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It’s Time for Me to Give Away My Library: 10,000+ Books

Written by Gary North on November 21, 2013

It’s time to cut the cord. Think of Linus without his blanket.

I am now in the “wrap it up” phase of my intellectual career. I do not have time for original research.

I write my normal 7-8 articles a day for GaryNorth.com and Tea Party Economist. I write, record, and edit three lessons a day for the Ron Paul Curriculum. I now have marketing responsibilities to get the curriculum into the homes of homeschool families. These responsibilities will increase.

Then there are the 700+ videos that I must produce which will boil down the chapters in my Economic Commentary on the Bible. Then there are the volumes that I must write, bringing the project to its completion after 45 years: my version of The Wealth of Nations. There must be a fat book, a medium size book, and a short book. Then there are the videos on this. Then there is my book of the epistemology of economics. These are wrap-it-up projects.

YouTube has made a huge difference for anyone in the idea business. It is not enough to write books. Everything must also be on videos and PDFs, or else it will not reach the Remnant.

At the heart of the library are the sections on western civilization and U.S. history. But there are also large sections on education, sociology, the history of the conservative movement, modern warfare, Social Credit and the Greenback movement, church history, conspiracies and secret societies, occultism, liberal Protestant theology, philosophy, and political science.

My library needs to be where researchers can get to it. But which researchers? College undergraduates, who rarely read a monograph or write a term paper? Graduate students? Where? Not in some huge state university library, where instructors are hostile. A non-profit research institute? Which one? If it’s close to a major university, many of the books are available in the library. But if it’s located in the boondocks, will researchers ever show up?

Christian colleges usually have small libraries. Their shelf space is limited. So is their cataloging money. It costs money to catalog a book.

I want a lot of bang for my books.

If any non-profit outfit wants it, the head of the organization should write a 250-word application. “Why my organization will put your library to effective use.” I want to know the following:

1. Where the books will be housed? Mixed into an existing library? Separate section?
2. Number of books in the already existing library
3. Geographical location
4. Graduate students?
5. How long the organization has been operating
6. Publications

(For details on how to enter the competition, click the link.)

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17 thoughts on “It’s Time for Me to Give Away My Library: 10,000+ Books

  1. Texas Chris says:

    God bless you Dr. North. Nations are founded on the shoulders of great men like you.

  2. Jefferson said "I cannot live without books" and gave away his library twice.I follow you from a far but you are precious,truly a great man.


    I daresay that WND (perhaps Mr. Farah) would make good use of your library.

  4. stshepherd1 says:

    You're a truly wonderful man, Mr. North, in both the intellect and the "spiritual" sense of the word (although the intellect is really part of the spirit)- couldn't you maintain them somehow in association with YOURSELF, where they will retain the maximum "presence" and accessibility to those who might be interested in them. could you pay someone to "digitalize" them, even make "e-books" (which is pretty straightforward and can be done with Microsoft Office Publisher) and distribute them as requested, possibly for a small fee to cover the cost of operations and the personnel-hours responsible?! Right now, it seems like you are a digital "prophet" of sorts, so I don't really think this would be entirely inappropriate. You could sell the bookcases on e-baby!

  5. Excellent news!! As we build our school, which will be a Hillsdale College affiliate, we will seek to build our library! You will receive our application.

  6. Good for you.

  7. You are one of the most impressive men I have ever meet, I thought I kept a busy schedule WOW!

  8. Don't you have kids or grandkids? Don't you think a library like that would be a treasure trove of knowledge for your family? For generations to come? And I like Mr. Shepherd's idea as well, if you wish to spread the knowledge, you might consider digitalizing the books and sharing them with numerous organizations, at a fee to cover your cost of doing so. I know I would love 2-3 years exposure to them, and would probably be thought dead as I would likely never leave the house, but not practical at all, and purely a dream. As a fellow Texan, you will know what I mean by the term "hog heaven." That would be to be able to use a library like that. Hope whoever gets the books is close enough to where I live that I would have access to the library. God bless you Mr. North, you are a decent person.

  9. I was thinking Hillsdale College almost immediately when I read the article.

  10. I'd also like to add my thanks and respects. I'm a New Zealander who's looked forward to receiving your daily sendings for many years. Through them as an otherwise uninformed outsider, I've been able to follow much of the happenings in U.S. politics and in many ways been able to understand the inherent implications. I've received your sendings from: you and Bill Bonner, The Daily Reckoning, Reality Check and finally The Tea Party Economist.

    I'm really sorry to learn you're winding down, but I'm amazed at how you've maintained such an incredibly high volume of material at such an incredibly high standard for so many years. My sincere respects.

  11. Elohim is satan says:

    books on secret societies and the occult— they mustnt be good ones, cuz Dr. North is still a christian.

  12. God bless you Dr. North. My sincere respects. I'd also like to add my thanks. I'm a Bulgarien who's looked forward to receiving your daily sendings.

  13. Lawrence R. Bessette says:

    I too have a large collection of rare out of print books some have been signed by former presidents senators and congressmen. all have histories seldom heard; also letters of founding fathers written to one another. I thought of College of the Ozarks. They are geographically located in the center of the United States and are a Christian school. Hillsdale college would also be a strong choice.

  14. Gary: Texas Chris speaks for me and so many others. Thank you for your great life's work. Dave Harbour, http://www.northerngaspipelines.com

  15. John Holbrook Jr. says:

    Gary: We met once. We both attended a conference in New Hampshire that featured Otto Scott and we sat next to one another at dinner one night about 10-15 years ago. In my late seventies, I too am beginning to wind down, and I am looking for an appropriate repository for my 7,000 volume library, which may complement yours. It not only contains books on many of the subjects which you mention, it also has large sections on ancient history, ancient chronology, science (creation vs. evolution and catastrophism vs. uniformitarianism), and Bible numerics (Gematria, codes, Theomatics, etc.). I do not have your ability to cast a wide net, and so I would appreciate your keeping me informed of your search for an appropriate recipient of your library. Your solution might also be my solution. Thank you. John.

  16. Janet Davis says:

    Consider giving them to Glenn Beck, who is trying to preserve as many original documents and texts as he can before history is re-written and that knowledge is lost.

  17. dont give them to barry , most of his folks cant read