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Obama Has Just Implemented a Plan for Government Control Over America’s Resources

Posted on November 12, 2013

Executive Order — Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change


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By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to prepare the Nation for the impacts of climate change by undertaking actions to enhance climate preparedness and resilience, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. The impacts of climate change — including an increase in prolonged periods of excessively high temperatures, more heavy downpours, an increase in wildfires, more severe droughts, permafrost thawing, ocean acidification, and sea-level rise — are already affecting communities, natural resources, ecosystems, economies, and public health across the Nation. These impacts are often most significant for communities that already face economic or health-related challenges, and for species and habitats that are already facing other pressures. Managing these risks requires deliberate preparation, close cooperation, and coordinated planning by the Federal Government, as well as by stakeholders, to facilitate Federal, State, local, tribal, private-sector, and nonprofit-sector efforts to improve climate preparedness and resilience; help safeguard our economy, infrastructure, environment, and natural resources; and provide for the continuity of executive department and agency (agency) operations, services, and programs.

A foundation for coordinated action on climate change preparedness and resilience across the Federal Government was established by Executive Order 13514 of October 5, 2009 (Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance), and the Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Task Force led by the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In addition, through the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), established by section 103 of the Global Change Research Act of 1990 (15 U.S.C. 2933), and agency programs and activities, the Federal Government will continue to support scientific research, observational capabilities, and assessments necessary to improve our understanding of and response to climate change and its impacts on the Nation.

The Federal Government must build on recent progress and pursue new strategies to improve the Nation’s preparedness and resilience. In doing so, agencies should promote: (1) engaged and strong partnerships and information sharing at all levels of government; (2) risk-informed decisionmaking and the tools to facilitate it; (3) adaptive learning, in which experiences serve as opportunities to inform and adjust future actions; and (4) preparedness planning.

Sec. 2. Modernizing Federal Programs to Support Climate Resilient Investment. (a) To support the efforts of regions, States, local communities, and tribes, all agencies, consistent with their missions and in coordination with the Council on Climate Preparedness and Resilience (Council) established in section 6 of this order, shall:

(For the details of the takeover, click the link.)

Continue Reading on www.whitehouse.gov

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53 thoughts on “Obama Has Just Implemented a Plan for Government Control Over America’s Resources

  1. This is just more of Obama's Bulls**t ti ensure the governments control over its people.

  2. I suppose this is the national government's means of attempting to fulfill part of the dominion mandate of Genesis. Is man, individually, now absolved of responsibility in this area? If not, I see conflict ahead.

  3. this asshole isn't trying to improve, sustain or enhance anything… he is, quite obviously to any non kool-aid drinker, doing everything in his power to dismantle our economic stability, from meddling in real estate, to expanding a fragile college system to include, at tax payer expense, those who couldn't get out of high school, to preventing this country from becoming energy self sufficient, to opening the gates to illegals and giving them access to your hard earned assets, to throwing isreal under the bus…the bastard defines and exemplifies to a t the oft referenced domestic enemy, a traitor, a shill and the single most damaging influence in this once proud country's long history… I pray every day he will fall from his high horse and breaking his damn neck…

  4. Sisyphus58 says:

    Be careful Larry, the NSA might be listening and decide to liquidate you for not complying with sheeple-ism.

  5. Have you been reading Before It's News again, Gary?

    The government cannot take over America's resources with that executive order. It merely sets up a climate change "task force". The only thing you're doing is freaking out your Tea Party minions. Which is kind of funny, I guess. LOL

  6. Given this administration's ability and success with launching a web site, taking over our health care, they really think that they can control the weather? I guess, since global warming is fictional and climate change is a natural, God designed occurence they will at least match their failure in obamacare and more than likely exceed their tax payer dollars wasted.

  7. They DO control the 'extreme' weather events. Read up on HAARP, you'll be amazed and disgusted. Don't read just a little about it, read a lot about it, and then just keep reading. In my opinion, the evil in HAARP out weights any good it could have been intended for.

  8. and again the Constitutional laws are ignored, without recourse or hindrance from our elected officials.
    All in the name of a pseudo science that lacks verification or proof.
    Just to control more of our society and to further ruin the nation as it seems to be his agenda over all.
    the EPA in place to make sure that every one is affected

  9. shorewater says:

    Hey, wait a minute, Mr. President! The Constitution has not vested in you that power! You are not above the Constitution, but rather your power is limited by it.

  10. Where are our so called representatives? You know the ones who passed Obama care for everyone other than themselves and the ones who are exempt from insider trading laws, the ones who when they passed social security exempted them selves at that time along with the teachers, and the railroad workers.
    It is finally official the government says they can control the weather. I am a little confused, haven't there been other civilizations on earth that were destroyed by comets or astroids or whatever? We sure are smart now, we can control the weather. Al Gore came up with all this knowledge and as far as I know never studied metoirology. He has made a ton of money off what was a term paper he wrote. He flies around in an inefficient jet to meet with other jet riding people to events to help stop climate change. Originally temperature increase, then changed to climate change when the temperature didn't increase for about 20 years or more. Snake oil anyone?

  11. Keep kissing bo butt shane. Don't put anything past bo !!

  12. And BTW, how many more GW task force will we need to once and for all call GW total BS ??

  13. I should vry much lke to see these powers vested in the President, which the Indonesian citizen Obama is not in any case, and hae this claim added to the reasons for removal from office.

    SHOREWATER IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. But Obama is not aout helping the United States or any of its citizens. He is about destruction of the United States.

  14. Actually the web site established by the Obama minions for sign-up to Obama(non)care is a fantastically good argument against Obama himself as well as so-called Global Warming, or Climate Change as it is now called.
    This ?Administration? has set a new low for the incompetnce of government.

  15. MoleJohnson says:

    Its just another marxist power grab.

  16. As usual, the carbonazis are raising on a busted flush. The preliminary IPCC report on climate change admitted there has been no global warming for the last 16 years. That revelation was excised from the final published report. They are desperate to prove human-caused global warming is real so they can impose a carbon tax on all of humanity. This is the latest con for a new revenue stream to big government since Obamacare is also a bust.

    When Al Gore ended his presidential aspirations, his net worth was about $1 million. Today, he is worth $100 million. "Climate change" is all about the money.

  17. The Marxist State of America will sadly get rather bloody.

  18. sharkman13 says:

    What a dumb stupid asshole this racist bastard is. This asshole probably has 20 czars drafting his idiotic schemes for him to sign, and of course if he is called on them, he will act innocent and claim this is the first he has heard of these "order." This bastard racist jackass shit-eating asshole needs to be sent to the crazy house. What a Jackass!!!!!

  19. Bobby Gavone says:

    Sharkman 13 i wish I could take offense at your comment (I actually concur) but I can’t. It reminds me of Frank Zappa testifying before congress, I paraphrase – “sometimes a well placed expletive says more than the volumes of legislation that comes out of here (congress).

  20. Anyone in America now that trust OBAMA. must not be American Citizen's.

  21. Virgil_Hilts says:

    From the article: "The impacts of climate change — including an increase in prolonged periods of excessively high temperatures, more heavy downpours, an increase in wildfires, more severe droughts, permafrost thawing, ocean acidification, and sea-level rise…"> WHAT!?? More downpours, but more drought? But more wildfires…which either WILL or WILL NOT be put out by the more frequent rains?

    The real puzzler is this: Ocean Acidification? FROM WHAT! He's putting COAL out of business….even though the country has been shifted over to Low-Sulfur coal?
    This man should be selling used cars…NOT used ideas.

  22. A friend of mine has said "there is a lot of money in Non-Profits" If that is the case, then judging by the Solindra's out there and Al Gore, etc etc There is a Hullavalotta money in global warming/climiate change

  23. By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America,

    By that authority, NOTHING that follows is allowed.

  24. Is it possible that http://www.healthcare.gov works EXACTLY as designed. Claiming it doesn't work presumes it is intended to sign people up for medical insurance. If it is actually intended to HIDE the true cost of such plans, it seems to be doing quite well.

  25. Obama can't keep changing the rules for implementing Obamacare with a series of executive orders either, but that doesn't seem to be stopping him.

  26. Simply reading the ANY article on this site probably gets you on that watch list.

  27. Many of them ARE Citizens of the United States. None of them are what I consider American.

  28. Victor Barney says:

    Keep the FAITH Tea Party FOLKS because "we the people" will be punished, but by the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 & Obama will be our Hebrew-Inspired Scriptural "SCAPEGOAT!" As revealed in Scripture there are two-scape goats, one who dies for the people & one that is set-free into the "desert("jungle")," so to speak! However, all 12 tribes of Israel by the seed of Joseph, replacing Dan, and including Judah, as being protected and as revealed in Rev. 7 & 11(imagine that)! Therefore, KEEP YOUR FAITH & WATCH!!!

  29. Dr. North is correct that Mr. Obama is indulging in "executive over reach". While he probably cannot become dictator of America Mr. Obama could use these "executive orders" to punish political enemies and reward political friends, something that might ultimately impact upon all of us if Electricity prices go up.

  30. If you say so but Obama will do it to you, no doubt about that.

  31. Iceman
    It is time to remove all the Non Constitution followers out of Washington. However it takes, they have to go. It is time for a modern Boston tea party.

  32. I agree and the average person does not understand Marxist government and that is Obama strategy. His intention is to be the dictator of the Marxist regime.

  33. There is no end to the reach of this commie.

  34. Are we at WAR or is obama planning one, all EXECUTIVE ORDERS are NULL AND VOID PERIOD.

  35. Shadowwolf78 says:

    If you truly think that the president would attempt to nationalize our resources, then you do not have any understanding of how our government works. I highly suggest taking a class on it because, while it is counter-intuitive, it all makes sense once you've been taught why it works the way it does.

  36. Keep on a chuggin the Kool aid

  37. Greg Larson says:

    Obama is violating and rewriting laws that Congress has passed which are Impeachable Offences! All of us that believe in the GOOD OLD U.S.A. and its Constitution neeeds to blast our Congressman and women, Senators IMPEACH Obama A.S.A.P. The ones that refuse to sign on to this LOW LIFE, ILLEGAL ALIEN, HABITUAL LIAR Obama’s Impeachment has to start immediatly processing Petitions for their immediate recall (Firing them from their Positions)!! Obama through his vioilating the Constitution and “So Called” Executive Orders has torn up our Constitution and Bill of Rights!! Obama is guilty of the minimum of Murder, Treason, Total disregard of our Senators and Representatives and tie Citizens og this once Great Country until this peace of Filth tookj office (ILEGALLY)!! I Honestly believe within one monththis piece of Crap will call Martial Law!! Then watch out to see how many innocent citizens ( Men, Women, and Children hbis private army will gun down (murder) or be put into his Concentration Camps equipped Gas Chambers, Ovens, similar to Hitler!~!

  38. From where I sit, and have watched all of this over the past 5 years, THIS (ugh) is definitely working to be able to pull the strings….of total control….whenever THIS (ugh) so chooses. THIS is just a part of the undeclared martial law that has been systematically inflicted on America, and when the pot is hot enough……THIS (ugh)…..will pull his net….TIGHT.

  39. Roy Fredrichsen says:

    That would create a bigger problem. The presidency would fall to "Crazy Joe" Biden which is the only reason nobody has taken a shot at Obama.

  40. Roy Fredrichsen says:

    Good! Somebody has studied the Constitution and concluded Obama cannot change or modify any law without the "Advise and Consent of Conrgess" – Both Houses & Supreme Court!

  41. Roy Fredrichsen says:

    And just what remedy do they suggest for the out-of-control wildfires we have recently experienced last summer? Do they think they finally have control of the weather, or they can fine GOD for not stopping it sooner?

  42. Roy Fredrichsen says:

    Obama's "House of Cards" is beginning to collapse on him when Democrats are trying to "distance" themselves from his
    idiotic thirst for absolute power. KING OBAMA needs to be KEEL-HAULED in the Potomac River and then deported to Kenya where he and his brother can fight each other to rule Kenya.

  43. Wow Shane!
    You guys still can't see through the GW Lie?
    Every dollar wasted trying to control an ever changing climate, one that's been changing since the beginning of time, and will continue doing so long after man is gone, is money not spent on the relief of suffering for your fellow man. It still amazes me how your climate change hero's have suddenly acquired incredible amounts of wealth as a direct result of their climate change crusade/ carbon credit schemes, and you guys still don't see it for the con-game that it is.
    With one major volcanic eruption, every single dollar spent on your crusade is wasted.
    Unless you propose somehow controlling nature itself, your utterly clueless.

  44. What is the difference in temperatures of now and in the 1700s? People are trying to take your money, don't let them.

  45. I'm not certain but I beleive exefutive orders can be repealed by another pres; or congress since they are only good for as long as the person is pres.

  46. Archigaffist says:

    The Meccan Candidate.

  47. Words that are nebulous and without definition. "Preparedness planning" Just what does that mean as to actions that are authorized to be taken. And where did he get the authority to SPEND money for these programs.
    This is dictatorship and NO ONE IS STOPPING IT. WHY?

  48. That could be a very long time IF he suspends elections with an EMERGENCY ORDER declaring martial law. And his previous EOs allow that WITHOUT ANY emergency or crisis. HE CAN JUST DO IT.
    Folks, he is setting up his dictatorship. And by removing ALL the real military minds and putting in cowardly, puppets, he is assuring that there will be NO ORGANIZED RESISTANCE.

    Then he is making provisions to SHUT DOWN ALL COMMUNICATIONS (INTERNET, telephones, carrier pigeons) to make sure that IF any military that have been forced out DO try to resist him, they will be without supporting forces.

  49. Everything ODUMBO has done is designed to fail which he wants and that he can blame on someone else.How can any body trust anything that comes out of his lying mouth.

  50. It is called Agend 21 folks, you know the new world order, part of the UN's Plan

  51. I see a future time soon when people will get enough of this govt control bs and totally ignore the the govt. and armed enforcement will be met with armed resistance, coming soon to your location everywhere.

  52. Ebbid Yelsreknat says:

    God deals with those who are jealous of the Most High: “How you are fallen from Heaven, O Day Star, son of Dawn! How you are cut down to the ground, you who laid the nations low!” − Isaiah 14:12. It was good enough for lucifer ……

  53. Resources should not be owned by government or private companies it should be owned by everyone.