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ObamaCare: “Mayday! Mayday!” Says New York Times

Written by Gary North on December 2, 2013

The New York Times ran a long article on the panic in the White House over the failure of www.healthcvare.gov. Obama is now in full-time damage control.

The end of the article gives some indication of his strategy: pretend the site is not there. “Website? Never heard of it!”

In the White House, aides to Mr. Obama know that Republican attacks will keep coming, and that a clearer assessment of the Affordable Care Act will not come until at least the end of March, when the initial sign-up period for enrollment closes. The Congressional Budget Office has projected that seven million people will have signed up for coverage by then, but so far enrollment has been slow. During October, the federal government has reported, just 106,000 people picked new health plans, a vast majority of them through state-run exchanges.

Mr. Obama, meanwhile, is trying to turn the page. After a bruising two months in Washington, he spent the early part of last week on the West Coast, talking about other priorities — the economy and an immigration overhaul — raising money for Democrats, and trying at every turn to sound upbeat.

At a closed-door fund-raiser Tuesday night at the Beverly Hills home of the basketball star Magic Johnson, Mr. Obama made only scant reference to the law that he has long hoped will define his presidency. The president, who just two weeks earlier stood before a roomful of reporters in Washington and confessed that he had “fumbled” the rollout of his biggest legislative initiative, now confined his remarks about health care to his long-running battle with Republicans.

“I’m absolutely sure we’re going to make sure this country provides affordable health care for every single American,” Mr. Obama told the donors. “And if I have to fight for another three years to make sure that happens, I will do so.”

He did not mention the website.

When the liberal media’s flagship newspaper runs an article like this, we know: Obama’s ship is sinking. He will go down with his ship. He will take a lot of Democrats in the Senate with him.

In the Senate, Democrats are moving toward the lifeboats. They deny it, of course. They are really heading for the grand ballroom, they insist.

But why are they wearing life jackets?

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31 thoughts on “ObamaCare: “Mayday! Mayday!” Says New York Times

  1. deniseandros says:

    Obama and his treasonous band of jackboot lickers will collectively lie about anything and everything. Lying and destruction are the only things that they are proficient at.

  2. “I’m absolutely sure we’re going to make sure this country provides affordable health care for every single American,” Mr. Obama told the donors. “And if I have to fight for another three years to make sure that happens, I will do so.”

    He's still (lying) saying every single American? And anyone is believing this? LOL LOL LOL

    Oblamo's legacy is a joke. He makes Carter look like a genious.

  3. When a website like this, which has demoaned the trash emanating from the newspaper MAD magazine lampooned half a century ago with the logo, ALL THE NEWS THAT FITS WE PRINT, what kind of publisher changes his tune the first time his opposition does?

  4. If you had a health insurance policy, a part of your premium was to cover the uninsured. $394 of my real estate taxes are for health care, covering the uninsured. But still, the premiums for the new policies are more expensive, in some instances a big increase. Where did that money go? Does anyone think their real estate taxes will go down? And still, with the premium subsidies, the national debt will increase trillions every year. Where is that money coming from?

  5. These are the top two requirements of a community organizer — lying and destroying. Communists find a problem and magnify it, often making it worse. They lie about reality, and propose a "solution." Often the solution fails, making the problem worse. Then they attack their political opponents for the problem. They promote their imagined solutions, and even when they fail, they declare success. When observers point this out, they attack the observers as slackers and terrorists. Destruction follows in their wake, but through psychological warfare, disinformation, and elaborate networks of lies and misdirections, they maintain power until they can co-opt complete political control with military power to protect it.

    Behold the Obama self-promoting regime . . . lies and destruction . . . people dying of leukemia, others untreated for cancer, plus because a bureaucratic upheaval has denied them care, so that Obama's plan can continue to destroy private healthcare insurance.

  6. Except Carter didn't have "he's one of us" Blacks (14%) and "free condoms and birth control" single women (25%) and "gimme feebees" illegal aliens (10%) and "he's one of us" gays (2%) as an unshakable base.

  7. Expanding the medicade program was not done here in the south for obamacare because the southern governments felt it would put more taxation, real estate and income tax, on the people who live here and are the tax payers. Also, many of the southern states have a balanced budget amendment. The obamacare web sight is allowing people in the south to sign up for medicade, I wonder just whom they think is going to pay for this when the supreme court ruled states did not have to expand medicade if they didn’t want to?

  8. But, in addition, we cannot assume that "the ship is going down!" We must fight for repeal of "Obamacare" and a replacement law that is based on the free market and rooted in the Constitution–not Marxism!!

    Please call all "Class II" Senators and DEMAND repeal and replacement by year end.

  9. All

    We cannot assume that "the ship is going down!" We must fight for the repeal of "Obamacare" and for a replacement law that is "patient-centered", based on the free market, and rooted in the Constitution–not Marxism!!

    Please call all "Class II" Senators (up for re-election in 2014) and DEMAND repeal and replacement by year end. If they refuse, tell them that they will be replaced in Nov, 2014. Do the same with as many Democrats in the House that you can.

    If they tell you that there is no point because Obama will veto–just tell them it becomes THEIR problem to muster 2/3 of the Senate and 2/3 of the House to over-ride–if they want to keep their seats in Congress!!!

  10. LOL. Yet another post laden with Teathuglican buzzwords. Automatically dismissed because zero logic.

  11. Bob Simons says:

    The liars keep trying to ingnore the fact that we did not want obamacare and we still do not want it. They can put as much lipstick on that pig that they can buy and we will still tell them to "shove it". Just remember to "Fire The Liars". The liars in Colorado are Mark Udall, Michael Bennet, Dianna DeGette, Jared Polis and Ed Perlmutter . It's Payback Time!

  12. Gary, you ceased to be an economist years ago, you might as well just call yourself the "Tea Party Propagandist."

  13. I am willing to say this Obamacle will absolutely play a significant role in defining BOB 43 – as well as Benghazi, NSA, IRS, Lois Lerner, Van Jones, Fluke – "Buy my birth control" turning on the Catholic Church, Gun Grabs, Fema Fears, EPA gone wild, killing the gulf oil business, killing the pipeline, unable to kill the private Frackers, HC "What difference does it make?" Yes indeed, a PHD president – Piled Higher and Deeper.

  14. The magic seven million sign-ups will occur, magically, just under the wire – not unlike the magic drop in unemployment numbers just before the last election (later found to be a total fabrication and fraud).

    Likewise seven million signups will probably not be actual policy-buyers, and you can look for those numbers to be liberally (no pun intended) padded with signups from the dead, and millions whose identities will have been "borrowed" to support the effort (not unlike voters who showed up on election day to find that they had already voted).

  15. Kim Costanzo says:

    Teaparty Econmist? You could not be more wrong. The plan that Obama put in place is on schedule and is going exactly like planned. He gave millions in taxpayer money in a no bid contract to a college friend of Michelle’s. First part accomplished. It doesn’t work very well. More money to their friends to “fix” something that wasn’t working on purpose. Of those who had no insurance and got enrolled found it was not free. Of those who had insurance and thought they would pay less money only to find they are paying more for what they do not need. The unions are off tne hook for now, but that is temporary, At the end of the day this is NOT about healthcare, it is about getting everybody into a database. if you think they are embarrassed about this, THINK AGAIN. The rats are not running for cover nor are they abandoning ship. With vote fraud down to an electronic science, they don’t even care what the press (who covered their butts) thinks or writes even as they bar their photographers. Oh!! And Obama has no intention of leaving DC (office) at the end of his term. He is tweaking our noses daily to incite revolution which will ensue with a big emergency (ie,: a suitcase nuke, or a HAARP manmade storm like Sandy) It is all planned.

  16. They are wearing lifejackets because they figure (probably correctly) that RINOs will fish them out of the water.

  17. Texas Chris says:

    Congrats on your perfect negative reaction.

  18. Texas Chris says:

    Those groups haven't started paying for their freebies, yet.

    Wait for it.

  19. Texas Chris says:

    The whole scheme is set up to collapse. It's a ticking time bomb on the already-weak economy.

  20. Propaganda implies "lying." When TEA Partiers tell the truth, and opponents call it propaganda, it reveals their own ignorance or intentional deception. Both are dangerous to the Republic.

  21. Run for the lifeboat Shane. Run.

  22. Kim, I will bet you $500 Obama will leave office at the end of his current term, and a new President will be elected.

    Care to put your money where your mouth is?

  23. What about an investigation as to why the website project was given out on a no – bid contract and who is paying for the FIX

  24. The Republican leadership is barely distinguishable from the Democrats so don’t expect too much even if they win all. And don’t forget, there is a very large base of Obamatons who would continue to vote for him even if he came to their house and killed their dog.

  25. Wayman simpson says:

    Agree, Robert, 100%.

  26. Ah, more projection. Well done idiot.

  27. Cliffystones says:

    From that money tree our parents insisted didn't exist!

  28. — "In the White House, aides to Mr. Obama know [sic] that Republican attacks will keep coming[…]" —

    Ins't this a great country, where journalists can presume to know what other people *know*?

  29. Dave Fiorini says:

    Well, Obama, if a conservative would be under impeachment hearings. There is no doubt about that.
    This guy is so bad that the loony left have a hard time defending him and his policies. Both internationally and domesticly he is a disaster. He has no clue on how to run a government but is an expert on how to distroy a country.

  30. There is a YouTube video of a 2007 Obama speech to the AFL-CIO before he began his presidential run where he talks about his plan for a one-payer government healthcare system. He admits that he cannot do it in one swoop, that he will need an intermediate step like Canada had. Obamacare is that intermediate step, to demolish the healthcare we had and make such a mess of it that we will be lining up and begging to get on a one-payer government system. From that standpoint, Obamacare is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams.

    The storm is far from being over, the original Obamacare bill was 2,800 pages when they voted it in, they have been adding more rules and regulations to it until it is now over 10,000 pages. We will know about those rules and regulations when they become law and we are informed of them (and learn the ugly cost of them!)

  31. Did Hillary's 2001 departure prevent her 2009 resurrection? Will her recent 'departure' prevent her 2016-17 resurrection?