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Questions for Kathleen Sebelius

Written by Gary North on October 30, 2013

NBC News has posted five questions for members of the House of Representatives to ask the head of Health and Human Services in its hearings.

1. How could the administration not have tested the site until the last two weeks?

2. Why wasn’t the launch delayed when the problems became clear?

3. Will people still have time to sign up?

4. How can we trust that other aspects of the site are working, like the subsidy calculator?

5. Why haven’t you been more open about the problems?

This list is from the mainstream media. I suspect that Congressmen will have lots more questions for Sebelius. But these five certainly make a convenient list. Their explanatory material also is worth considering, such as this: the White House and HHS have refused to say who the contractors who designed www.Healthcare.gov were, and who the so-called A-team will be.

The mainstream media are circling the scheduled hearings like sharks. They smell blood in the water.

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4 thoughts on “Questions for Kathleen Sebelius

  1. Just another witch hunt by the party not in power…..it would be the Dems grilling the Republican on the same issue if it was turned around…..just more white noise to keep the public in the dark and confused.

  2. bamabasher says:

    how about asking her who she works for , since she does not work for we the people

  3. Uh, the list of five (obvious) questions came from NBC News, not repubs.

  4. Tips for Sec. Sebelius when she testifies before the peoples' Congress:

    When they ask how you could be so incompetent, just reply: "I don't understand the question".
    When they press you on an embarrassing point, say: "Cold you repeat the question, please?"
    When they threaten you with contempt of congress, just say: "I was only acting under orders from higher up. Sieg heil! Sieg heil! Sieg heil!"