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“We Know Where You Are” — NSA. “I Know Nothing!” — Obama.

Written by Gary North on December 5, 2013

The NSA knows where your cellphone is, even when it is turned off. You own a a smartphone.

I own an ancient dumb phone. The NSA does not know where I am — no GPS tracking.

The NSA taps into 5 billion calls a day. It probably has a record of what you said. It knows who you were talking to.

The story is all over the Web. Once again, Edward Snowden is the source.

Snowden turned over all his material to The Guardian last year. The site keeps leaking bombshells. Boom, boom, boom: the NSA keeps experiencing public relations disasters. If the stories were released all at once, they would be old news fast. But the stories are dribbled out, one by one. Each one becomes a sensation.

The media cannot ignore them. They run them front and center. This was the lead story on Google News today.

Congress does nothing to stop this, of course. It goes through the motions. It hold hearings. But nothing changes.

The NSA sits tight. It can afford to. Its once top-secret $52 billion a year budget — another Snowden bombshell — keeps the NSA operating, woth or without Snowden. But The Guardian’s time-release strategy has created more bad publicity for the NSA than anything in NSA’s history.

It goes beyond this. No whistle-blower in history has ever created this much bad publicity for any federal agency. The stories never seem to end. The NSA puts out one fire, and the next one starts.

He sits in Russia, safe and sound. Russia does not get blamed. That’s because The Guardian is in charge. Snowden does not get blamed by the Russians. He is not the source of new revelations.

So far, the Guradian has published 1% of the files he provided.

The NSA does not know what will be published next. At this point, it no longer does any good to deny the stories. It vainly tries to spin them. “This was all authorized by the courts.” This merely transfers the blame to the Obama administration, which does not put a stop to this. Obama does a great Sergeant Schultz routine.

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23 thoughts on ““We Know Where You Are” — NSA. “I Know Nothing!” — Obama.

  1. How does the writer of this article know that it is the1% that has been released so far? He would have to know the remaining 99% to say that – which he doesn't. Something is not right here.

  2. Texas Chris says:

    Because the Guardian says so. Click the link.

  3. What's so smart about a smart phone? Just the latest junk the neo-hipsters have to have… same as it ever was…

  4. I own and use an old-fashioned flip-phone. No 'smart' phone for me no matter how much pressure put on by family and friends to "get with the times." Being born in the baby-boom peak years, raised in the 'sixties and coming of age in the 'seventies, I have no need to carry internet access with me wherever I go … for what? I can read directions and maps, I know where I am going before I get into the car. When at home I do not live on the computer. I do not need 'round-the-clock cable news and idiotic opinions from 'talking heads' to know what is happening. Radio is good enough along with daily newspapers. I can disseminate editorial opinion from proper news reporting (very little of the latter today, sad). I am intelligent enough to know when our elected representatives – shall we say president? – are blatantly lying. I do not need the Constitution of OUR Republic 'interpreted' for me to understand it. As a Christian and United States Citizen I know my God-given and Constitution-protected rights. Hear me know, Big Brother: I WILL NOT COMPLY.

    I also do not – and will not – have an EZ Pass.

  5. Understandable precautions, but not very effective. GPS is not the only way to track cellphones. Even a dumb phone provides its approximate location whenever the battery is in it. The location is less accurate but indicates which towers with which it is communicating. If it can hit more than one tower, the position can be triangulated to improve accuracy.

    Many dumb phones still have GPS in them to comply with Phase 2 911 requirements. Its often in there even if you don't know it and can't see it. At some point, they will simply make the dumb phones stop working and everyone will have to upgrade or do without.

    With Phase 2 911, some agencies automatically zoom nearby traffic and other surveillance cameras on the source of the cellular 911 call. They have been known to see the accident site in some cases before all of the cars stopped moving. If a local PSAP can do that what do you think the big boys might be able to do?

    The EZ pass approach has similar issues as many locations now use PlatePass which automatically captures the license tag of each car. These sensors are increasingly located in many more locations than toll booths and even in many police cars. An officer can drive down the road and read an automated output of the ownership, inspection, registration and property tax status, of every vehicle he encounters. If the vehicle or registered owner is wanted for something, the computer signals him to make the arrest.

    Newer vehicles contain networks of black boxes (mine has 23 computers) that capture your location, speed, turn signal use and much more, including which seats are filled and how much each passenger weighs. This can be discovered by the authorities if they want to prosecute you for something. I asked a mechanic at the dealer to show me what kind of information was available. He demonstrated that I had left my left turn signal on too long while driving 65 in a 65mph zone and gave me the date and time, which was several months past and the information that there were two of us in the car.

    Your approach provides a little less information since you don't use mobile data, but they can still figure out everywhere that your phone has been and most places where your car has been. Even with reasonable precautions, nobody should think that they have any privacy left.

    Finally, facial recognition systems are beginning to appear in many places. At many airports, for instance, the authorities can recognize and identify someone coming out of the jet bridge and visually follow their movements automatically through the airport. In some cases, Atlanta is one, they can track you individually all the way from the airplane to your hotel and in many cases home. This isn't some TV show hype. I've personally seen it in connection with my work.

    Everything you do and say may be monitored. Your greatest protection is the shear volume of data that they are collecting and the inefficiency of government.

    The only private place is your mind if you remain silent. I'm sure they working on cracking that last bastion of privacy as we read this.

  6. As for what the Guardian will reveal next, the editor in chief, when brought before a Parliament last week, said he doesn’t expect to reveal much more.

  7. All that invasion of privacy blows me away…
    Purely evil..sick and evil.

  8. Sorry Dr. North, the NSA knows where you are. Using your cell phone. They can and do triangulate which cells towers are within range of your phone. No GPS required. If your phone is on, you are being tracked. Accuracy is about 100 meters in most of the US.

    The NSA generates 5 billion location records a day. The FBI may generate even more, and unlike the NSA they are not supposed to leave US citizens alone.

    As a dangerous subversive who worked with Ron Paul, you are almost certainly on many lists. The prudent course is to assume that you are tracked, GPS or no.


    for a chilling demo.

  9. I'm still using a dial phone ( it works great) my car is a 1982,
    I still get stuff done, without the hassle and I am happy.
    Tough crap NSA.

  10. WhiteFalcon says:

    OMG! You must have learned to use your brain sometime ago. Don't let the Government know.

  11. Although not realistic for many people that travel and work in certain jobs, you are way more private than the rest of us.

    Still, landline phones are doubtlessly monitored too and they immediately fix your location when used. By pairing calls from different locations with known associates, they can make an educated guess about who you are and listen in. These days virtually all landline calls, at some point travel through a digital system, making the data easily searchable. I'd challenge you to call a few specific numbers from your landline and say a few key words to see if you get a visit soon, but if I write them here, I'll get a visit. And, neither of us wants that kind of visit.

    License plate and facial recognition will still be issues. Don't forget that if you call someone on their cell phone, they already have the call. The ANI/ALI (automatic number identification/automatic location identification) data, used for 911 calls, is then accessible to these folks too. They can identify and locate your landline from the other person's phone data.

    A friend of mine does cyber security at a high level and doesn't even really trust the secure encrypted phone provided to him BY the NSA as being safe from being hacked by other actors.

    Finally, don't forget that if you draw the wrong kind of attention to yourself, the Supreme Court has approved the application of GPS trackers and data gathering equipment to your vehicle.

    Your best bet is to not do, or threaten to do, anything wrong, stay away from obvious trigger words, not associate with bad people if you can help it and trust in the incompetence of government trying to deal with an overwhelming amount of data and information. Finally never talk about anything you want to be kept private on any phone, computer or internet device.

    Alas though, they can even turn on the microphone and camera on your computer (as well as on any cell phone or tablet) remotely if they want too. So, even discussion in the relative privacy of your home can fairly easily intercepted.

  12. tom murphy says:

    me too, at 82!

  13. It's no wonder Obama and all his Liberal Friends are lying and saying strange and disgusting things.
    We just can't let ourselves believe a word that comes out of their mouths now!

    L: Lacking
    i: in
    b: basic
    e: ethics
    r: reality
    a: and
    l: life

  14. BEWAREOFNSA says:

    I also think that all of us with smart phones should return them for a Dumb Phone. I was happier with the older model.

  15. Virgil_Hilts says:

    Great post, sir. Your cell phone 'moderation' reminds me of when we first went to get one for me. Having also grown up in the sixties, I share your view of 'smart phones'. We spoke to an individual at Radio Shack who blathered on about ALL the wonderful things I could do with the new cell phone. I could download music, surf the web, blah blah blah…like a used car salesman on crack. I told him repeatedly that all I wanted to do was to make and receive phone calls. his reply? "But this is really great"……on and on. I told him again what I wanted . I didn't need internet access, I didn't need the phone with the bowling alley and the microwave….just MAKE and RECEIVE phone calls. He jumps in AGAIN; but, but….I told him…you are NOT listening to me. Then we left.

  16. To learn WHY today's thoroughly-programmed idiots do not [and CANNOT] listen to us, read Steve Allen's "DUMBTH!"
    Then face the frightening evidence of what percentage of today's Americans fall into that category, and where they are.

  17. Have you any idea how logistically-difficult it used to be to interfere with United States' telephone communications, when most calls were routed by land-based twisted pairs and other forms of copper, vs today, when so many calls are routed via satellite?,

  18. Virgil_Hilts says:

    Remarkable….you are the only person I have ever encountered that has ever even mentioned that book. I read it over ten years ago…and we used to watch the Steve Allen show faithfully, night after night…around 1964!

  19. Exactly what I told the sales rep. I want a phone that I can use to say "Hello" and "Goodbye" and some words in between. Thanks to my Dad, I learned to read a map at the age of 8 (1949) and don't need fancy "bells and whistles", just a phone.
    NSA can kiss my ^^^!

  20. If you were the editor-in-chief, what would you tell them?

  21. I say what I want and write what I want. A lot of the derogatory stories about Ovomit, I copy and paste onto the White House dot Gov site for the benefit of the a–holes who read their email. I could care less what the Ovomit Administration thinks of me or what stinking list I am on. I'm a 22-year Navy Vet who swore and oath 5 times to "support and protect" the Constitution and, by God, that's what I will do!!!

  22. As George Carlin said: " Think about the average person and then remember that they are dumber than the other half…"

  23. I don't even listen to propaganda radio and tv anymore.