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“Close Guantánamo Prison!” — Karzai’s Ultimatum to Obama

Written by Gary North on November 26, 2013

Afghanistan’s leader, Hamid Karzai, has told Obama that he will not sign an agreement that will let Obama keep troops in Afghanistan unless Obama agrees to close the prison on the island of Cuba.

Here is his threat. Either Obama does what he told the voters in 2008 that he would do if they elected him, or else Karzai will not sign an agreement to let Obama keep American troops in Afghanistan after 2014, as Obama says he is ready and willing to do.

So, Obama has a choice: (1) close the 12-year Bush-Cheney prison or (2) end the 12-year Bush-Cheney war.

To save face with liberals, Obama must give up a Bush-Cheney program. He gets to choose which one. So says the man with the funny hat.

Liberals, of course, are perfectly content with both programs. They re-elected Obama in 2012. They never say anything critical of either program. Whether it means keeping Americans in Afghanistan, who were sent there only to capture bin Laden “dead or alive,” or keeping 164 men in prison without a trial, it’s all the same to liberals. They may dismiss Bush as a brainless puppet of Cheney, but they regard Obama as the light out of the darkness. One of these days. Real Soon Now.

Is it Cheney-Bush-Obama? Of course.  Obama wants both legacies to be his: (1) an endless war with no purpose and (2) a constant reminder that he has total executive power, and the courts have none.

He is being faithful to the legacy of Woodrow Wilson.  Wilson had socialist presidential candidate Eugene Debs imprisoned for ten years. Why? For criticizing America’s entry into World War I. Then, after the war was over, he left him in prison. He announced:”While the flower of American youth was pouring out its blood to vindicate the cause of civilization, this man, Debs, stood behind the lines sniping, attacking, and denouncing them….This man was a traitor to his country and he will never be pardoned during my administration.” The Supreme Court upheld the sentence. Republican Warren Harding commuted his sentence. Debs was released on Christmas day, 1921. He traveled to Washington, where he met Harding.

Wilson sent “the flower of American youth” to spill their blood in Europe. That was the liberal thing to do. Wilson sent Debs to prison for protesting. That was the liberal thing to do. Harding commuted his sentence. Liberal history textbooks dismiss Harding as among the worst presidents of all time. As Phil Ochs sang a generation ago: “Love me, I’m a liberal.”

So, the rubber is about to meet the road. Obama must give up one of the Bush-Cheney legacies: Afghanistan or Guantánamo. He wants to keep both. But Karzai has painted Obama into a corner.

It’s not easy to be a liberal.

Obama knows he is in a jam. He has sent someone to Guantánamo to oversee the release of the last 164 prisoners. There are 2,100 Army troops overseeing them. The envoy said the following: “For us, it is not merely about treating detainees humanely, it is about ensuring that our operations reflect the values for which America stands.”

Six of these prisoners will be tried for war crimes. The other 158 will be released after 13 years. After all, they did not actually commit a crime worth being tried for.  As for the five extra years they spent in prison, “our operations reflect the values for which America stands.”

These things take time.

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42 thoughts on ““Close Guantánamo Prison!” — Karzai’s Ultimatum to Obama

  1. Texas Chris says:

    13 years in the Chateau D'If could lead a rational man to do drastic things to exact his revenge. Nobody ever accused Muslims of being all that rational…

  2. DockyWocky says:

    The main reason that Karzai wants GITMO closed is that he is afraid he just might end up there.

    I say, skip the minor details and snatch him up right now. He's only going to be replaced with another Taliban, so it won't have any permanent effect on the eventual outcome.

  3. SkySoldier says:

    America and the world must tell Hamid Karzai "go to hell" as he is president of the hell hole of Earth. If Afghanistan continues to be the headquarters of al Queda and other terrorist groups then just nuke the entire country… and that goes for Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya, et al.

  4. Ben Ghazi lll says:

    Guantanamo when emptied will then be free to accomodate the usurper Soeterro-Obama, they have a very good Mosque and
    U.S. Military Imam there to look to his every spirtitual need for the rest of his life.

  5. Jeff Scism says:

    I am all in favor of doing both, let Karzai be the tin-pot he wants to be, and bring our TROOPS and our MONEY home. As far as Guantanamo? Free the prisoners, at a SECRET location 200 miles off-shore, with no land in site, and make them take their possessions with them. Chained to their ankles. I see no sense in "Storing" terrorists.

  6. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Release them at 30,000 feet minimum so they have time to talk to their gawd and make arrangements for this first meeting with the 72 virgin sharks and other, eager to meet them in person, scavengers.

    I hear sharks prefer live carrion to avoid contaminated foods.

  7. Old Patrot says:

    First of all Obama has been torturing America for 6 years secondly he has no moral stature to return to!7



  8. Let's just get out of Afghanistan. That will remove a pimple from the world. Karzai won't last a minute after we leave. The same thing should happen to Obama.

  9. Obama either hates his white mother or has an Oepidus (spelling?) complex. Maybe he hates her for his being a fagola. Maybe he hates her for being an adulterer. Maybe even for not supporting him through his education. There is something really wrong with this man’s psyche, and not such that any psychiatrist could cure without years of appointments on the couch, if at all.

    He has sold the country down the river, along with every American, including every ill-informed person that voted for him, ill-informed or just plain communists. No REAL AMERICAN could have voted for him the second time around. NO ONE. There was this adage “Forgive them for they know not what they do” That is where we are right now.

    If Obama is not able to become our first dictator, IF, we will need to round up all of the communists and place the FEMA camps to use, for instructional purposes. A BIG IF THOUGH. A DICTATORSHIP IS COMING TO AMERICA, by a muslim traitor.

  10. WhiteFalcon says:

    It has been my feeling all along that when you go to war, you take all of the enemy's territory and kill all those fighting for the enemy, and you do not give the territory back. You occupy the territory yourself and after many years, like 50 to 100, you decide whether you want to make it your territory or do something else with it. If these terroist defending countries had to worry about totally losing thier countries, they might worry more about just what they have to gain by starting a war. However, that may be to much logic for muslims.

  11. Hell we hate his mother too for having that miscarriage of justice.

  12. coconuisse says:

    Give a corrupt puppet a few million dollars a year and he imagines that he can dictate terms. Why it's almost as if he thinks he's Obama!

  13. I would suggest keep it open .. Obama can retire there !

  14. The main thing that backs up that irrational part is president Obama. We are but little ants that work we can and eat when we can we depend on the news media to keep us informed with the truth. He has had the senate set up the open path of no resistance with the nuclear option and now the world is his oyster, because as far as opposition from the republicans and the correct thinking democrats, there are none._ He has not done it yet but that was one of his campaign promises to close Guantanamo. H is a Muslim and he will prove it even more now that he has the nuclear option.
    why do people think that embarrassing the prisoners at a prison in Iraq is equal to be heading the people captured by the Muslims?

  15. Amen, why is he in power now? Because the USA put him back in power. Take him out now. Drone it over.

  16. I agree.

  17. When did we turn the sovereignty of the United States. If Obama even thinks of listening to this despot he should be removed from office immediatly and arrested for treason. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  18. I like the "Both" option too.

    Let's close Guantanamo prison. The whole operation was a massive mistake.

    Let's cease "nation building" in Afghanistan.

    Next time someone from there hatches a plan we find out their location and nuke them. We should have used nukes on Al Qaeda camps the first time around, nice small ones, so that we could get revenge on the right people.

    The people of Afghanistan require our benign neglect. Let's let them live in peace and quiet AND help keep the Pakistanis and Saudis out of their affairs as much as we can do so. If the Talibs had not had Saudi money and Pakistani logistical support Afghans would settle their own affairs their way.

  19. If we leave, Karzai is a dead man. Why is he dictating to us what we have to do. Lets come home and leave his ass to the insurgents. He has no right to tell us to close the prison.

  20. lanny gene wood says:

    This is an obviuos Obama ochestrated dilemma. It's his "ace in the hole" card to close Guantanamo prison and release the terrorist thugs encarcerated there so they can resume their jihad against America with Obama's blessing.

  21. Look wht happened with one of the last gitmo prisoners he cut loose , he played a big part in Bin Gahzi ,& since whedid foreign countries start making demands on us “OH YEA THTS RITE , WHEN OBAMA GOT IN OFFICE “. I say leave Afgan and let them fend for themselves , if they get out if Line wipe them outn

  22. Karzai was Obama's driver in Chicago, where Jews backed him based on street rumor he was actively blowing his shofar..

  23. Karzai is just trying to extort all he can so as to enrich his coffers even more!! We need to just get the phuque outta there & let these dune coons wallow in their 6th century camel humper 'leaders' ideas & if they start training homicide bombers, drone the $hit out of them!!!!!

  24. Those in hell wish for water…………………..so???? When I think of Karzai & the obamaliar, it makes me wonder why these two no good sons of bi itches are still alive………………

  25. It might be best to pull the troops out now, telling Mr. Karzai that the money fountain is now closed, he and his family having had more than ample opportunity to stuff their pockets, hidden bank accounts too with the largess of the American Taxpayer.

  26. Guantanamo is hardly comparable to the Chateau D'If. These terrorists get three squares a day, lots of sunshine and exercise, all the reading material they want, language courses on CD, access to computers, TV sets, a comfortable bed, clean clothes, etc., etc. They have it better than at least some prisoners in stateside jails.

  27. It doesn't really matter what happens to Karzai or his people with regard to the security of the United States. The Pakistanis can deal with the Taliban and we can help them do so. As long as the Afghan Taliban are contained within Afghanistan, are kept poor and stupid and are no longer able to attack the west they can do whatever the idiots in Afghanistan want to let them do. If Karzai doesn't sign the agreement the U.S. should immediately pull out and leave Karzai to his fate. Which will most likely be swinging from a lamp post somewhere.

  28. tom murphy says:

    Only with Obama at the rudderless helm could a tinhorn like Karzai talk like this to us!!!

  29. Karzai should have a room reserved in Gitmo, if 'lil berry' had one as well it could be a thug to thug convention.

  30. EHeassler USN-Ret. says:

    My response to Karzai would be, "If that is what you want, no deal. We'll have every last one of our troops out of Afcrapistan by the beginning of the year. Our troops are just being used for target practice anyway. That craphole of a country is not worth one American life.

  31. peculiar guy says:

    Leave Afghanistan to the roaches and expand Gitmo.

  32. As far as closing 'Gitmo' tell this little mussy to get lost. As far as bringing our troops home from this cess pool. JUST DO NOW!

  33. I like Option #2. Let's start bringing all of our equipment and all of our troops and all of our money back home. Will he get Foreign Aid? No. Will he get any military assistance? No. Will he get anything from the U.S.? Maybe a little advice, a lot of we told you so's , but not one penny of taxpayers money.

  34. Obama's new way of fighting the war based on restrictive and pro-Afghani rules of engagement has greatly increased the American casualty rate. Very reminiscent of Vietnam, tying our military's hands to appease "our Vietnamese hosts". Obama is willing to let Karzai dictate how we fight the war even though he is clearly not on our side. He undoubtedly has many allies and friends in Club Gitmo and wants them back. It would be a shame to just pull out of Afghanistan unilaterally given all of our human and monetary losses so far, but I can't see how staying there in such a restricted role will serve our national interests.

  35. If we pull out, we just need to make sure we keep ownership of the airspace so that we can bomb, drone, or missile to death any Taliban strongholds that become powerful enough to become a threat to us somehow. And we can do so without Karzai's blessings. We have invested enough there to justify any pinpointed strikes to protect our interests.

  36. right but Obama wants to extend it, he is too much of a wimp so he will more than likely bow down to these foreign freaks.

  37. TexRancher says:

    Keep GITMO and "leak" info that all the prisoners released have been turned into counter spies for the U.S. then send them back the Karsai! The more released this way, the better. What kind of greeting do you think they'll get?

  38. Karzai would be dictating NOTHING to me as president. He is a corrupt, double dealing, back stabbing Muslim tool. We need to get our guys OUT of Afghanistan completely! If the C.I.A. wants to play their little spook games there…let em, but get ALL of our military out and bring them home for rest and refit. Obama is propbably too scared to allow them to come home after the way he has disrespected our military for the last 5 yrs. Let Karzai stay in Afghanisatn and rot!

  39. How dare he dictate to obama! obama will have him snuffed in a minute!

  40. I think it would be a good idea to close the prison at Guantonamo.

    On the way out there should be a party where all the terrorists would be strung up like Christmas lights.

  41. I say pull our troops out now, let them fight it out. The last person standing can be the President of that god forsaken place. He won't have any subjects left because where two Muslims are gathered, one of them will die a violent death. When someone with a rational thought kills the last Muslim, then they can start out with a lifestyle a little newer than the 13th century one they have there now.

    As far as Gitmo is concerned, close it and on the way out, hang all the terrorist prisoners.

    Oh! to have a US president who didn't wear Mom jeans, and had some testicles.

  42. Close it and send them all to Karzai land make sure that every one of them gets a physical and an update on their inoculations, with one delayed action highly contagious virus for the betterment of Karzai's administrations future.
    When we pull out leave them with a great big glass surface