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What If ObamaCare’s Subsidies End on February 15?

Written by Gary North on November 4, 2013

A federal district court judge will rule on this no later than February 15. He has the authority to declare that all subsidies on policies bought through the federal government’s exchanges are not legal, according to the actual language of the ObamaCare law.

This would throw a monkey wrench into the program. There are 34 states with no state-run exchanges. Those citizens living in these states who are counting on taxpayer-funded subsidies to buy the new policies, which are expensive, will now face a new reality: they cannot afford health care insurance.

What then? The government will appeal the case to the Supreme Court, and hope to get Chief Justice Roberts to vote with the 5 to 4 majority of last year’s decision. But maybe he will follow the law this time.

At that point, ObamaCare become the Democrats’ worst nightmare. The law will remain on the books: the ultimate political albatross. Those refusing to buy insurance will pay “taxes,” as Justice Roberts defined the fines. They will have no coverage.

There will be a move by Democrats to pass a law authorizing the subsidies. It will not get through the House.

There are always voters at the margin who serve as swing voters in elections. There is nothing like a “Dear John” letter from an insurance company — no policy — plus another one from the Federal government: no subsidies, either. These letters will persuade millions of voters to vote Republican, if the Republicans run on a platform of repealing ObamaCare, which they will.

The Republicans need not offer an alternative program. In this case, nothing is visibly better than something. They merely have to say: “Repeal ObamaCare. Vote Republican.” A 4-word slogan is powerful. It is suitable for a billboard.

Or maybe this:

Vote Republican

If the judge says the subsidies are legal, that will apply only to his district. There can be other similar cases in other districts. The uncertainty can continue until the Supreme Court decides.

This law is going to divide the electorate from now on. The victims will become a pool of voters for the Republican Party. The only question now is this: How many victims will there be?

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7 thoughts on “What If ObamaCare’s Subsidies End on February 15?

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Are we banking on Roberts again? Really?

    Because whatever they blackmailed him with last time must have just gone away, huh?

  2. Patrick Duffy says:

    If these 'subsidies' are indeed found to be illegal, that means Barry and all his ilk BROKE THE LAW. What is the penalty for BREAKING THE LAW and dipping their grubby little fingers into the U.S. treasury without legal authorization? What would happen to any ordinary U.S. citizen that did the same? Any prison time? Nope, that won't happen to any politician in America today, they can do whatever they want without any fear of judgement because they think there is no higher power to judge them except the ballot box, which is rigged. Get the picture?

  3. BLACKMAILED,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,""OR BRIBED""

  4. Patrick. I could not have said it better myself. You hit the nail on the head. I am glad to see others are of the same thinking. The only problem is, there are many people out there still that believe in Obama and his ilk. I feel sorry for them since he has no loyalties. He got what he wanted from them and they will be the first to be betrayed. Not to mention, they called us racists and liars when we tried to warn them.

  5. Doug Rodrigues says:

    Yup, I think Roberts must have been Blackmailed. I blame the spineless RINO's for not taking the initiative to expose Barack Obama for the FRAUD, and subversive that he is.

  6. IMPEACH HIM put him in jail that's what happens when a citizen breaks the law

  7. J. Keen Holland says:

    Has anyone in these hearings thought to ask Secy. Sebelius to specify under what section(s) of what law the healthcare.gov multi-state exchange was created? I would think that spending a half billion dollars (give or take a rounding error) without statutory authority would get a cabinet member impeached.