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Imbecilic ObamaCare Video Targets “Young Invisibles,” Wins $2,000 Government Prize

Written by Gary North on December 5, 2013

The Department of Health and Human Services awarded the $2,000 top prize to this video. It tells young adults that they should buy healthcare insurance. It’s message: ignore the price.

The song is bad. The voice-over is bad. The message is stupid. No one will believe it. But it won first prize.

Here are your tax dollars at work.


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6 thoughts on “Imbecilic ObamaCare Video Targets “Young Invisibles,” Wins $2,000 Government Prize

  1. Cliffystones says:

    The trick is to get away with ignoring the demand for payment.

  2. WhiteFalcon says:

    In this moronic Government, stupid is encouraged and rewarded.

  3. This is a product of your educational system. Yikes! If this is the best, I wonder what the losers did?

  4. "Hey kiddies, give your money to our friends in the insurance industry! It's the patriotic thing to do!"

  5. The "prize" is an endorsement meant to "give it some weight". Which just shows how little prizes mean today.

  6. normabrown says:

    In the Soviet Union, the State propagandists were always showered with awards and prizes; usually they were as expected totally without a conscience or any qualms about working with a totalitarian government to keep the masses misinformed. But the government is never more lavish than with itself — it's use it or lose it, so here come the big give-aways of US taxpayer money to those who went the extra mile. There were some of those types, in every agency, but most of them were good-old boy and girl networks who awarded each other thousands of dollars as an annual special award. And finally, it reminds of a beautiful German cross with its swastika in gold, I bought it for $5 in a Geneva flea market. It was in excellent condition, no doubt coddled in cotton and hidden away until people didn't care anymore. Probably at the end they were giving out medals right and left in Germany. Let's hope these are the final days of the totalitarians and we need to make sure Americans know how dirty Hillary Clinton is and her full membership in the far-left club. Eleanor Roosevelt indeed.