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Security Breaches on www.Healthcare.gov

Posted on October 29, 2013

What if they have to start over? Will Obama allow this? Probably not. Should he? Yes. Here’s why.

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The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said Obamacare’s Web site, already a tangled mess, might need to be rebuilt from scratch to to protect against cyber-thieves because he fears it’s not a safe place right now for health-care consumers to deposit their personal information.

“ I know that they’ve called in another private entity to try to help with the security of it. The problem is, they may have to redesign the entire system,” Rep. Mike Rogers said on Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” political talk show. “The way the system is designed, it is not secure.”

Returning to questions he raised last week at a chaotic oversight hearing on Obamacare, Rogers said healthcare.gov could be vulnerable to cyber-mischief because of a potentially leaky data-sharing arrangement between the seven federal agencies that manage different parts of Obamacare.

“That’s the weakest, most vulnerable part,” Rogers said of the data portals between agencies. “And it was clear to me they don’t have those boundaries secure.”

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5 thoughts on “Security Breaches on www.Healthcare.gov

  1. The best way to do this would be to require all severs on this site to accept only HTTPS: logins.

  2. Of course these servers would also have to be equipped with th elatest and most effective anti malware protection, but this is a given althoug it now appears tht it was never thought about.

  3. Just dump the whole thing and get rid of obummercare. Get the government out of the insurance business and keep it out.

  4. There is only one security flaw in http://www.healthcare.gov. The ENTIRE website is a security breach. The entire 'Affordable Care Act' is a security breach.

  5. That wouldn't even scratch the surface of the security breach that IS Obamacare.