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America’s Afghanistan Troops: “Home by Christmas . . . 2014”

Written by Gary North on November 25, 2013

U.S. troops are approaching their 13th year in Afghanistan. Obama has promised that he will bring the troops home by Christmas, 2014.

The Taliban’s slogan is about to be fulfilled. “You have the watches. We have the time.”

But there is a glitch. Not all of the troops will be coming home. They will stay behind, if Hamid Karzai signs a deal by the end of the year.

Karzai  has announced that he will not sign a deal until next April, when there will be elections in Afghanistan.

The elections are very important. They will decide which political faction will surrender to the Taliban.

The Obama administration says it really will pull out all troops by the end of 2014 if Karzai does not sign the agreement this year.

“They are bluffing,” he says.

“We’re not,” an unnamed American official says.

Karzai’s next step would be to double-dog dare Obama to pull out completely.

Obama is expected to say he really will pull out all of the troops if Karzai refuses to sign by December 31. Then Karzai will have to play his trump card: the triple-dog dare.

Karzai said that the Obama has waited this long. Why not wait until April?

We read in the authoritative Washington Post, which is now owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos,

As the elaborate game of diplomatic chicken neared a climax, the Obama administration was publicly silent Saturday, while continuing talks in private.

U.S. officials in Washington said they were heartened by statements coming out of the loya jirga, where some members seemed to “understand the importance of signing sooner rather than later,” a senior administration official who was not authorized to discuss the tense situation said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

The bigger question is this: How does Mr. Karzai’s successor expect to keep the Taliban from replacing him in 2015?

A lesser question is this: What nation will be Mr. Karzai’s new residence in late 2014?

Then there is this question: Why are U.S. troops still in Afghanistan?

Also this: Why did U.S. troops get sent into Afghanistan in 2001?

And this: After the Taliban retakes control, what will be the official response of the President of the United States? How will he spin the story? Will he use the tried and true: “It was Bush’s fault. He got us in there.” Or will he invoke this? “No one told me that www.GetUsOut.gov was not finished.”

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9 thoughts on “America’s Afghanistan Troops: “Home by Christmas . . . 2014”

  1. Please call that axxholes bluff…..get all our troops home now!!!! What a horrible waste of human life and resources!!!!

  2. Karzai will sign, unfortunately. He knows if the US pulls out, he doesn't even have enough support to stay in Kabul. He knows he is a bought and paid for figurehead for the US and if they leave he'll be strung up Mussolini style! We should have withdrawn LONG AGO, Christmas 2009, at least. But our Nobel Peace prize winning Pres was deluding himself into thinking a "surge", which didn't work, in the long run, in Iraq was SOMEHOW going to work in the graveyard of empires that is Afghanistan. We waste who knows how many lives, civilian and military, fighting a war that didn't have to be fought, searching for a guy,Bin Ladin, who ended up NOT EVEN BEING IN THAT COUNTRY!!

  3. mrsgunnut10 says:

    These Afghan terrorist's are already picking off our troops one, two, three, or more at a time. By bringing the majority of troops home and leaving several hundred over there for " Training Purposes " it will get the balance of the troops killed faster. All of us " Westerner's " are considered as " Infidels " which Muslims have decreed must die to purge the Earth. When you think of the thousands of Muslim's in Afghanstan that want all American Infidel's dead, you can damn well bet that a few hundred of our troops will not last very long. In addition, Karzi will do nothing to try to save any of our people once the killing starts. Bring ALL of the troops home now, in one big package, also bring home or destroy all of the equipment that is now over there, do not leave it for the enemy to use to kill civilians. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  4. Sad that Bush made this whole thing necessary. Congrats to your party for that.

  5. backtotheplate says:

    Obama should have to account for his 2008-9 assessment that Afghanistan was "a war of necessity" and required a surge-like effort to defeat the Taliban. This war truly became his eagerly adopted baby, although I imagine the leftwing media will curiously forget they once remembered that. It made him look the "tough guy" when he needed it during various election campaigns.

  6. LOL, necessary? You wish!

    Congrats to your party, Shane, for continuing the stupidity.

  7. As Agent 86 would say:

    "Would you believe me if I told you we'll be out in 2015?"


    "Would you believe me if I said "'Scouts' Honor'?"


    "Would you take a post-dated personal check?"


  8. No doubt Zero has told Karzai, "If you like our troops, you can keep them …"

    This would all be one enormous cock-up by the least competent American president in history, were it not all a quite deliberate piven-cloward cock-up.

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