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ObamaCare Deadline Kicked Back for the First Time

Written by Gary North on November 25, 2013

It’s official. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the government agency in charge of www.Healthcare.gov, has moved the deadline for signing up from December 15 to December 23.

This was not announced on the web page of the organization. It was made by a conference call to White House reporters.

The newly appointed head of the project, Jeffrey Zients, who has been on the job for a month, assures the public that “soon” 50,000 people will be able to enroll at the same time. Soon. Any time now.

Previously, he had assured the public that the site will be functional by November 30.  That is five days from now.

The agency says that it has no plans to move the deadline for imposing a tax for not having health care insurance beyond March 31, 2014. No plans at all.

So, put this in your files. This is the first time the government has moved back an ObamaCare official deadline. It is the first time that the government has said that it has no plans to move back the big one: tax day.

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4 thoughts on “ObamaCare Deadline Kicked Back for the First Time

  1. The problem is that Barack Obama is suffering from Presidential Performance Anxiety. He just can't get it done. So he pretends that major software defects are just little glitches. His world is falling apart so he makes a crazy bad deal with Iran so he can get some upbeat headlines. All that he is doing is digging the hole deeper. The country is in serious trouble and he has brought us here. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  2. Makes no difference to me what date they choose … I ain't signing up!

    "The inherent right in the people to reform their government, I do not deny; and they have another right, and that is to resist unconstitutional laws without overturning the government."

    Senator Daniel Webster

  3. AmericansRon2U says:

    Hmmm, why Dec. 23rd? Folks, there's significance in that date. They could have picked any other date on the calendar, right? Dec. 23rd, 2013 is the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve…you know, that ponzi scheme that the govt. uses to reduce all of us to serfs. Of course, most Americans are not aware of this fact. This date is a big deal to the elitists and banksters…they will not let this date pass without commemorating it in some evil manner.

  4. Ricky Trimnal says:

    You are so right RLOWEN, Obama must think all Americans are as crazy as those that voted for him. Big mistake, as his own party is starting to turn on him. To me is a great opportunity to put Harry Reid and Pelosi and cohorts to rest on this once and for all. The Repubs need to start throwing some bills out there to put an end to this and Obama.