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ObamaCare Map: How Much More Will Policies Cost in Your State?

Written by Gary North on November 5, 2013

Nationally, prices will rise by 41%. But in some states, it will be much worse. In a few, it will be better.

There is an interactive map here. Place your cursor over your state. You will see what the typical policy cost pre-OC, and what it will cost after.

The system, with the subsidies — if there will be any subsidies for your state — penalizes young men. It rewards oldsters. This could come as no surprise. American politics rewards oldsters because they vote in higher numbers, and they vote as a bloc. So, they get rewarded. Young people don’t vote in the same numbers. So, they get stiffed.

The increases are most substantial for young males. At the beginning of their careers, they will pay the most.

Then there is this: the failure of www.Healthcare.gov.

Right now, the headlines are dominated with stories about the deep and thorough dysfunction of the federally-built Obamacare insurance exchange. It’s a serious problem. If the exchanges aren’t fixed soon, the likely outcome is that older, sicker, and poorer people sign up, while everyone else goes without coverage. That, in turn, will imbalance the insurance pool in the exchanges, making its products more expensive and subsidy-dependent. Those facing cancellation of their existing coverage face the greatest risk under the worst-case scenario.

Finally, there is this. The law, as written, makes no provision for federal subsidies to those who buy policies on the federal government’s exchanges, as distinguished from the state-run exchanges. This is now being adjudicated in one federal court. The decision will come down as late as February 15. If the federal judge determines that the subsidies are illegal, the system goes into gridlock. The government will have to wait until the Supreme Court decides. That will take months.

If the courts say that the subsidies are illegal, they will have to re-design www.Healthcare.gov. This will take months.

Without the subsidies, ObamaCare becomes the ultimate welfare state albatross: a huge increase of costs on the young and healthy, and very large increases for oldsters, too. Meanwhile, those who lost their coverage will not have insurance. If they ever get it back, they will pay far more.

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29 thoughts on “ObamaCare Map: How Much More Will Policies Cost in Your State?

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Next up, "If you like your car, you can keep your car." But what if you don't have a car? "You will be required to purchase a car, or you will be fined or jailed." But I don't need a car! "Everyone in, nobody out."

  2. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Without the subsidies, ObamaCare becomes the ultimate welfare state albatross: a huge increase of costs on the young and healthy, and very large increases for oldsters, too. Meanwhile, those who lost their coverage will not have insurance. If they ever get it back, they will pay far more.

    Exactly as planned before the law was even written.

    Interesting how a plan comes together under the radar isn't it?

  3. Desi Erasmus says:

    For any of the states relying on the federal website, one can browse all the plans that were supposed to be on the official site using an application built by three guys described here: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/technology/2013/11
    The website for accessing their application is: http://www.thehealthsherpa.com/
    This site probably cost them several hundred hours to build, and has no facilities for "registering" or evaluating the subsidies or signing up for a plan. For that the Feds have spent several hundred million and counting, and have yet to deliver the goods. An interesting contrast, no?

  4. Hey, this map is a scam. Everyone knows that one can't produce an interactive website so quickly. Look at HealthCare.gov. They've had 3 years to develop that and it still can't work. Don't tell me you can get your website up and running just like that!!!

    Good job with the map, guys! Keep up the good work!

  5. if you like your car insurance you can keep your car insurance..

  6. Car insurance is already mandatory for anyone who owns a car, so your analogy is really quite bad.

    Health insurance SHOULD be mandatory since everyone is going to need health care at some point. That being said, we should have just switched to a single-payer system and been done with it.

  7. Blame it on the Heritage Foundation, then. They came up with the law.

  8. If you want your car you can keep your car, PERIOD. If you like your mechanic you can keep your mechanic. That is, until I, King Comrade Obama the Magnificent decree that your will buy a tiny electric car and YOU WILL LIKE IT!

  9. I could/would support single-payer IF there was even one-single “government” run program that has ever run efficiently or less costly.

    It means FULL UNIONIZATION of the entire medical system which already is the main reason for or current higher medical costs.

    NoBama himself has been to four hospitals whose costs/rates are HALF most other hospitals — they are all NON-union.

    The highest costs/rates are all UNION. That is the biggest common-demoninator.

  10. But…But…But…What if I can't afford to buy a car…That's why I don't own one…I can't afford to pay the Fine either…Guess I will have no choice but to be incarcerate for not being able to afford ObamaCare…In accordance with Obama's famous NDAA…Maybe I'll get a Get Out Of Jail FREE card from Obama if I toe the Demcratic line and promise to vote for Democratic candidate's rejoicing with their up tick conyism….Maybe…Just maybe…If I vote for Hillary…I might be spared!

  11. While we may need to pay a doctor, etc – that does not mean that we need insurance! And, if one wants to have insurance why should we be limited to plans that the government wants us to have. I would like to tailor my own plan.

  12. Your anology is really quite bad…You are forgetting not every one owns a car…Therefore not everyone is forced to buy automobile insurance..You out smarted yourself with your comment…i.e… you needn't buy automobile insurance if you don't own a car!

  13. Thomas Laman says:

    I live in The Peoples Republic of Calif. where the land of fruits and nuts about all run by Gov. Moonbeam and MADAM Boxer and Finkelerberger

  14. or, if you insist on keeping your gas burning monster, you will have to install a black box GPS locator tracker device.. which WE can access to shut it down, know when you're speeding and mail you tickets, VERY COSTLY tickets, of course, and even blow it up at will. Fun stuff, hey?

    Get Nannie out of our lives.

  15. The subsidies are the ultimate proof that this is designed to force a welfare state into xistence. The prices are set to force the need for the subsidies and by doingso require many new government employees for administration who will have to bepaid with new taxes.

    Welfare, You Bet!

  16. Oh sure, then way will men be forced to pay for maternity charges when they will never give birth to a child?

  17. Car insurance is mandatory because it is a privilege not a right. Your rights come from the Constitution and just being born, you have the natural right to breath, to think and have self-determinism. Medicine is a right you make your own decision on, as in car insurance it’s your right to make the decision not to drive a car. It is also your right to make decision if you want medical insurance, if you don’t and end up needing medical help then you pay out of your pocket. But Obama has made this mandatory, he took your right to make your own decisions away from you, (and free markets) now you are a slave. Also have you thoroughly checked out what “Single Payer” is. It means you give up all your rights to your property, your own decision making, you are mandatory to do exactly what the government tells you to do. Where is your freedom Shane?

  18. "Health insurance SHOULD be mandatory since everyone is going to need health care at some point"

    Shane, health care is…
    1) Engaging in regular intense exercise a few times a week.
    2) Eating healthy, nutritious food in moderation.
    3) Getting enough sleep at night, which for most people is 7-8 hours.
    4) Avoiding accidents and toxins that impair health.

    That is health care, taking care of health and insuring your health. Obamacare covers none of that. What you mistakenly refer to as health insurance is actually sickness insurance. And no, not everyone needs sickness insurance, some people stay healthy their whole lives.

  19. Jeanne Stotler says:

    Car Insurance REQUIRED IS LIABILITY, IF YOUR CAR IS PAID FOR, you do not need to carry comprehensive if you choose not to, also this is declared by INDIVIDUAL STAES, NOT FEDS. Same goes for your house, the MORTGAGE company requires this to cover their INVESTMENT. Hospitalization should be OUR FREE CHOICE AS TO KIND AND AMOUNT.

  20. In addition to incarcerating you, Obamacare will take possession of your house and put your family out on the street. Sounds like revolution is just around the corner.

  21. Old Taxman says:

    And they tried to build it using people who had never run a business and were otherwise totally incompetent. Fat chance of getting it to work even a little bit.

  22. "…those who lost their coverage will not have insurance. If they ever get it back, they will pay far more."

    And after their current policy is cancelled and before they get coverage (if ever) under the new law, if they have a medical emergency, they will be financially ruined. And this is known as "affordable".

    A lot of doctors are going to leave the practice of medicine altogether over this debacle, so there won't be health care at any price when there are no physicians left. Welcome to the Rainbow Coalition!

  23. Hey, I've got a great new idea: If you want health insurance, then the government should get out of the way and let you buy it! And, if you don't want health insurance, then the government should leave you alone. See, everyone is happy; everyone gets what they want. But, oops, I guess the little government people don't get what they want, do they?

  24. Jeff Brodhead says:

    Shane, Car insurance is NOT mandatory, just because one OWNS a car. It is mandatory if one DRIVES a car, but neither owning, nor driving a car is mandatory, in order to be an American citizen, your analogy sucks.

    Regarding "mandatory" "health insurance", who the Hell made YOU and BS-Barry our masters?

  25. Jeff Brodhead says:

    Tell the hospital to send the bill to BS-Barry @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


  27. Go to this site and find out what it will cost in your area under the UNAFFORDABLE Care Act. http://www.thehealthsherpa.com/

    Some nerds put it together. All you need to do is enter your zip and Wallah–EYE_POPPER! My wife and I went from $13k a year–we are respectively 62 and 61, to $49,908!!!! To receive the same level of insurance that we now have would require Platinum level. This BASTARD IMPOSTER in the WH is calling my current policy Sub-standard? Go fuck yourself OBAMA!!!!