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ObamaCare’s Latest Numbers Don’t Add Up. You Will Pay the Difference.

Written by Gary North on December 4, 2013

For ObamaCare to work, 40% of those buying healthcare insurance must be in the “rarely get sick” age group of 18-34. Their money must fund the healthcare of the older buyers.

It turns out that only 28% are buying.

Forget www.healthcare.gov. The entire program is sinking statistically.

How many times does an unmarried male age 21-34 go to a physician? Six times. That means six times in the entire 13-year period.

Furthermore, he remains on his parents’ policy until age 26.

Why will he buy health insurance? He won’t.

What about a married male? He will go 1.8 times a year. His wife will nag him.

His wife will go 3.6 times. So, that’s a total of once every other month. At $100 per visit, that’s $540 per year. What will health insurance cost? Thousands.

Will they buy health insurance? No. “Most of them have zero health costs. In fact, the median health care spending for this group is exactly zero,” said economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former head of the Congressional Budget Office.

“Literally if they do the arithmetic, 80-85 percent will just say no … pay the penalty and stay out of the Affordable Care Act,” he said. “There’s a long tradition of the young invincibles not buying insurance. Those who did buy insurance in polling that we’ve looked at said that if their premiums went up as much as 30 percent, they’d drop it.”

Then what happens to sick older people? Either their premiums will skyrocket each year, or else the government will have to pay their bills.

This means you. Not me. I’m on Medicare.

Sorry, Charlie. You’re cooked.

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26 thoughts on “ObamaCare’s Latest Numbers Don’t Add Up. You Will Pay the Difference.

  1. Texas Chris says:

    The "I'm on Medicare" is STILL me paying for your healthcare, Gary.

  2. During the time obama was trying to convince the people and congress to support his healthcare act he said over and over there were 40 or so million American citizens who did not have healthcare. Of course those of us who paid attention (unlike the liberal progressive democrats on his hope and change) shouting but 30 million don’t want insurance. But no one listened to us and so obamacare passed but without even one republican vote.

    Look whether they like it or not the liberal progressive democrats own this debacle completely all by themselves! Although they may try, as they always do, they cannot blame it on the republicans.

  3. Guess what I paid into the system my whole life YOU are not paying for it I DID

  4. Anonymous Coward says:

    When you were working, you were robbed, and the stolen funds were used to pay other people.

    Now that you are retired, you are receiving funds stolen from other people.

    The first is not immoral. It is not immoral to be the victim of somebody else's sin. The second is very immoral.

  5. Hazel Harris says:

    I agree with you Linda. I worked in a factory for 33 years standing on my feet every day and paid Medicare taxes every paycheck I got. Now when I get my SS check every month, the government get theirs up front and my Part D is taken out before I ever get any of it. So don't tell me you are paying for mine, Texas Chris!!!!

  6. Steve Anderson says:

    "This means you. Not me. I’m on Medicare."

    I'm not sure Dr. North understands what is going to happen to Medicare beginning January 1, 2014. In order to get the $500 Billion "savings" from Medicare, Medicare will be turned into Medicaid. Medicaid has lower reimbursements resulting in fewer doctors who will see Medicare patients, limited medical procedures (yes, death panels), limited drugs, etc.

    I have been in the medical industry for over 40 years. Believe me, Medicare patients are going to pay dearly.

  7. He's a professional economist and has been for decades. Dr. North understands what is going to happen to the welfare state.

  8. Read his articles on "The Great Default" on his main site.

  9. bless2live says:

    America will pay all the bill that this enemy has incurred until she is dead! It is by design to "murder" America's existence! Our corrupt government handcuffed itself to another enemy through greed and power! This regime is America's enemy now and they will continue to "murder" America if they are not removed!

  10. Steve Anderson says:

    I'm sure Dr. North is a great economist. But, if he makes that kind of statement, I'm sure he doesn't understand fully what is happening to Medicare with the new law. Medicare is set to change, dramatically.

  11. I too paid for as long as Medicare has been around. I also paid the maximum into SS for years. These are NOT entitlements, both are ROI (return on investment) …..MY personal investment !!

  12. Obama has two "outs":
    First, the government will make up the shortage, it's merely more debt, big deal. If it gets too politically toxic, rely on the same old "the greedy rich aren't paying enough in taxes, taxes must necessarily skyrocket." BS
    Second, tighten the screws on the healthy shirkers…the penalty (sorry, "tax") increases until it pays the difference, and/or they choose to buy insurance.
    The second one is less attactive, because this will piss off his loyal supporters even more (but, hey, he doesn't need to get re-elected–parse that as you will).

  13. Phillip_In_Texas says:

    So, you consider being "robbed at the point of a gun" by the Federal Government an "investment?" Interesting.

  14. Phillip_In_Texas says:

    Yep, the Democrats OWN this "train wreck!" It is THEIR baby, 100%!

  15. Phillip_In_Texas says:

    Nothing "it's not my fault Obama" and the rest of his "infestation" does adds up. Why would this be any different?

  16. Phillip_In_Texas says:

    He has ONE more out. And, it is one he REALLY doesn't want to happen. He might want to "read up" on the various revolutions that have taken place throughout history.

  17. Bill, you got screwed. SS and medicare are entitlements. Oh, it gets worse. The Supreme Court issued its ruling that money the fed gov seizes from you for these programs belongs entirely to the government. This severs any claim you may wish to apply to it.

    The fedgov can abandon doling out entitlement payments whenever it feels necessary to do so.

  18. It's only perception. If Bill has to think of it as an investment that he is being cheated out of, it will be good to him as long as he doesn't need it. If he really needs it, he won't be around long enough to complain. I'm more of a "mad as he11 and I don't have a choice but to take it" kind of guy. It just doesn't feel quite as good to say "See? I told me so."

  19. 40 years in the medical industry? So What! We had Congresspeople who heard from their "handler" only a few days before that it was better than Sliced Bread and Cheaper than Grass Clippings [obviously better than experience or knowledge]. So much for people who know what they are talking about or any expert opinion that doesn't agree.

  20. You are not paying into the system for you, your payments pay for those who need it at the time. It is not a saving account!!!!!
    It is the biggest ponzi system out there, requiring ever more people to enter to pay for those who are currently drawing from it. Everyone needs to wake up and realize that most middle aged people will never get anything – it's bankrupt and will become more and more obvious.

  21. Does this really surprise anyone? If you think about the choice of whether to buy into this "shell game" or not, the choice to NOT participate is the only "GOOD" choice for America! WHY? Let this monolithic boondoggle fall on its face before it destroys America and the economy of this country!
    I for one, have chosen to say, "Obamacare can kiss my ass! I will NOT participate in this train wreck!",

  22. I think you are all reading that incorrectly. He said someone was going to have to pay the difference…us, not him. We would have to pay the difference in our premiums, not him. Maybe I am wrong, but that's how I read it.

  23. Social (in)Security meets ALL of the requirements to be the king of all Ponzi systems except one . Ponzi plans are "voluntary" I did NOT pay 0ne cent into SS without a gun at my head!!!!!!

  24. WhiteFalcon says:

    You are largely correct. True for me too, however a lot of the time we get more in benefits than we put into the system, at least in terms of the number of dollars we put into the system, and it is the younger folks that make up the difference. That is how this ponzi scheme works. Of course, if our brilliant Government would make the dollar stronger instead of weaker, othe money we put into the system would do a better job of covering our expenses than it does. Inflation is just one way the Government steals from us. There are many more.

  25. My father worked for 48 years & paid into the system, he died before he retired so never collected on his investment

  26. There is a YouTube video of an Obama speech to the AFL-CIO in 2007 before he began his presidential run where he tells about his plan for a one-payer government paid healthcare program. He admits he cannot do it in one swoop, that he needs an intermediate step like Canada had. Obamacare is that intermediate step, to destroy the healthcare we have, and make such a mess of it that we will be lining up and begging to go one his one-payer government program (which he has probably already secretly planned out and set up). From that standpoint, Obamacare is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams.

    The storm is not over yet. The original Obamacare bill was 2,800 pages when they voted it in, since then they have added more rules and regulations until the bill now is over 10,000 pages. We will know about these new rules and regulations when they become law and we are informed of the new laws (and learn of the new costs involved!).