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The Washington Post Nails Obama on His Empty Promise: ObamaCare

Written by Gary North on October 31, 2013

The Washington Post is not merely liberal. It is the flagship liberal publication. The New York Times prides itself on its phony neutrality. Not the Post.

Here is the headline: PROMISES, PROMISES: A big Obama health insurance promise that never stood a chance. It is an Associated Press story, but the Post ran it. It begins:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s soothing promise that Americans happy with their health insurance could simply keep it was doomed from the start, and everyone familiar with the market seemed to recognize that except the president. Even his aides said four years ago, early in the huge push for his health care law, that he wasn’t to be taken literally on that point.

But he kept making the promise, literally and forcefully, through the long debate about the overhaul, after it became law and directly to voters in the campaign for the 2012 election. The words sometimes varied but the message didn’t: Not only was a better day coming for people with no insurance or bad insurance — but everyone else could just relax.

Now his assurance is proving empty for people who are getting cancellation notices in the individual or small-business insurance marketplace and for workers who are beginning to see jarring changes in their employer-provided plans. Although they are a minority of the insured, they are adding up to millions of people.

It gets worse.

It was never convincing, though, to claim that an overhaul of this magnitude could be dropped like a rock into a pond without waves washing over the system — happy campers among them.

Health policy experts, including some who favored the law, said then that Obama had no standing to make such a promise, as did fact-checkers. “If he was a king, he would deliver that, but he’s not king,” Dallas Salisbury, head of the Employee Benefit Research Institute, told The Associated Press in 2009.

Like sharks, the media smell blood in the water. They are circling the bleeding program. This will not go away. This will be prime-time news for months . . . maybe years. There are already millions of victims. Until the website works seamlessly, and until the Supreme Court declares that the federal subsidies are legal for policies purchased on the federal government’s exchange, this story will remain prime time. Any news media outlet that tries to bury this story will lose market share. It’s not going to happen.

We can see where this is headed.


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8 thoughts on “The Washington Post Nails Obama on His Empty Promise: ObamaCare

  1. The media are circling like sharks who smell blood in the water??? This story will not go away??? Where WAS the media 4 years ago when Obama started floating these lies!?! They were willing accomplices in the push to deliver Obamacare! They were too busy protecting their messiah to report the truth to the public. Please knock off your hypocrisy, you (media) were nowhere to be found when Obama began his trail of lies!

  2. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says:

    The Administration (Apparatchik) continue to sing the mantra that everyone will get better health insurance under Obamacare. Oh yeah, where????? People who could only afford $50-$100-$250 per month policies are now stuck with a minimum of $350 per month with a $5000 deductible in the cheapest Obamacare plan–the Bronze Plan.

    When medical services on this cheapest of Obamacare plans reaches a certain level, I believe it may be around $25,000, then those under the Bronze Plan will have to start paying for the rest of their services out of pocket. They don't tell you this though! Anyone with a severe injury or medical condition on the Bronze Plan, or the cheaper plans (Silver and probably Gold) that has a significant hospital stay or is in the Intensive Care Unit for any length of time could quickly reach the limit of the plan, and then have to pay out of pocket. This will bankrupt many under this plan, and people could lose their homes to the hospitals, doctors, or insurance companies administering these plans.

  3. In a context of 17% inflation in medical expenses, and in a context of the cost level already being or approaching unaffordable levels for virtually all "covered" individuals, regardless of the mechanism of that coverage, there is no logical way to improve the quality or accessibility of care without directly addressing the drivers of cost. That was never the primary goal of Obamacare. It therefore has no feasible possibility of success. The Charlie Foxtrot that is the related info-tech is merely the visible part of the issues. The fundamental issue is that the entire scheme was sold to the liberal left as a means to "insure" the the (underprivileged) uninsured, when in fact it was a barely-veiled effort to pump more money (mandatory participation) into the overall healthcare system, in a disingenuous attempt to popularize the intended single-payer system that was the goal from the beginning. Without some manner of less than palatable rationing, there is no way for the math to work. The "system" – even including revenue from nationalizing all student loans and other revenue sources, cannot possibly bear its own weight. And that was by design. It was just not intended to be this visible, this soon…

  4. if odumbo wont sign up for it and his minnions
    why should we

    cause he knows that is sucks big time
    the young poeple wont sign up for it he has to be dissilutional

  5. I think you missed the point. The media are still hypocrites. They have to publish the stories now because as Dr North wrote "any news media outlet that tries to bury this story will lose market share." So, they now have an incentive: publish or die.

  6. I would say the BEST plan out there is probably their Wooden Nickel Plan, from there it descends into Wooden Zinc, Wooden Tin, and finally at the low end, Wooden Wood…

  7. Bill Smith says:

    If someone offers you a wooden nickel don’t turn it down…inflation is driving up the cost of lumber!

  8. He's incompetent, in over his head. The only thing he can do well is make speeches, i.e., TALK.