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4 thoughts on “Government Cover-Up: The $205 Trillion Deficit

  1. if you can't blind them with brilliance, baffle them with bull puckey. WHY would the ruing elites want to allow we peons to know the mess they've got us into? We just MIGHT begin to question a thing or two……. ya think?

  2. Article 5: US CONSTITUTION.
    Coming, states convention 12/7/2013 for the purpose of considering Amendments to the Constitution. Suggest you read Mark Levin’s latest book, The Liberty Amendments.

  3. Econoranter says:

    The voter/taxpayers don't want to hear any of this stuff; they prefer the last cigarette and blindfold approach to life. They see they have no answers to the disaster of democracy they've been sold over the last century and therefore think no solutions are possible. What's to be gained by worrying about our doom? Maybe it won't happen until we're gone? Maybe it's just racism? Maybe up is down, day is night, good is bad, black is white? We all have cable TV; why worry about anything that isn't here yet?


  4. I have used this analogy for several years now: "Hey the game is on, and I got a beer in my hand, don't bother me" this seems to be the attitude of millions of citizens of this country.