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When You Receive Your “Policy Cancelled” Letter, What Then?

Written by Gary North on November 19, 2013

If you did not have auto insurance, would you worry? Fire insurance?

What about health insurance You may be facing this before the end of the year. About 5 million Americans will have received cancellation notices from their insurance policies by January 1. What if you are one of them?

I am safe. I am on Medicare. My wife is safe. She is with Christian Healthcare Ministries. But if I were covered by a standard policy, I would be shopping. I would want to know what my options are. I would assume that my “Sorry, Charlie” letter is in the mail, or soon will be.

I spoke to my pastor recently. He said families are now coming to him for advice on what to do. My church is an upscale church financially.

In North Dakota, 30,000 people received such letters. The number of people who have been able to buy replacement insurance on the federal healthcare site is 30. That means the odds against replacement are 1,000 to one. These are not good odds.

With numbers like these, there will be horror stories next year. There will be people who lost their coverage, and then they were struck down with statistically inevitable health afflictions. They will face bankruptcy.

These stories will reach the media. Every story will be a nightmare for their families, and a nightmare for Democrats in Congress. These are “human interest” stories. They are media worthy. People read them. So, the media feature them. Statistically, they are inevitable. They are an aspect of the law of large numbers — the basis of all insurance.

If you get cancelled, what will you do if you cannot get a replacement policy? Do you have a fallback plan?

Obama says you will be able to buy a much better policy on his website. But when? How much better?

How large will your federal subsidy be? Will you be entitled to one? What if the courts say that you are entitled to a subsidy only if your state has an exchange of its own? What if your state does not have one? Have you checked yet?

People procrastinate. I suggest that you start shopping now.

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17 thoughts on “When You Receive Your “Policy Cancelled” Letter, What Then?

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    It's not just "How much better?", but "How much more?", with or w/o a subsidy.

  2. Well hey, guess what – people aren't getting insurance cancelled anymore. Your article is basically pointless now.

  3. And you live in what utopian universe?

  4. Got mine yesterday, What world are you living in ?

  5. Correction, their policies have been delayed in being cancelled. In any case, I will not obey the mandate. Even if I wanted to, I would never put my information on one of those exchanges. If healthcare.gov actually worked, how soon would it be before we started hearing about a wave of identity thefts? I'm putting all my hope on the Nov 2014 elections.

  6. I, too, refuse to comply with this gross infringement upon the Constitution, OUR Republic, and my personal liberty.

    "The inherent right in the people to reform their government, I do not deny; and they have another right, and that is to resist unconstitutional laws without overturning the government."

    Senator Daniel Webster

  7. Why? Because Obama said so? You've got to be kidding. There is no guarantee that insurance companies will stop cancelling policies. Obamacare has left them in a huge legal and administrative limbo. State insurance commissioners must now sign offf on the plans that were cancelled if they are to be reinstated and the insurance companies must agree to do so. Most will probably not since the Obamanation is only giving them one year anyway.

    The answer is impeach Obama NOW and convict him in the Senate (fat chance), or defeat every lting sack of shit Democrat in November 2014. This is without a doubt the greatest legislative fiasco in American history. It's what you get when incompetence meets blind ideology.

  8. Johnnycake says:

    Well hey, the nitwit governor of the formerly great State of MN says the Obama Fix is not approved here! Now what do they do? So the pointlessness you describe is what? Pointless like a knife in the gut, to many people.

  9. Not surprising, Shane is so desperate he is blatantly lying to cover for Obama. Don't pay any attention to the cancellation letter you received in the mail folks, because Shane just told you it isn't true. Who are you going to believe? Shane? Or your own lying eyes?

  10. agbir, you beat me to it! (shane just hasnt gotten his yet lol)
    People like shane are no doubt why we have the situation we have in this country now!!

  11. Old Taxman says:

    Why comply even if your insurance is cancelled. Under Odumbocare, they have to insure even if you have a pre-existing condition. So, IF you get sick, sign up for Odumbocare then. They can't deny coverage to you.

  12. Really? You honestly believe no more people are getting cancellations of their policies…..? I know several myself that just got them and there are millions more on the way – including employer health care coverage. You better wake up and smell the coffee and stop believing all the lies that are coming from Obama and his administration. This is NOT the first lie Obama has told the American people. This is not a republican or democrat thing, its called the right thing and the truth. Obama wants to ruin this great country and be controlling health care, it is a death sentence for millions of people. For all of you that voted for him, I hope you are waking up to what is happening in this country. We have a great country, that is being destroyed from within. Is this what you really want?

  13. Me too….. Lets show these democrats just how much we appreciate their dedication to Obama and lying to all of us… No wonder they don't want Obamacare. ITS CRAP with a high price tag. Lets take both the house and senate and bid dirty harry Reid a goodbye. The man is a relic and he should retire and take Nancy "CRAZY" Pelosi with him. They should be married because they make a perfect couple of LIARS.

  14. My sister just got her cancellation letter. She's almost 65, with lupus, and can't find another plan that she can afford. She's going to have to go until April 1 (when she can get onto Medicare) without seeing any doctors; perhaps you can imagine how serious that is, for someone with lupus. So….Hey, guess what – people *are* getting insurance cancelled, now, today. Your comment is not just basically pointless, but essentially dishonest.


  16. The words of Patrick Henry "Give me liberty or give me death" may be as pertinent as ever, especially if one decides to follow a path of civil disobedience and refuse to participate in the exchanges. I lost my American Veterinary Medical Association group plan along with 30,000 other veterinarians and their families. It was a pricey plan, but it was a good plan. I'd love to be sitting next to one of these Dems the next time they spout off that my plan wasn't good enough……Even if I did choose to participate, I'd be surprised if the best plan would be half as good as what I lost.

  17. I would simply not have insurance. I have been without health insurance for over 30 years with no problem. Insurance tends to be a scam—you always end up paying more for insurance than if you simply paid the bill. If you don't have insurance under the Obamacare law, they can't fine you UNLESS you have a tax refund coming so make sure you pay tax at the end of the year rather than getting a refund.