiveable sin) does, not says, which also makes Obama the scriptural "scape goat" for us too! REMEMBER: The ONLY thing in the Marxist Manifesto about "Marxism" and "speech" is to LIE, LIE, LIE, & with a straight face, lie some more! No wonder that women make such easy targets for sociopaths! No? Watch…

  4. Ok Gary, you’re going to have to explain to me how this is talking sense about jobs. I do not see that. What may I ask is the job of the legislative branch of government? Is it not to make laws and control the budgets, spending? Furthermore, isn’t it also a big part of their job to oversee the executive branch? I think so.

    So how does the congress (more specifically the House of Representatives) do that job when the other half of one third of this government does not cooperate and will not even consider their suggestions? The liberal progressives with harry reid in charge are saying my way or the highway and have been for two years now. When given no other options other then shutting down the government how do they actually do their jobs. What exactly do you see as their leverage? Any member of congress with a conscience should not wish to continually add to the deficit knowing someday someone will have to repay that debt. As a matter of fact those mostly responsible for electing and reelecting obama (the debtor president) will find it very hard if not impossible living with this debt he has run up with their approval.

    Debt will someday (and it may not be very long) be the destructive force to destroy our constitution completely! Those desiring that end support debt those not desiring destruction do not!

    What means do you see of overcoming the liberal progressive refusal to obey the laws and not thumb their noses at the very constitution they all take an oath to uphold. How may I ask do you use the laws to force a part of government to do something that ignores that law and the constitution?

  5. The first 34 seconds he described the democrat party.

  6. just cant wait till big macs are 10 dollars

  7. If you truly want job growth, I suggest the following:
    1)Repeal the 35% corporate income tax entirely. This would bring an explosion of new entrepreneurs opening new businesses. Many companies would return from overseas. (Remember, Apple refused to come home because the company would have to pay billions to Washington.) Foreign companies would be kicking down our doors to establish companies here. Job numbers would explode. You would need 3 Teamster Unions in 18-wheelers to cart the new cash to Washington.
    2) Lower the capital gain tax to 10%. It is a historical fact that whenever capital gains taxes have increased, the economy and job numbers have decreased: conversely, when capital gains taxes have decreased, the economy and jobs have improved drastically.
    3.) Revise and simplify the federal tax code. As of fiscal 2010, the U.S. federal tax code had 71,684 pages. How much graft, corruption, political favors, waste, and outright theft are contained therein ? Institute a tax code that has ALL citizens contributing something, whether you are a Bill Gates, or a welfare recipient. If you have skin in the game, you pay attention to what is going on in government.

  8. 4 ) Get rid of punitive regulations that stifle job growth. If you saw Congressman Mike Kelly's floor speech recently, you understand that government indeed stifles businesses and industries with silly and punitive regulations.
    5.) Stop all frivolous, useless federal spending. We do not need or want bridges to nowhere, Solyndra, Ener 1, Abound Star, Amonix Solar, Spectra Watt, Eastern energy, electric cars subsidies for Finland, etc.
    God bless America, and make her free again !

  9. WhiteFalcon says:

    That may sound good, but you have to take into account who is saying it. As someone above said, watch his actions, don't listen to his words. His actions will tell you just what he is and you can predict what he is going to do. He is a commieonazicrat and he will behave in a manner that is consistant with suhch garbage.

  10. How did we ever allow a "public" union to begin with? Who is at the bargaining table for the people? Time to abolish them all and let them compete for jobs like everyone else.

  11. Even Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a big time liberal, was against government workers unionizing.
    "The employer [of government workers] is the whole people. Government employees, have the obligation to serve the whole people, whose interests and welfare require orderliness and continuity in the conduct of Government activities. This obligation is paramount. Since their own services have to do with the functioning of the Government, a strike of public employees manifests nothing less than an intent on their part to prevent or obstruct the operations of Government until their demands are satisfied. Such action, looking toward the paralysis of Government by those who have sworn to support it, is unthinkable and intolerable." – FDR wrote in a 1937 letter.

  12. Potawatomi13 says:

    Once again North proves himself to be a stupid ASS!

  13. As a retired teacher here in PA I disagree with you. But these are the usual comments made by people who haven't got a clue about education, nor its market. The unions are destroying the school systems. But you can't see how. We didn't have a pay raise in over 10 years. I have regularly turned down much better paying jobs but stayed in education because I remember how much I hated the 'Paycheck Only' teachers. I have a mediocre retirement from the state and no medical at all. The medical sucked anyway while I taught. Pay the doctor in cash. Every school is a sewer of cross contaminants from all the neighborhoods that feed it. Illness is a problem that we could never beat. We were unpaid workers all summer. That is no vacation. I spent every summer prepping for the next year. I don't know what "Act 80" days are. I always invited my parents to drop in unannounced. I did get in trouble for showing parents the new curriculum. The one that forbade us from lecture, answering questions, and teaching in general.