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“ObamaCare”: A Word Invented by Racist White Guys, It Says Here.

Written by Gary North on December 10, 2013

You may not have known that the term “ObamaCare” was invented by anti-Obama racists.

Watch this video. You will see. (No, this is not from “The Onion.”)


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15 thoughts on ““ObamaCare”: A Word Invented by Racist White Guys, It Says Here.

  1. normabrown says:

    this woman is a total dunderhead. I hope she didn't go to university, because if this is what they are producing, it's garbage out.

  2. Texas Chris says:

    Melissa Harris-Perry is just the third in a long line of dingleberries that needs to be wiped from the rectum that is MSNBC.

  3. S.O.S.= Same Old $hit ! Every time someone criticizes Obama, the race card comes flipping out of the deck. Jugears never takes responsibility for something that goes awry or is faulty; that would require honesty and leadership, 2 qualities that he lacks sorely. The leftwing media always come out in support of Obama, even when it is obvious he is a pathelogical liar.See Reverend Manning's interview with Mia Pope, one of Obama's classmates at the exclusive Hawaiian school he attended.. Mia maintains that Obama was a chronic liar even in middle school. You can't change a leopard's spots. LMAO.

  4. Racism and sexism…the two favorite words of a complete idiot who has no argument.

  5. I see no video or links… Apparently the video was pulled by embarassed racists for Obama… lol

  6. In case anyone else is a little off-put by the lack of video, this one's kinda fun to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gflaqNQ2UVw

  7. TexRancher says:

    Obama loved it until the light of day started shining on it and even some of the low info types could see it for the fraud it is!

  8. So Obama chose his name, a name that is racist? Hmmm! I am sick to death of the ignorance of the lefties. The only ones that are following Barry are the ones that are paid in one way or another or have fallen for the "hey, I'm black you have to vote for and with me" tactic. Suckers, for when he takes everything away from the non-Obama's he will take it away from you as if he had never known you or you had never done his dirty, dirty work. God Bless America, and even those who rail against us believers. Forgive them for they know not what they do!

  9. I was put off by the lack of video but not now.
    Thanks for the suitable video!
    Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act…Oxymorons all.
    The attacks on America by this administration are America's second and third 911.

  10. An American Patriot says:

    SOOOO, what would that make HillaryCare?

  11. So how's you ratings doing now-a-days MSNBC????

  12. He “owns” the ACA . . . why wouldn’t he be proud to have his name on it. Why do the people making the racial charge feel it is derogatory?

  13. AD Roberts says:

    The Democrats did not object to the term OBAMACARE until the train wreck started to collapse and more and more started to be MAJORLY jurt by HUGE PREMIUMS, canceled policies etc.
    NOW they are offended.
    But IF (and that was never a possibility) it had succeeded, they would have been shouting it from the top of the monument, built in honor of their FALSE GAUD.

  14. The ACA, a term invented by Racist Black guys with gay white guys and Dykes.

  15. Just like a Vampire.