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“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!”

Posted on November 26, 2013

Hatsan USA, manufacturer and importer of air rifles for small game hunters and entry-level competition shooters alike, is announcing the addition of a new “tactical”-style AT44-10 TACT air rifle.

The AT44-10 TACT is a pre-charged pnuematic (PCP) rifle capable of pushing lead pellets at speeds up to 1070 feet per second at the muzzle and is chambered for .177-, .22- or .25-caliber pellets. This is not a Red Ryder. Because of its power Hatsan recommends against the use of alloy pellets as they can easily be damaged by the AT44-10 TACT, resulting in less efficient and accurate shooting.

The rifle sports an adjustable, removable 6-position buttstock, overmolded pistol grip and triple-railed handguard with Picatinny segments up front at three-, six- and nine-o’clock for lights, lasers, grips and other tactical accessories — the sorts of things you’d expect from a modern centerfire rifle. And of course the receiver is grooved for use with optics.


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10 thoughts on ““You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!”

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Bug out gun!

  2. Anyone who has personal experience with this rifle, please post it here.

  3. This is not a "firearm" so you don't need a permit to carry it or a background check to buy it. It doesn't need gun powder or manufactured and taxed bullets. It is also kind of quiet. Sounds like the next big thing! except that they can cost about as much as an AR-15.

  4. They may not be a "fire arm" but they are considered by the cops to be a "deadly weapon" which carries the same crime as having one. They will slap you in jail just the same, or they will here in FL. so does a BB gun that fires low speed BBs, it is still against the law to "carry" one in public if they want to make a thing out of it.

  5. Hooty, that sounds like selective discrimination to me. A knife, a hammer, a baseball bat, and an automobile, can all be perceived as a deadly weapon. So, if they can discriminate against a BB gun, they can conceivably arrest you, and confiscate your auto too, just by saying you were driving in an unsafe manner. Gestapo tactics at work here.. It's happening all around America now..

  6. The police won't bother to "slap you in jail". They will just shoot you dead, like the kid with the Airsoft rifle (which by law has the bright orange tip on the end specifically to alert LE that THIS IS A TOY) face down on the ground, but they will kill you anyway.

  7. Duand Williams says:

    The problem with the bright orange tip is that criminals are putting them on their real guns, to get an edge in a shootout!!

  8. I hadn't thought that "precharged" air rifles were anything particularly new or exciting. Of course, I was, for a very long time, partial to the 30-06, probable still am, though other calibers are certainly useful..

  9. Cliffystones says:

    I'll bet the libtards didn't think they would be smart enough to do that!

  10. Public_Citizen says:

    FBI statistics back up your assertion.
    Check the stats on murders with baseball bats or hammers versus BB/Airguns.