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Video: North Point’s Incredible iBand

Written by Gary North on December 11, 2013

This video has had almost 4 million views.

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6 thoughts on “Video: North Point’s Incredible iBand

  1. New School Posse says:

    geekiest thing I've seen this year

  2. This is cute as a one-time gimmick, but I wouldn't want to see more than a single video/performance with it. (And by performance, I mean one song.) The farther you get away from traditional instruments, the more I wonder why you don't just play music out of a sequencing program.

  3. You think this is pretty cool. You should have been in the room. I watched them do this at least three times. It was absolutely crazy amazing. These guys are extremely talented playing their regular instruments, this was unexpected, well done, and fun.

  4. Sure, this is great YouTube fun, and life is full and should be explored, but we should learn about church! Once a week, we are come to worship God Almighty, not to be entertained. God is – or should be – our focus. And these 'feel-good' times at church send a wrong message to a lost world.

  5. I think you are so wrong. God is amazing, he created us to have fellowship with Him, rejoice in Him, and praise Him. Church does not have to be boring, lifeless, and dull. How many people learn about God's word in a meaningful way where you worship? 35?

  6. Sorry, that line about how many worship where you do was out of line. Forgive me.