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Gonzaga University’s Policy: No Guns for Self-Defense

Written by Gary North on November 11, 2013

Gonzaga University in Spokane has a policy: no guns on campus.

This is a policy that says: “A deranged terrorist with guns must be dealt with verbally by students until the campus police show up.”

The university of course has a policy of expelling any deranged terrorist who is enrolled. Any Gonzaga student who shoots other Gonzaga students on campus is in clear violation of the school’s no-gun policy. This is a no-tolerance policy.

If he kills Gonzaga students off campus, it is not strictly a university matter, but the practice of killing students off campus is frowned on. He risks immediate expulsion. Such violations will be taken up on a case-by-case basis.

Two students who lived in a university-owned apartment off campus used a gun to fend off an intruder, a felon who had been convicted six times. When he barged into their apartment, they pointed a gun at him, and they politely asked him to leave. He left.

Then they called the campus cops. The campus cops confiscated their gun, and the school may expel them.

Once again, a university’s administration has demonstrated its commitment to political correctness. It has announced: “Students’ safety must be sacrificed to the gun control movement, which dominates academia.”

This lets mentally deranged terrorists know that they can bag a lot more victims on campuses than anywhere else. Campus cops are not prepared for this kind of situation. The students are defenseless.

Any terrorist can run a cost-benefit analysis, and know where he can get the most bang for his buck.

Any student can live at home and earn a bachelor’s degree at an accredited university by distance learning for under $15,000, total. Anyone in the family can legally use a gun to resist an invader. No one has to call the campus police for protection.

I recommend this. It’s cheap. It’s accredited. It’s safe. And you don’t have to deal with academic deans with backbones made of silly putty.

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12 thoughts on “Gonzaga University’s Policy: No Guns for Self-Defense

  1. A Murricun says:

    And of course, the school offers no training or advice in how to deal with a “deranged terrorist”. Idiots!

  2. Texas Chris says:

    These two students got the education they needed. Now they know not to trust the government, the government's police, or the government's schools.

    Now, they are ready for freedom.

  3. Gonzaga is another nominally “Catholic” University. Apparently their administration has never read Luke 22:36.

  4. Virgil_Hilts says:

    Silly…deranged Terrorists don't EXIST! Of course you don't need weapons…..these poor people are just badly mis-guided and weren't HUGGED enough as children.

  5. Gotta appreciate Dr. North for seeing business potential within a disaster….. seriously.

    I despise academia while I love it. I love the rigor, the deep thinking and pursuit of truth by SOME professors and students
    as much as I despise the pseudo intellectual rubbish who run academia, their illogic and lack of rigor in THEIR thinking. Pity that we cannot dipose of the humanoid rubbish who run Universities, preserve the academic integrity and freedom of Professors, and put that briliance to work in the Market (rather than upon the market).

  6. Old Taxman says:

    The university is reviewing its gun policy in light of this incident. Stay tuned for further developments.

  7. then WHAT did Spokane Police arrest?

  8. No, but part of the curriculum tp graduate is to practically demonstrate the ability, and will, to sit round a campfire and sing Kumbaya to the accompaniment of a slighlt out of tune guitar.

  9. Wel, so they SAY, at any rate. We know how that often turns out. But, the Spokane police who came, took the report, and alter arrested the perp, declared these two did precisely the right things. So, if the admin comes down on the same side they're on now, they'll be essentially saying the Spokane police are wrong. Not good for public relations…….

  10. Guess those students didn't realise they were signing away their rights under the US and Washington Constitutioins when they signed up for school, and that school owned housing facility. This is a private school so the argument that Washington State Law preepts any local or lesser jurisdiction (which SHOULD guarantee permitted carry on ALL state campuses, but somehow does not) does not bear.

    I hope these men are able to open up lawful carry on that campus. It would be good for the rest of the state.

  11. Oldsoldier41 says:

    The answer to this is to withdraw your kids from this piece of crap school. According to our constitution and the latest Supreme court decision, Mcdonald v. Chicago, the 2nd amendment's core element is the right to self-defense. Please do correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this junk university in the United States and the people in the university subject to the same guarantees as the rest of the law abiding citizens of these United States.

  12. The inmates are running the asylum.