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70% of California’s Physicians Will Opt Out of ObamaCare

Written by Gary North on December 9, 2013

The estimate is that 70% of California’s physicians will not participate in the program. If accurate, this will create a nightmare for ObamaCare.

The physicians in California are paid at Medicaid rates — far below costs. The physicians say they will not do it.

It’s about time. In 1977, I was part of a team that warned physicians that this was coming. We suggested that they opt out. We flew to 12 cities in 14 days giving this message. There were three teams. On the teams were physicians from Canada, Australia, and Great Britain. They told horror stories of how the three governments cut payments.

It has taken 35 years to come true, but it is now coming true.

Will 70% hold firm? No one knows. Will they be squeezed if they capitulate? Yes. Their practices will be put under price controls. Price controls produce shortages. Always.

The people of California are going to get a firsthand look at what price controls also always produce: non-price rationing. People will sit in full doctors’ offices. They will pay with their lost time. Others will find that no physician will accept them. They will find physicians going to 100% fee-for-service practices: no medical insurance. Pay at the door when you leave. “Major credit cards are accepted.”

Some will retire. Some will move out of California. There are lots of places to practice medicine besides California.

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10 thoughts on “70% of California’s Physicians Will Opt Out of ObamaCare

  1. There are rumblings among some politicians that they plan on passing laws REQUIRING doctors to accept medicaid and medicare patients.
    Government by edict/command does not work. It stifles innovation and achievement………and kills the free market, which in turn will kill a free nation.
    But this is exactly their goal…….marxism and muslims hand in hand with the racists in the black community demanding reparations.
    Did anyone see the comments by Ezekiel Emanuel on FOX News Sunday? His idiot comment of sure you can keep your doctor……you'll just have to pay for it out of pocket…….or accept govt issued doctors.

  2. bless2live says:

    Our government, all about control of the people through obamacare lies and deception! Dictator, is the goal!

  3. Gary North: so many good things to say, so much good vision and insight, so FEW solutions. I am often told not to bring up problems without solutions. What's the solution? How do the hard working among us battle the weak, lazy and incompetent who, along with a corrupt voting system, seems to always vote for the worst possible candidate available at any given time? Armed revolt? It seems a bit early for that.

    WE NEED STRATEGIES along with all of your observations or the observations mean nothing.

  4. Would you rather not know the truth and “the score”.

    The solutions are myriad and rest with freedom loving people. Stay tuned as while things suck, “we live in interesting times”…


    Ok, here you go.

    1) Avoid accidents.
    2) Eat healthy, nutritious food in moderation…avoid sugar.
    3) Get 7-8 hours of sleep at night.
    4) Exercise 3-5 times a week, look up "peak interval training" on google to maximize benefits.
    5) Start reading health blogs to pick up on other things to do and what to avoid.

    Good luck.

  6. Answers are at Mises.org.

  7. The next step is to force the failure of Obamacare and blame it on the insurance, healthcare and physician industries. Then, everyone will be placed in Medicare or Medicaid by fiat. All providers will next be required to accept federal payment from these programs if they wish to practice. Then they will outlaw private insurance and cash payments for service. Finally, when enough practitioners opt out, they will be federalized as government employees, "to assure access to healthcare." All of the competence of the DMV with all of the warmth of the IRS.

  8. I would suggest moving to Uruguay, which, by the way, does not have an income tax. Except for the very poor, healthcare is a private matter. Beautiful country with a largely agrarian economy, private, confidential banking (the Switzerland of the south) and a gorgeous south Atlantic coast.

    If you want freedom of choice in healthcare, one of my docs suggests that Indonesia and India are the last bastions of real free choice.

    The solution may be to vote with your feet!

  9. Ezekiel Emmanuel said, "Everyone knows that if you want more choices, such as keeping your current doctor, you have to pay MORE!" The Democrats did not sell the ACA to the American public by telling them that they would have to pay MORE to keep their current doctors; they told them that they would pay LESS. All they can do to cover one lie, is to tell 10 additional lies.

  10. Smithb518 says:

    Very nice! badbekdeed