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Congressman Levin: Insurance Cancelation Letters Are “Transition Notices.”

Written by Gary North on October 30, 2013

The entertainment value of millions of health insurance policy cancellation letters is very great. There is noting quite so entertaining politically as a politician trying to spin his way out of a looming electoral disaster.

Congressman Sander Levin of Michigan has explained to Americans who have received or will soon receive cancellation letters from their insurance companies that these letters are not in fact cancellation notices. They are transition notices. He even refers to these cancellation letters as “so-called cancellation notices.”

Congressman Levin is echoing an insurance spokesman from Florida who has also re-named the cancellation notices.

This is evidence of panic among Democrats. When a politician seeks to soften people’s anger by re-naming the cause of their anger, we can be sure than the politician is trying to spin his way out of a defeat at the next election.

We have heard this before. Two decades ago, glitches in software programs were sometimes dismissed by the companies that released the software as “features, not bugs.” This re-definition supposedly justified the bug, because it was deliberately added by programmers as a benefit.

Whenever some desperate executive at a software firm sent down a memo to the customer service staff, instructing them to offer this response, it was clear evidence that the company had a major problem on its hands. Its competitors knew that the company was in trouble. So, Congressman Levin has made it clear to Republicans that the cancellation letters are going to be a juicy campaign issue in November 2014.

Every health insurance cancellation letter is a probable cancellation letter for the Democrats running for office in 2014. It is a letter that says “vote Republican.” Calling it a transition letter does no good. It would then mean “transition of the U.S. Senate into a Republican majority.”

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10 thoughts on “Congressman Levin: Insurance Cancelation Letters Are “Transition Notices.”

  1. Democrat or Republican….it doesn't matter they are all liars and self serving crooks!!!! It just depends what foot the shoe is on!!!

  2. Then what in hell would have to happen for Obama's promise to be considered broken? Being forced onto a different plan is NOT what Obama promised. it is like being forced to buy a Corvette and sell your Cobalt, yet still call it the same car. Crooks.

  3. The bombs that were dropped on Helsinki during the Finnish-Soviet war were "molotov breadbaskets", "we have to destroy this village to save it", 'we have to pass the law to see what is in it" and now, "Your affordable insurance cancellation is a transition notice " (to higher premiums, poorer coverage and more profits for Crony Capitalists).

  4. They will be laughing like Kerry, out of the "side of their faces" when they have to pay for their own after losing their seats.

  5. What is truly funny is seeing the vicious chihuahua, Henry Waxman, suddenly turning into Uriah Heep. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  6. The people who got cancelled by their current insurers and so far have been unable to get covered under the disaster known as "Obamacare", are the ones at real risk. If they have a medical emergency during the interim when they have no coverage, they will be wiped out financially.

  7. It's time a lot of our Congressmen got pink "transition notices". Then they can all be put into "protective custody."

  8. The Democrats will blame the RINOs for not providing enough money and/or passing changes to the law to fix the mess. The media will have horror stories about insurance shortfalls and how people are suffering because RINOs will not bow to the messiahs dictates. The sheeple will absorb their masters message and the economy will collapse faster than it is already. The citizens / Democrats / media of this country are too stupid to comprehend the disaster of converting 1/6th of the countries economy to semi-goverment control.

  9. Newspeak. Orwell intended 1984 as a cautionary tale. Democrats use it as an instruction manual.

  10. Karl Kocher says:

    The RINOS are the ones that provided the funds. – It was a few like Ted Cruz , Mike Lee and Paul that tried to bring some reason to the budget. Just like the slowdown -the MSM and the Dems who would not negotiate on defunding or delaying obamacare will blame the TEA PARTY.
    At least the tingle is gone from one guys leg! Also gone will be many obamacare supporters once the low info voters find out what their health care will cost them.