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Safe Schools: No Touching at Recess

Written by Gary North on November 8, 2013

Children play tag. They touch each other. “You’re it!”

When children play tag, sometimes they fall down. You know what happens when children fall down.

They get up.

Well, this sort of thing must be stopped. So, a concerned principal of an elementary school in Canada has issued new rules: no touching. No pushing. No shoving. No hitting. No games of tag. From now on: “You’re not it!”

Think of little boys at recess. Better yet, think of them after recess. They will have spent recess safely.

Think about how they will act in the classroom after a recess in which there is no tag.

The screws are tightening. The foolishness is spreading.

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8 thoughts on “Safe Schools: No Touching at Recess

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Even though this is re: Canada, can the US be far behind? Fred Reed is right about "The Wussification of America."

  2. Stop the Maddness says:

    Intearment Camp
    Raise your left hand straight out and repeat after the Princaple "I pledge to the Fuier …

  3. What no friendship, "high-fives". No handshakes to "makeup".; unbelievable!

  4. These stupid educators! They lament because so many of the young are overweight. Yet they won't allow them to run, play games, SWEAT, or God forbid enjoy themselves at recess or P.E. All because most of these LIBERALS are spineless wusses.

  5. So there will be NO sports as well (softball, kick ball, tennis or whatever)? Maybe as well be in a cocoon until they are ready to be unleashed upon society. Then all hell breaks loose; right? Or we send them off to war where they will be totally be unprepared for competition or fighting….

  6. Every time I see a school bus pass by filled with tomorrow's slave workers, I think of the same vehicles transporting convicts between prisons. Only difference is the bars on the windows in the latter case.

  7. CharlieFromMass says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. If they don't learn "good and bad" touch in Kindergarten and then learn all touch is bad instead, what kind of psycho-emotional problems are we setting these kids up for?

    The principal should be charged with child abuse.

  8. When I was in Junior High, we had a game called "wall-ball". A tennis or racquet ball was thrown against a wall, and players would catch it and repeat. If the ball touched you and then touched the ground, you had to run to the wall and tag it. Until you tagged the wall, another player could pick up the ball and pelt you with it as hard as they could. If they hit you after you tagged the wall, the thrower was placed up against the wall and the person who was illegally hit had a free shot. Sounds cruel, of course, but it was a lot of fun and nobody was forced to play. Even many girls played. This was 25 years ago in Texas. I doubt it would be allowed anywhere in the USSA today.