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14 thoughts on “www.Healthcare.gov Is Now Open for Business

  1. Chuck Gallup says:

    If I was the gal on the Obamacare website I'd sue for defamation of character.

  2. Chuck, defamation of character may be the least of her worries! The model/actress has DISAPPEARED. More of the "Chicago way"?? At this point – I put *nothing* past these people.

  3. Go to this site and find out what it will cost in your area under the UNAFFORDABLE Care Act. http://www.thehealthsherpa.com/

    Some nerds put it together. All you need to do is enter your zip and Wallah–EYE_POPPER! My wife and I went from $13k a year–we are respectively 62 and 61, to $49,908!!!! To receive the same level of insurance that we now have would require Platinum level. This BASTARD IMPOSTER in the WH is calling my current policy Sub-standard? Go fuck yourself OBAMA!!!!

  4. USAForever48 says:

    Was reading on Yahoo this morning about her. Here's the link for more info. She's from Columbia, married and she and her husband have a child. Robin Roberts (ABC) has the story:

  5. That sounds like a load of bullshit. Post some proof instead of hearsay.

  6. Be Happy for the Moment…


  7. Yawn.

  8. Finally lawmakers are calling for the impeachment of Eric Holder! Let’s remind them of our opinion!*

    1,114,065 LETTERS SENT!!!!!

    Dear Patriot,
    Fast and Furious
    Targeting Journalist
    Fort Hood
    Opposition to 2nd Amendment
    Arizona Immigration Law
    Black Panther Intimidation 
    Opposition to Voter ID Laws
    Four Million in Tax Payer Funded Travel Expenses
    Domestic Spying
    Removing Mandatory Drug Sentencing

    If you had a list of offenses this long in your employee file, do you think you would still have a job? 
    As the Attorney General of the United States, it is Eric Holder’s responsibility to prosecute and demand investigations to gain evidence for those prosecutions. After all, he does lead the Department of Justice! His failure to do his job is why I refer to his department as that of Injustice!

    No one else is going to do it for us, so if you’re waiting for someone else to fix this problem it’s only going to get worse.  On this issue especially, our letters have helped us learn more information. They sparked the hearings that exposed Holder as a liar and that President Obama is involved enough to hide behind executive authority.  We must keep sending letters. If it has been 6 weeks since you have signed the petition, sign it again! Click on link below to sign the Tea Party petition that will be sent directly to your Senators and Representative in Congress.

     Stand with us as we call for his resignation and prosecution IMMEDIATELY!!


  9. mary howland says:

    I guess having your head up his back side would make you go in a stupor. how many have to say they lost their insurance before you numnuts will stop denying. I would take his lied filled insurance for anything. I hope no one signs up for it. of course the idiot democrats will. they swallow all his sht

  10. mary howland says:

    i meant to type I wouldn't fall for his bs insurance

  11. Winghunter says:

    There's only one way to prove something to a Useful Idiot and/or parasite and that's throwing them an attitude adjustment.

    Would you like a demonstration??

  12. When you let advertisers use your photo for money. It can be used in many places.I feel sorry for the first poster girl for the heath cate non act
    . It’s like having your photo on the side of a chicken manure truck . It stinks real bad . So does shanes pro Obama Post .

  13. James Earp says:

    Why can’t I get any comments posted. If you don’t want my opinion then why do you keep sending me the offer to speak .? Im not a Obama fan at all. Im a proud free American and will stay that way. Let’s all stop talking and get bussy walking the walk. Talk is wasted time with Obama zombies .

  14. James Earp says:

    Oops there it is