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House Votes to Give Obama Relief.

Written by Gary North on December 13, 2013

House Republicans fell in line. They voted to drop the sequester that Obama had agreed to in 2011.

This was a major symbolic victory for the Democrats. The Republican leadership is no longer a threat on the deficit issue.

As for the Tea Party, about one quarter of voters are favorable, a quarter are opposed, and half just do not care. So says Gallup.

With the deficit massive, the spending out of control, and the Federal Reserve pumping in $1 trillion a year, the vote in the House was symbolic. It was a bunch of drunken sailors voting for 150-proof white lightning rather than 90-proof Jack Daniels.

The public does not care. Neither do the economists. As long as interest rates are low, and the economy is growing, the voters are uninterested. They respond to pain. So does Congress. There is not much pain these days. So, voters do not care.

The voters want their handouts. They figure the rich will pony up. As long as their taxes stay capped, they don’t care about federal spending.

The Tea Party voters feel betrayed. They shouldn’t. There never was going to be a wedding. It was a series of one-night stands. The Republican Eastern Establishment is in charge, and always has been. They have an occasional fling with the Right, but nothing ever comes of it. The Right asks: “Will you still love me in the morning?” The Republican Establishment says, “Sure, honey, you can count on me.”

Jilted again!

These people are slow learners.

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38 thoughts on “House Votes to Give Obama Relief.

  1. Sounds as though somebody has just tossed in the towel. Trouble is, I think the truth is hidden in there and it is pretty close to the surface. I sympathize with the TEA party cause and I feel an air of defeat seeping out. The RINOS are winning and I can't figure why except that the republicans are as mentally challenged as the dumbocrats.

  2. I'm 75 years old and I have seen many stupid republican maneuvers but the worst I have ever seen is happening right now by all the A.H.'s who think you can correct anything without holding both houses and the presidency. We used to call it the "salami method" and it has worked for the Dem's for 70 years, thats how we got to where we are. So we, the right and right leaning independents, must console ourselves with the fact that the only thing we can really do untill we take the Senate is minimal at best. WE must not destroy the toxic atmosphere the Democrats have to work with for 2014 and 2016 by making the general population angry by shutting down the Gov't or some other stupid non-productive action. Our total focus should be on jobs, pointing out the disaster of Obamacare and let the voters see the Dem's in full spotlight of how they are going to screw the people. To that end we should concentrate on putting forth candidates who can get elected in the individual districts and state-wide be they TEA party or not. Gain control first, then we can do something without control we can do nothing and all will be lost. Mark Levin is doing more to help the democrats than they are. Go out vote republican nomatter who is the candidate so we can control all the committees and appointments and money and the president for the next 2 years. GET YOUR DAMN PRIORITIES RIGHT!!!

  3. What a RINO. That is what is wrong with the Republicans, people like you who have no firm commitment to an ideal and think it is all about party.

  4. I am also close to your age and I agree with you 100%.

  5. Boehner resorting to Alinsky methods ? "No balls" boehner criticizing Tea Party Bulls? I'm sticking with the TEA PARTY !!!

  6. Tinkerbell_35 says:

    The GOP establisment will never win another presidential election (amnesty will see to that), hopefully we Tea Partiers can elect more people like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee. The sad thing is, the GOP establishment has sold out to the communist Democrats, and America will be just another 4th rate nation…….if nothing doesn't change.

  7. You are joking, right?

  8. 1madgrannie says:

    It is way past time for the Tea Party to realize they will not change the GOP. It is time for them to get serious about backing another horse (party), The Libertarian and Constitution Party are already up and running, perhaps they can work with one of them and perhaps the few right wing Senators and Reps will come on board. I know the old saw about just splitting the vote and re- enforcing the DNC, but what do we have now?

  9. flyingears says:

    Sailors don' drink Jack Daniels. Sailors drink rum!… You don't have to blame sailors for the poor politics. Maybe the Democrats are drinking Jack Daniels…

  10. Boehner = LOCKSTEP LUCY ♠


  12. Are you guys serious here? Nothing is going to get better for our country until we make a MAJOR change in our foriegn policy, Defence spending, and wasteful,immoral wars in places where we shouldn't be, wasting lives and money for no purpose! And the republicans are just as guilty of this as the Dems! It's a bi-partisan policy! We have no significant World Superpower threat and we spend BILLIONS, for what? To kill a whole bunch of innocents and generate MASSIVE hatred and blow-back against us.
    You have to massively cut the Defence budget as well as entitlements or we'll go bankrupt. The policies of BOTH parties are leading us to ruin.

  13. Just give me a free-phone, free healthcare, Earned Income Credit refund from the taxes I didn't pay, and I'll kiss your butt from here to Tehachopi. You really know how to buy my vote. There will quickly be a bidding war of Republicans vs. Democrats for who can screw the US population quicker and more stealthily, while making them happy to be screwed. "Ask not what you can do for your country; ask what your country can do for, and soon to, YOU!" -any politician.

  14. I have had it with the Demacraps and the Republican Rinos I am at the point I will not vote for eather one again they make me sick

  15. awkingsley says:

    The Tea Party needs to just keep running Conservatives for election. The Tea Party will triumph in the end. This isn't the end; it is barely the beginning. Keep going for it Tea Party.

  16. barneyfifeseyes says:

    Gee, when I saw the title of this article, I thought the House had voted to buy Obama some bean-o. I mean, if anyone needs relief from excessive hot air, he does.

    Then again, for the House to vote on anything that makes sense, well, we may as well ask them to vote on a health bill that will allow them to have real spines implanted.

  17. At the leadership level the Republicans are indistinguishable from the Democrats. In fact they are worse: they pretend to be something they are not. Personally I am done voting as it is a pointless exercise. My message to them all: There’s nothing I can do to stop you, but let’s not pretend we both don’t know what’s going on here.

  18. Most Americans no longer live in The Age of Reason. We are born with thought-processes dictated by Emotions reacting to Sensations. MIinds not sufficiently trained to think RATIONALLY are forever trapped inside Brains thoroughly-capable of recording huge amounts of data, but incapable of Processing any of it in a Reasonable, Logical fashion. Nations full of citizens nearly devoid of cerebral skillsets, lacking widespread abilities to think effectively (caused by being taught WHAT to think, rather than HOW) quickly lose their ability to compete with other nations not so crippled.

    A labor pool devoid of people who can think effectively created our new reality. We might Feel good patriotically-waving our flags, but when we must elect officials stricken with as much DUMBTH as the rest of us, the new reality is truly a calamity.

    As for the liberal elected officials who brought (and keep working to trap) us here, TREASON never has a good REASON.

  19. Most Americans no longer live in The Age of Reason. We are born with thought-processes dictated by Emotions reacting to Sensations. MIinds not sufficiently trained to think RATIONALLY are forever trapped inside Brains thoroughly-capable of recording huge amounts of data, but incapable of Processing any of it in a Reasonable, Logical fashion. Nations full of citizens nearly devoid of cerebral skillsets, lacking widespread abilities to think effectively (caused by being taught WHAT to think, rather than HOW) quickly lose their ability to compete with other nations not so crippled.

  20. Don Rorschach says:

    mbpalapa, I agree with everything you say, save and except for calling the Affordable Care Act "Obamacare." The Republican scum could have defunded and ended it twice now but each time they FUND the Affordable Care Act. Now, it should be called REPUBLICARE.

  21. I rarely joke, what's your problem, give me your take on things

  22. The effect Levin is having is dividing the right and not conducive to improving turnout and unified vote, remember the Perot fiasco well there is thought that lefties encouraged him thru flattery to run and we got "what the definition of is, is" By the way PhD means "piled higher and deeper"

  23. How could they have de-funded the law? we only hold one house of congress and with no budget in place there is no spending control by the house appropriations committee, so show me how it could have been defunded. additionally making slurs on people brings no rational thought to the problem stay focused on the ultimate goal.

  24. what would be great would be to have Sarah Palin in the senate, a fire-brand and well spoken with great values, commitment and courage, all necessary in that body

  25. Good observation. I truly want to see the Tea Party take the next step to making a real difference. The members need to get off the soapbox of Dem vs Rep and attack the root of the problem. There were no outrage about the conformation of the next Fed Chairman who supports QE (national debt). She never ever published even one economic paper. The next assistant to her now being confirmed has a much worse record of too-big-to-fail bank bailouts.
    The FED is what promotes national debt. The FED, not voters determine what elected officials must do to get re-elected. The problems started once the FED got a monopoly in about 1970.
    Everything else is just a distraction that won't really change anything. Sovereign trumps a company (the FED).
    It is time voters get the national priorities right instead of just complaining.
    This week, Iceland just sentenced two more Central Bankers to actual prison. Iceland defaulted on JP Morgan and other Central Banks bond frauds. Iceland successfully sued JP Morgan for damages in the courts. Iceland has already recovered from the Greece equal depression. What can we learn about a citizen movement that transcended political parties?

  26. Your stuck in a time-warp. People who watch wrestling on TV think it is real.
    Republicans, Democrats are the same. Did you watch them both at the conformation meetings of the Federal Reserve or the water-down investigation of JP Morgan? They are all lovie-dovie school chums at these meetings.
    If you focus on the result, you will never see the root of the problem.

  27. TraderFred says:

    Agreed, lets Bring The Boys Home from the 62 countries we occupy. All we need is a Navy to rule the oceans. The Oceans and the Trading Harbors on the ocean represent 93% of all wealth / trade. Occupying land is pointless.
    Give it 3 years and most countries will pay the US to set up a base in a trading harbor.

  28. You know what kills me? We have troops and military bases in 62 countries and some Americans have the damned nerve to claim we don't have an empire. LOL! What blind worthless idiots!

  29. At the current time both Russia and China are developing true 5th gneration fighters with top speed at least equal to the F-22, Both carry more armament and have design ranges greater than our F-22 and like the F-22 are true stealth aircraft capable of supercruise, and they are also equipped with infra-red search and kill capability at ranges at least as long as our aircraft.

    If we just eliminated all of the spending that is not authorized by the Constitution, we could double our Defense spending, which we should do, and still have a balanced budget.

  30. The TEA Party needs to first and foremost SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION, but, with Gary North nad his NO DEFENSE SPENDING agenda, there will be no United States in which to live.

  31. awkingsley says:

    I don't think Gary North is interested in "NO" defense spending. Spending needs to be for defense of our own homeland and not offensive wars against nations that did not attack us and not for Policing the whole world at tax payer expense.

  32. Kbreedlove50 says:

    Part 1.

    I am sending this to you and to several other conservative/Tea Party-affiliated political organizations.

    Please stop the fratricidal in-fighting! It’s the right fight, but the wrong time. There is too much at stake right now to fall apart over the budget bill that is likely to be voted on in the Senate tomorrow. We have to beat the Democrats next November, and it has to be a resounding defeat for them – keep the House with an overwhelming majority, and at least a convincing majority in the Senate (although 60+ on our side would be better).

    Keith Breedlove
    Groveland, FL 34736

  33. Kbreedlove50 says:

    Part 2.

    For those who oppose the current budget bill, have you not been paying attention? The Democrats have a majority in the Senate and they dance to Harry Reid and the president’s tune. Either a bill you like will not be brought to the floor or, even if you get enough Democrats and crypto-Democrats (independents) to pass it, the president will veto it, so any "victory" we achieve now is likely to be a pyrhhic one.. He’s not your normal left-of-center president like Bill Clinton – he’s an ideologue, a true-believer, and one who hates what we stand for.

  34. Kbreedlove50 says:

    Part 3.

    My suggestion would be to raise all the right objections and if you truly object to it, vote “Present” (call the president, he’ll tell you how that works). Let the Democrats own the tax and debt increases. Keep the focus on Obamacare and the millions of lives it will affect, and the thousands of lives it will cost, even if it gets unscrewed – by 2017(?). Who, undergoing treatment for Stage IV cancer and who has just had their policy cancelled will still be around in 2017? Those are the stakes – and stakes that should be driven through the heart of this presidency and administration.

  35. Kbreedlove50 says:

    Part 4.

    You’re all smart people who are disagreeing on tactics. Get together, put together a strategic plan, sell our vision to the independents and those few zombie-lemmings who still possess a little bit of humanity and let’s win in 2014 and set the stage for 2016. If we do this right, Progressivism will have to change its name yet again. But, we have to pick fights we can win and this is not the time. Remember how we were villified for the government shutdown that the president's initransigence and unwillingness to compromise? He still owns the press, and frankly, they still hate us.

  36. Remember the FOREST GUMP movie ? " Stupid is as stupid does."

  37. Throw all the RINO’S out replace them with the tea party, time to clean house and senate we need term limits