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Video: When Obama Speaks, People Faint.

Written by Gary North on November 20, 2013

Not just once. Not just twice. Not just three times.

The narrator is a budding Eddie Murphy imitator.

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19 thoughts on “Video: When Obama Speaks, People Faint.

  1. Jesse Tomblin says:

    The only ways one would faint at Obammy's words are as follows they had not eaten for a week or more, They locked their knees and had them locked for a week or more, and lastly he ACTUALLY told the TRUTH. Which would be a miracle of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS. Those are the only times anyone would faint at anything starring words spoken by Obammy.

  2. deniseandros says:

    People should be fainting globally for the devastation that Obama has wroth. This phony fainting crap is right up there with his fake tears. Google it. This man is disgusting and so is his phony wife.

  3. I don't know about fainting but the bum puts me to sleep with his meaningless BS!!!!!!!

  4. bless2live says:

    These Clown acts are sickening and are wasting tax payers monies! Like the Benghazi attack cover up, the Clown act ended up in the murdering of 4 Americans! Today these Clowns continue these acts with more lies and more deceit on the American citizens! These clowns must go along with the Clowncare act!

  5. conscience voter says:

    Despite the massive public opinion otherwise, I always thought he was a crappy "orator", but he's a crappy actor as well.

  6. There is yet one more way if a medical problem would have been used to cause such a effect,If she was a diabetic and she over medicated herself to get this desired effect. When she was being led off the stage she had two patches on her side.Either it was 2 nicotine patch or 2 diabetic patches and was used to make her medical problems react .Having multiple patches could cause this fainting spell.But ploy never the less,which Hillary"What difference does it make "Clinton has used before.

  7. It's my personal opinion,but He's not now or ever was an ORATOR!Having speech writers and using buzz words and catch phases is his only ability to claim he was. I've read some of his "raw" speeches that he wrote and saw what the speech writers rewrote all his speeches.being sure to repeat and phased just enough to sell it to the uninformed masses.If you look at his speeches when he was campaigning to now and you will see that they are just repettive speeches with the same content over and over and over.

  8. If you watch closely it came on cue from the lady to her right.

  9. They all just saw their new health insurance premiums!

  10. ACFirstandAlways says:

    When it comes to Benghazi, why is it that all seem to use the term " 4 Americans were killed" and omit the fact that one of the Americans was the US Ambassador Stevens the highest diplomat representing the interests of these United States of America and the US President? Also, where are Ambassador Stevens surviving family members? Are they all gone to ground? Why haven't we heard any protest about the planned assassination of a US Ambassador and our former Secretary of State who wants to be POTUS in 2016, stating her famous words "What difference does it make that …."four Americans were killed.? Is this how low we have sunk that an American Ambassador being assassinated makes no difference? God help us! And now the wheels seem to be set in motion by the Government-controlled and run MSM for the Clinton Name to be voted in as the next POTUS! Has anyone provided proof as to how requiring voter ID disenfranchises Hispanic and Black voters and no others? Are they disenfranchised when they go to get drivers licenses and/or ID cards? Multiple voting must be stopped. By the way, before any racists comments, I am one of those categories that is supposed to be disenfranchised, a retired military and civil servant, who has used ID for almost my entire life in one form or another. Go figure. America had better wake up and … soon! I was appalled to hear Juan Williams on Fox News state that White Americans had nothing to do with the POTUS' reelection and appeared to have really believed what he was saying! It was like he was in a trance, as he always is when supporting the POTUS, even when all evidence is in about his agenda to destroy the US Constitution and change the USA forever. Another thing that happened yesterday on the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address…President Obama just happened to have been provided one of two versions out of five of Lincoln's speech both of which omitted the words, "that this nation Under God." We all had to memorize the Gettysburg Address when I was in elementary school in MS, during WWII and post WWII, and the only version we knew and learned contained "that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom and Government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth." Of course, it may be that our POTUS just learned that President Abraham Lincoln was a Republican!

  11. Hilarious!

  12. I love that first one. Watch from the beginning. Watch the two ladies to the right of the "faintee" as they prep themselves. At the pause in the tape the far lady whispers something to the lady next to the faintee. She has her arm around the faintee. Was it a "get ready"? Now she has her arm around this lady and doesn't even look at her while Obama turns around to help. She says nothing to her, yet is intimate enough to have her arm around her and holding her hand? That's some pathetic acting. Just like our "acting" President.

  13. Yeah, that Gettysburg Address issue is another in a long string of lies. He was told to recite the one "without 'under God'"? RIGHT!?
    You'd think that the POTUS would have been asked to recite what was actually given by Lincoln and that one DID include "under God".

  14. They're swooning, overwhelmed by his Divine Glory.

  15. Something stinks, and they were overcome by the stench !

  16. Warren Long says:

    These are just evidences that Obama and Liberals make normal people sick, since most of the policies spouted “kill, steal, and destroy.”

  17. Everything on the corporate owned networks is staged, fake, phony and intended to mislead and keep everyone in the dark. No wonder they're losing viewership and market share.

  18. end is nigh says:

    the somnambulist american public cant stay awake anymore. time for total slavery implementation.

  19. The history of fainting spells at Obama events.

    This video puts it into conspiracy terms, acts to make Obama look like a caring hero. I don't know but the video is funny.
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