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Public Opinion: Government Healthcare? No!

Written by Gary North on November 20, 2013

Under Bush, 69% Americans believed that the federal government should be involved in healthcare. Today, only 42% believe this.

Faith began to fade under Bush. But today, the figure is lower than ever.


The Republicans can regain control of the Senate next year. All they have to do is go with this billboard:

Senator X voted for ObamaCare.
Vote him out in November
The signs should go up in January. They are placed on those streets (20%) that get 80% of the traffic. They remain up. They are negative ads. They are independent of any candidate.

Here is my slogan: If you don’t like your senator, you don’t have to keep your senator.

One issue will bring down the Democrats: ObamaCare. Just keep hammering away at this. Day and night. Night and day. ObamaCare, ObamaCare, ObamaCare.

Question: “Can’t you people talk about anything else?”

Answer: “Sure. Benghazi. But why bother?”

The Democrats on Capitol Hill are scared. When the website fails to work on November 30, they will start bailing.

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5 thoughts on “Public Opinion: Government Healthcare? No!

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Couple this with Sarah Palin running for Senator in Alaska, and the GOP owns a super majority in both chambers.

    The Democrats will spend so much time and money to defeat her (and they will defeat her, lets be honest) that they will neglect the 40 or so other national races. Republicans will sneak in two dozen seats while the (D)imwits are (D)istracted.

    Democrats cannot afford to have Senator Palin giving momma grizzly speeches on the floor of congress.

  2. Texas Chris: Only 21 Democratic seats are up, not 24. And Palin will win if she runs. But you're right the Republicans could gain a supermajority in the Senate. Not that they deserve it after their disasters under Bush and the Republican-run Congresses of a decade ago; and nominating McCain and Romney.

  3. Igor Karbinovskiy says:

    And if the Republican win next year, what will change? Nothing will change. Unless each and every one of them is a Ron Paul, nothing will change. Obamacare will not be repealed. Name me one major entitlement which the GOP ever repealed, Dr. North. Can you? If not, can we please stop pretending that it might happen? This time is never different.

  4. Perhaps some republicans will also take notice. Replace a gaggle of republicrats with Libertarians and we might have a chance as a country after all.

  5. If we don't get rid of all the "career politicians", nothing will change.