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59% of Americans Are Satisfied With Their Healthcare Plan

Written by Gary North on November 26, 2013

A Gallup poll indicates that 59% of Americans are satisfied with their healthcare insurance.

Of course, millions of these plans are being canceled under ObamaCare.

On the one hand, 59% Americans say they like their plans. On the other, 68% think everyone else is getting a bum deal.

It’s like their views of their Congressman (favorable) and Congress in general (unfavorable).

The percentage of Americans holding favorable views of their policies is rising.


Into this world of satisfied customers comes ObamaCare. The Democrats in 2010, thought they would take advantage of the 62% who thought that healthcare in general was bad. They forgot about the 59% who were satisfied with what they owned. ObamaCare is now taking away policies from satisfied customers. It is substituting new, far better policies for the old ones. Anyway, that was the promise in 2010.

Unfortunately for those who have received policy-cancellation letters, it’s not working out that way. They are losing what they like, and they are getting www.healthcare.gov in return.

The Democrats promised voters something for nothing. They have delivered nothing for something.

When the Gallup numbers reverse next year, the Democrats who took away those policies will find that voters are very, very unhappy. They will get more unhappy as the policy-cancellation letters go out all year long.

As Dr. Phil asks, “How’s that working for you?”

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6 thoughts on “59% of Americans Are Satisfied With Their Healthcare Plan

  1. I'm lovin it! Watching the dems squirm because of their own stupidity!

    Obamas legacy is going down in flames. Pass the popcorn. lol

  2. Exactly, the Obama care was suppose to have been set up so 30 million uninsured would have the opportunity to be insured. That 30 million number is going to be miniscule compared to how many will loose their coverage and or will not be able to pay the payments and deductibles he has brought on them.
    Everyone is waiting on the elections to straighten these things out. Don't even count on those elections to materialize.

  3. With PC-based 'vote tabulators' what deludes voters into believing their votes are accurately recorded and reported?

  4. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    Reminds me of the general motors/chrysler thing. BAil em out said the politicians, declare bankruptcy said the consumers and all the folks I talked to. Anyway, they gave them billions, file 10 for half the dealers (all repubs)kept the donor dealers, fracked the bond credit holders who had lent them money and didn't honor them, gave the unions the bond holders money in stock, chrysler ended up 50% owned by fiat, symbolic of american money, shafted the bond holders investments, and gave to unions also. Same deal here, shaft the people with something they don't want, frack the doctors and hospitals, frack the insured with cancelled plans, march them to the exchange and tell them to buy from these six aarp plans that are all the same plan but twice as much cost. That my friends is not a marketplace! That my friends is a marxist/progressive program!

  5. What about the percentage who opted out of health insurance altogether years ago because they were getting sick from the red tape?

  6. Considering that the REALLY bad bite (cancellation of employer-based plans) will mostly not happen until AFTER the '14 election (and well before '16) it will be a historic first if the typically ADHD American electorate can remember what has been done to them, long enough to form a coherent thought about NOT voting for the political party and candidates that did it to them.