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The A-Team Cometh! Affordable Healthcare is Just Around the Corner.

Written by Gary North on October 28, 2013

Jeffrey Zients assures us that www.Healthcare.gov will be fully functional at the end of November.

Who is he? He is a former CEO who has no experience in computers. He was once the chief performance officer — whatever that is — of the Office of Management and Budget. Then, for some reason, he wasn’t.

He is a go-to guy. If he says the site will be OK, well then, it will be OK. That’s because he is a go-to guy.

Obama has gone to him. Obama can rest assured that, come December 1, the site will be ready for prime time.

Who are the programmers who have said Zients is correct? I have found none. That is obviously because programmers are not go-to guys. They are not on top of the problem the way Zients is.

When a former head of the Office of Management and Budget says that the digits will be working in a month, those digits will be working.

Zients will call in the A-team.

Why was the A-team not in charge from day one? Because, as we know now, there were no rival bids considered.

But now the A-team will be on duty. Where will Zients get this A-team? He has not said. Why will they drop what they are doing, and head for Washington? He has not said. How do you recruit the best and the brightest on a moment’s notice? He has not said. But he will. Trust him.

Obama does.

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2 thoughts on “The A-Team Cometh! Affordable Healthcare is Just Around the Corner.

  1. Kathy Sudduth says:

    Sounds a lot like the situation in Topeka, Ks where it would take hours of standing inline to try to get your car tags. They just did not know what they were doing!

  2. A preview of life under "Single Payer"?