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Snowden’s Latest Offense: Letting Foreign Voters Know What Their Leaders Have Long Known

Written by Gary North on October 29, 2013

Edward Snowden’s stories keep leaking out, yet Russia says he must not do this. The latest one is on how the NSA spies on European leaders.

They all knew this. Their voters did not. This is the threat Snowden poses, and American foreign policy experts know this.

In an article for the forthcoming edition of Foreign Affairs magazine, Henry Farrell and Martha Finnemore argue that it’s the disclosure of such practices rather than their existence that is damaging.”When these deeds turn out to clash with the government’s public rhetoric, as they so often do, it becomes harder for U.S. allies to overlook Washington’s covert behavior and easier for U.S. adversaries to justify their own,” they write.

“The U.S. government, its friends, and its foes can no longer plausibly deny the dark side of U.S. foreign policy and will have to address it head-on,” they argue.

The U.S. government will pretend to address this head-on. It will do nothing substantive, which would involve cutting the NSA’s budget. This, politicians will not do, since the NSA has been monitoring their phone calls. The politicians know who holds the hammer: the NSA.

The latest story is that Obama was informed of this spying this summer, and he ordered the NSA to stop. But did he tell the foreign leaders that he had done this? None of them has said so. He just hoped they would not find out. They found out. But if they understood the NSA, they already knew. Their voters have now found out.

Will anyone believe this story? I cannot imagine why. Maybe Obama did order it stopped. What possible evidence of this cessation of the spying can he offer? None. The NSA can do what it wants. Who can enforce rules?

Snowden has inflicted more damage on the American government than any civilian since Daniel Ellsberg released what became known as the Pentagon papers, a generation ago. The difference is this: Ellsberg’s release of papers was a one-shot affair. They undermined Lyndon Johnson’s Vietnam war policies, but they were focused on just Johnson and the war. This had tremendous repercussions, but they were all based on an initial equivalent of a thermonuclear blast. Snowden has launched the equivalent of a MIRVed missile. Warheads keep exploding. Nobody knows how many warheads the initial missile had, which is why he is such a liability to the federal government, and why he is such a benefit to the public.

The latest brouhaha was based on the fact that the NSA has been spying on senior German and French officials. These German and French officials are fully aware of the spying capacity of the United States government, and especially the NSA. The thought that these revelations are news to foreign leaders is naïve. What is disturbing to the foreign leaders is that their own domestic populations are finding out how subservient the leaders have been to the United States government, and how defenseless all domestic populations really are. It is obvious that if the NSA can spy on Angela Merkel, it can spy on anybody in Germany.

The embarrassment that this is causing national leaders is sufficient to prod Merkel and other leaders into action. They are making verbal protests. Verbal protests are utterly useless, of course.

(For the rest of the article, click the link.)

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15 thoughts on “Snowden’s Latest Offense: Letting Foreign Voters Know What Their Leaders Have Long Known

  1. Ed Snowden is sure more honest than what we have in Washington DC,, May be we could see if we could Trade Obama for him ,I'm ready to get rid of ,liar in Chief !!

  2. Texas Chris says:

    Russia would never accept Obama in trade. They'd give us Snowden for nothing, but they'll never take Obama.

    He's too communist for Russia.

  3. Bill Smith says:

    The scumbags defend their spying by saying “we have saved millions of people!” Well, name one that you saved, if there are millions of them. I think most important to these bozos is the fact that they have been caught with their pants down , so to speak. We finally find out what they really think of their loyal voters.

  4. FreeMarketAnarchist says:

    Edwin Snowden? Is that Edward Snowden's cousin or something?

  5. Dr. Charles Heckman says:

    So, the Soviet Union of North America is out for Snowden's blood because he exposed the criminal machinations of its oppressive government. It seems that voting has become just an exercise in futility. The President and Congress no longer even know what is going on. Our real American government is run by lifetime careerists in the civil service, who are free to do anything that they want. They cannot be sued because our judges have given them sovereign immunity, and they will never be prosecuted by other civil servants. As long as they stick together and do not report the criminal acts of their comrades, they will remain completely above the law.

  6. Dr. Charles Heckman says:

    As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I will have been discriminated against for employment for exactly 45 years on November 10, 2013. After working successfully as a scientist for more than 25 years in foreign countries, I returned to the United States and found that I was still unemployable in the here because I fought for the anti-Communist side in Vietnam. During appeals and lawsuits, I gathered testimony and documents proving that civil servants committed the following felonies: perjuy on two occasions during oral testimony, perjury in at least two signed affidavits, misappropriation of $20,000 to use as a bribe, obstruction of justice more than 10 times, fraud by an administrative judge of the Merit System Protection Board, and tampering with examinations to change scores, as well as a whole series of misdemeanors. The reaction of the Merit System Protection Board was, "We are an administrative Board and not a criminal court, so we have no jurisdiction over perjury or any other crimes committed at our hearings." Justice Department lawyers said that these crimes were not of interest to them, and the courts did not want to hear any evidence because they alleged that the Merit System Protection Board would take care of the matter.

  7. Dr. Charles Heckman says:

    So our civil servants have become our civil masters, and they are free to hunt down any whistleblowers to the ends of the earth. I would estimate that about half a million of my fellow Vietnam War veterans have perished in abject poverty because these corrupt rulers of our new Soviet Union covet the money that they are owed for benefits because of they war service. Between 1974 and 2001, the federal civil servants reduced the number of veterans working for the federal government by 1,100,000, the approximate number of Vietnam War vets who have experienced homelessness at some time during their lives. I would like to see Snowden elected to Congress so that he will receive immunity from prosecution for telling the truth about our corrupt government.

  8. "…which is why he is such a liability to the federal government, and why he is such a benefit to the public."
    Note the causal connection here. A liability to the government is a benefit to the public. And vice-versa, I might add. This is something we would all do well to keep in mind, always.

  9. Ne need more patriots who will maintain the secrets required to maintain a strong country.
    Honesty ,truth and revealing deception strengthen a Godly nation and I hope we will return to such a state again.
    We need a lot more Snowdens!

  10. Who DIDN'T know the NSA was, and is, spying on everyone that communicates electronically, and the CIA is spying on everyone else? Any government that DOESN'T spy on every national leader simply doesn't have the resources to do so.

  11. old_salty_dawg says:

    Snowden LIED to get his job at the NSA so how can anyone trust what he says?????? Snowden is a TRAITOR which is why Russia gave him asylum. He would have faced the death penalty here if he were to return. Well that is wh at should happen but given Obamy's record of helping TRAITORS AND TERRORISTS I doubt he would even face one charge he should.

  12. Personally I think this is a load of crap. Sure all the governments spy on each other, and have been doing so for decades. This is not news. I'm not really sure how I feel about all this but Gary North's approach to it bothers the hell out of me. Yeah yeah I don't want to trade freedom for security either, but at some point there is a trade off in todays world of rag heads with tech savvy. I don't want to see a major U.S. city devastated by radiation or worse because the NSA was caught peeking in grandma's window. Somehow I don't think Snowden is the hero that some are making him out to be. In any case shame on the government for being dumb enough to allow him to access sensitive material. What really worries me is just how stupid these bureaucrats really are.

  13. GO ED GO! HELP KILL OFF THE STUPID ASSED CLOWNS IN DC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. And just what lie was that?

  15. Sir, President Obama is our Treason Man In Chief. Walid Shoebat worked for Yasser Arafat as an assassin after high school. Then he was sent to the U.S. to convert the population to Islam. To prepare for that he read the Holy Bible from cover to cover – a process which converted him to Christianity. From him: Each Islamic house of worship contains a large cache of both explosives and weapons. The raid on one in Oklahoma confirmed his statement. A Tennessee Imam speaks and is truthful and blunt: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/10/tennessee-imam-