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Paul Ryan Sells Out the Tea Party. Again. Media Cheer.

Written by Gary North on December 12, 2013

Paul Ryan was a flake from day one. Now he has proven it.

He has joined with Patty Murray (Democrat) to propose the scrapping of the sequester. Obama says he will sign the deal.  I guess so!

Here is what USA Today announced. For Paul Ryan, budget deal may be a career turning point.

I hope so. Down the tubes.

WASHINGTON — Paul Ryan stepped to a podium Tuesday night for a defining moment in his legislative career.

For the better part of the past decade, he has carved out a niche as a leader in the Republican Party based in part on the ideological purity of his budget blueprints, but this week he played a co-starring role in cutting a budget deal with liberal Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington.

The irony is not lost on the Wisconsin Republican. “It’s a strange new normal, isn’t it?” Ryan, 43, told reporters Wednesday when asked whether he was surprised by conservative criticism of the two-year budget framework.

There is nothing strange about it at all. He was always the Republican Establishment’s alternative to Ron Paul. He was the fake budget-cutter.

Obama wants this bill passed, the story tells us.

But Ryan has unabashedly endorsed the budget deal as a compromise in line with conservative fiscal principles and is urging Republicans to support it ahead of a Thursday vote in the House.

“I have every reason to expect great support from our caucus because we are keeping our principles.The key here is nobody had to sacrifice their core principles. Our principles are: Don’t raise taxes, reduce the deficit.”

What is the deal? The abandonment of the sequester which Obama signed in 2011. What does he give up? Nothing. There will be a $23 billion reduction in spending, spread over 10 years, beginning after he is out of office.

Note: $23 billion over 10 years is $2.3 billion a year. The federal government spends $3.8 trillion a year.

Ryan was always a big-spending conservative.

It is a notable step in Ryan’s congressional career. Until now, his legislative triumphs have centered on his non-binding budget plans that enshrined controversial conservative proposals such as revamping Medicare from a guaranteed benefit system to a voucher-like program that provides seniors with subsidies to buy health care in the private market.

His fiscal blueprints have passed the House entirely on Republican votes and never had the force of law, but they served as a battle cry for conservatives, shaped the GOP’s fiscal message, and helped elevate him to the national ticket as Mitt Romney’s running mate in the 2012 presidential election.

I hope he gets another “legislative triumph” like these in today’s vote. Maybe this will be his first victory. It’s a sell-out to Obama.

“I think he has unquestionably been our intellectual leader, not just in the House of Representatives on our side of the aisle but in the Republican Party on these types of issues. So he really is the smartest guy we have who has shaped our thinking, and he’s come back and said, ‘This is a good deal,'” said Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., who said he expected a majority of House Republicans to support the deal.

We are told that “Ryan’s role in crafting the first bipartisan budget deal to come out of divided government since the Reagan era has taken some conservatives by surprise.”  It did not take me by surprise.

Ryan is mentioned as a potential future contender for House speaker and harbors ambitions for the gavel at the House Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over the federal tax code that Ryan would like to overhaul. The current chairman, Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., is term-limited at the end of this Congress.

The Republican conservatives in the House are unwilling to criticize him. He is getting a free ride.

 Ryan’s good standing with the right wing of his party is in part because he has fought their fight for the past several years, proposing budgets full of red meat for conservatives.

Red meat? Hardly. Red ink? Every time.  The federal deficit was $1 trillion a year, 2009-2012, under the Ryan-Boehner leadership.

We also read:

After the October government shutdown, they understand his task is different now.

It is not different now. It is the same old story. This is politics inside the Washington Beltway. It’s all about selling out in the name of fiscal conservatism.

Every other year, conservative Republicans send money to so-called conservatives running for office. They get out their checkbooks and write checks. “This time it’s different!” It never is.

Every fourth year, they send bigger checks. “This time it really is different.” It never is.

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56 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Sells Out the Tea Party. Again. Media Cheer.

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    He probably is the best the "conservatives" have to offer. No better than the illiberal "liberals." Matters not if the label is Demlican or Repubocrat. Or Jesse Ventura's version – Democrips and Rebloodicans.
    We need the "Brewster's Millions" option – Vote for None of the Above.

  2. WOW!!!! 2.3 billion a year. That will not even pay for oBUMo's vacations.

  3. I tried twice to call Ryan's office. No answer. Is anybody surprised? If I sold out to Obama, I wouldn't want my phone answered either.

  4. Paul Ryan sold out when he endorsed AMNESTY. The budget deal proposal is just more proof of his bad character.

  5. Larry Lunts says:

    Yes, Paul Ryan is terrible. The best thing Tea Party conservatives can do is to stay home, and not vote at all. That will show them!

  6. Now you know why Romney chose him

  7. The little creep will no doubt be running for the republican nominee in 2016….I wonder how many saps will vote for him?
    I sure wouldn't….I didn't last election when he was running for V.P.

  8. Anthony Alexander says:

    Just another politician being paid off behind the scenes. Why do you think they are there? To help US? To stand on principle. Heck NO!….Ryan has stood on principle but now this 180 degree about face puts him in the category of Boehner, Mc Connell and all the other career politicians to increase their net worth and personal portfolios. Money buys influence and today like W_ORES they sell their souls to the devil himself………………………

  9. Michael T. Batchelor Sr. says:

    Just think, this guy could have been our VP!

  10. Patrick Duffy says:

    "The best way to defeat the opposition is to lead it" (Joseph Stalin). Would you say the opposition is leading the Republican party?

  11. $ 2.3 Billion a year in savings.? CHUMP CHANGE. The Medicare program provides subsidized medical insurance for the elderly and for some disabled people. During 2012, enrollment in Medicare averaged about 50 million people. Gross spending (excluding administrative costs that are subject to appropriation) for the program was $551 billion. A Government Accountability Office report, and an article from the U.S. Administration on Aging, say the fraud rate ranges from 7.9 percent to 8.5 percent for the largest Medicare program, and up to 11 percent for a smaller program, Medicare Advantage. Therefore there is approximately $ 44 Billion in fraud each year, or $ 850 million each week. The fraud in 3 weeks will exceed the meager savings the Ryan trumpets.

  12. Anonymous Patriot says:

    Exactly. There is no real difference anymore between a R and a D. We have so fully established a ruling class of political royalty and loudly proclaimed "Lead us, tell us what to do!" that the only real thing the two parties argue about is quite frankly how to crush the American citizen under their boots. They may differ on style, but their goals are the same; stay in power, live the good life paid for by milking the public. Welcome to the new Rome.

  13. I say the Republican party has lost there nerve they give in to the democrats every time and i am tired of it

  14. Texaswoman says:

    What a line of garbage! Why are conservatives so fearful of the left? EVERY polutician needs to understand that they are there because of we the people. The worst thing to do is to do nothing! If the right stays home on election day, then don’t gripe at what the left puts into office! Get off your backsides and do something! And stop whinning. You don’t like what’s going on in Washington? Write and clog the phone lines. It does get their attention.

  15. As a reference, at 3.8 trillion per year, the government spends 2.3 billion every 5 hours and 18 minutes.

  16. George Orwell told us this would happen, even if he thought it was a warning instead of prescience. TaxedEnoughAlready "Leaders" telling us "I done ALL that I could, I couldn't do no more, and you should be happy they let us have this much."

  17. Denver Kitty says:

    Politicians don't even bother to read letters from the American people. Have you ever had your phone call put through to the politician you called? I'd bet a paycheque that you haven't. The politicians don't care about you — the people who put them in office. They care about the money they will be paid to buy their votes, or the promises of perks. We The People are nothing to the Washington politicians…we just supply them with more tax money to line their pockets with. Sad, but true.

  18. You guys don't get it. This is because the Tea Party has become irrelevant. Well…it was always irrelevant, but you threw enough of a tantrum that you made yourselves known, and now you're fading into the shadows again, exactly where you should be.

  19. They were to his ranch in Texas were there was already under secret service protection. Not these million dollar vacation's that oBUMo takes. And i like the mature way you ended you replay, very grown up. Does you mother know you talk like that. And every time you guys bring up Bush's trips the count goes up, why?

  20. True, no better than most, but still better than a hillary, or obama, the only argument being how much worse are they?

  21. Isn't this piece of shiite up for re election next year? Get rid of his untrustworthy ass.

  22. awkingsley says:

    Thank you for calling Ryan out as a false budget-cutter. I never supported him for that reason, but none of the Republican Party ever seemed to recognize his lack of sincere Fiscal Conservative principles. Ryan even said that by his economic stance he is an Ayn Rand follower, which is horse manure.

  23. Whoever said “politics is the art of compromise” was talking about politics – not truth, principles, or reality. The Rs and Ds have compromised us into a $17 trillion debt.
    Here is good advice to the Tea Party from Margaret Thatcher : “If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.”

  24. I don't believe there is any surprises here. I support all these people in congress to take a stand on these issues so dear to my conservative heart. It just shows us who are liberal, Rhinos or true conservatives. None of my Money to Ryan when his number is up for reelection. Put Ryan on the Rhino list and let's find a conservative to replace him!!!

  25. Fake Ron Paul has always simply been Wrong Paul. Nothing new here!

  26. Yes a Willard always needs a rat like Ben: Wrong Paul!

  27. No Shane you and your Trolling is irrelevant now and always.

  28. Navigator30 says:

    I don't think much of the deal either, but what was the alternative? Another Government shutdown? Do you really want to give the House back to the Democrats? Where did you get the idea that you can control the budget process when you control only one of the three branches of government? Too many conservatives stayed home during the last Presidential election and the Democrats managed to get the "low information voters" to the polls. We need to take back the Senate and the Executive branch before we can start throwing our weight around.

  29. Ryan a flake? More like a FAKE!

  30. Romney's 2nd Cousin says:

    The art of politics is, and always has been, compromise. Principals, such as those espoused by the Tea Party (Decrease taxes and size of government) are fine when you are in control, but right now, Conservatives are NOT. Compromise is a necessity. Having a budget is better than not. This is a tiny step in the right direction. If the public pulls their head out and votes for true conservatives in the Senate and the White House, maybe another big step will have been taken. Right now I think this may be the start of some trend that may eventually be called good, I don't know. If you don't compromise somewhere, we'll have another shutdown, and the powers that be will probably make it even more painful… Politics is a dirty game, due in part because you have to compromise… Principles are secondary in real political circles…

  31. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    While I agree that compromising is inevitable, this went WAY beyond that. And, they are right about it being career changing. Hopefully for the WORST on his part. I will NEVER vote for the 'lesser' of two evils again. Evil is still evil, & most of the Republicans are just as bad as any of the Democrats. There are still a FEW that hold the line, but they are getting slaughtered by RINOs.

  32. Anyone chumming with Patty the Soccer Mom Murray is not to be trusted. SHE needs to go, as well….. what's that old saw,. something about birds of a feather?

  33. Right on. The sacred cows of the left are education and healthcare that become giant budgetary sinkholes. They never cut back those programs, they engulf always more money. And people's health does not improve. Health is a PERSONAL responsibility issue.

  34. Because they are NOT real conservatives.

  35. Republicans controlled the WH, Senate and Congress under GWB. They spent just like right now….

  36. As of August 13th:

    Obama has taken 92 days of vacation during his Presidency, whereas Bush had taken 367 days of vacation – more than a full year's worth after 5 years of being President.

    Why weren't conservatives upset about Bush's trips, especially his two trips to Africa? http://radio.foxnews.com/2013/06/18/why-werent-co

    Most vacationing president in history: Bush http://www.crewof42.com/flashback/the-most-vacati

    Obama's vacations have come nowhere near 2.3 billion a year, so check your facts. You look like a fool.

  37. How quickly you Tea Partiers turn on your own. Your "party" is driving itself into obscurity. About damn time, too.

  38. It takes two to compromise, and the Democrats never give up anything, so no compromise is possible. The Republicans need to learn this and tell the Democrats what they must give up in return. Cuts in ten years are not cuts. Don,t talk to Reid, say to the press If Reid does this then I will do this. Always talk through the press. Evil matters and cannot be compromised. Cuts in taxes and size of government cannot be compromised. The amounts and of the decreases can be. Some cuts, even if small, must be obtained each time something is given up. Always go for the moon and negotiate from that position, always talking to the press, but Democrats must give you something for you to change your position.

  39. Show them what? Democrats win again and it gets worse.

  40. Be careful what you wish for moron.

  41. yep… & we know why Romney lost too.

  42. 0.06% cut.

    Deep. Painful.

  43. So what was his choice? Another gov't shut-down?

  44. Silly Merikuns, still think you have a "representative" government? You still think that the Republicans are good and Democrats are bad (or vice-versa)? You still think your so called "representative" gives a rat's rear about the "Will of the People" or the U.S. Constitution?


    You have yet to figure out that all of CONgress is complicit in the destruction of the Constitution, the bankrupting of America, and everything obama has gotten away with. Aren't you paying attention, and keeping track?

    Haven't you watched them form committees, hold hearings and make one passionate speech after another in front of the cameras…. and then "DO" NOTHING?

    America is not where it is because of obama, Clinton, Bush or ANY collection of Presidents. America is where we are because this is exactly where CONgress has legislated us to. And you sat there too busy to take note of CONgress and what they were doing. You sat there content to let CONgress run the country because you were too busy living the good life. You sat there refusing to believe it was possible CONgress would actually drive our Nation into the ground on purpose.

    Those on the left have protested, blackmailed, embarrassed their way to getting everything they wanted. And now you see what being a member of the silent majority has gotten you.

    Now I'll wait for the even denser crowd to start chirping about a "3rd Party", unaware the ONLY thing they accomplish is to further divide the conservative vote. Good luck getting 60 million votes to take out either of the other Party candidates.

  45. Paul Ryan has restored the capability of the Military to replace their worn out equipment. For this he should be COMMENDMED. The acceptance of Boehner and other Republican "?Leaders?" to swallow the idea that SEQUESTRATION would be too damaging to b accepted was clearly a false hope. This was not Ryan's fault. Now we need congress to support this replacement instead of maintain the "PORK" of "Upgrading" without improvment.
    The capability of the military to replace worn out equipment must be restored. How many of you are driving cars older than you are? A large majority of our pilots are flying aircraft that is older than they are, and they have to defen us with this old equipment.

  46. So……is voting for any Republican better than letting a Democrat be voted into office ???

  47. We need Term Limits !!!

  48. We need Term Limits!!

  49. Who will it show? Don't you know the Republicans who didn't vote in2012 caused us to be stuck with the Usuper again? I guess they showed him, right?

  50. Nothing and no one could be the hateful traitor illegal muslim we have now.

  51. victorbarney says:

    Ouch! …but probably so true… However, please remember that about 74% of our population comes from social "external's" (fate is the hunter) because social "internals"(I can change things for the better) have been "exterminated" by our "education" system, Marxist in ideology for sure since FDR, if not much before??? Oh! Women, tend to be "external's" due to nature/nurture issue & almost all gentiles, except Cubans(also, like Anglo-Saxons, "internal," feeling that they too can control their destiny…), like Anglo-Saxons, who also are social "internals," who feel that "they" too can control their environment. However, consistent with Revelation, chapter 11, not even mentioning Daniel, the two-witnesses will punish us(men & women) equally, leaving only 72,000 men & 72,000 women left alive after 3 1/2 years with the tribe of Joseph replacing the tribe of Dan as being protected during the soon coming period often referred to as being "Jacob's trouble"(Rev. 7 &11). Do "you" feel lucky dude? Watch…

  52. Navigator30 says:

    Right On Chuck! You are so right! Ryan got the best deal he could under the circumstances. It is ridiculous to think that the Republicans can control the budget process since they control only 1/2 of one of the three branches of government. He did save most of the Sequester and he got Federal employees contributing a bit to their lavish pensions. We need to win some elections and you can't do that by shutting down the government.

  53. Sure, why not? Shut the whole damned thing down permanently. I'm fine with that. People need to grow up and stop looking to government like they're mommy and daddy or even God. Who needs cowards and criminals running our lives? I sure don't.

  54. Yes just what we need. More militarism. Damn you guys are f'ing idiots. No, what we need is for these troops (empowerers of imperialism) to COME HOME and stop supporting empire for the benefit of the politicians and big business! The military budget NEEDS to be cut. SEVERELY. Sell off the 900+ bases across the damned planet and COME HOME. We don't military equipment replaced. We need to sell it off (and use it to pay off some of this crazy debt) and come home.

  55. The RINO’S are running scared the tea party is here to stay and many of them will be replaced with real constitutional conservatives we need term limits for all of them raise up America and vote next time!!

  56. It really doesn't matter. America is about to reset and the shakers of today will not have a place at the new table!