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Interpol Secretary General: “Arm Civilians”

Posted on October 25, 2013

Now here’s an idea. . . .

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Following last month’s terrorist attack at a Westgate shopping mall in Kenya, which left 72 dead and over 200 people injured, the Secretary General of the Interpol is considering what some may call a “controversial” solution to public safety, international security and terrorist prevention.

What is the Secretary General’s suggestion? Arm law-abiding citizens.

In an interview with ABC News, Secretary General Ronald Noble elaborated on that idea, noting that there are two paths governments can go down to protect “soft targets” or unarmed civilians from terrorists and sociopaths. The first is to move in the direction of a police state with armed guards, security checkpoints, surveillance cameras and metal detectors everywhere. The other is to encourage responsible citizens to keep and bear arms for self-defense.

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6 thoughts on “Interpol Secretary General: “Arm Civilians”

  1. Glad someone is talking some sense, even if it is in another country. Kenyan in our WH, take notice!

  2. Great idea since no law guarantees criminals will obey ANY gun law. Having a legal gun in citizen’s hand will even things up a bit.

  3. "Quick! Cue another sex scandal or the Natalie Wood cold case so the peasants don't start getting ideas of their own about the Second Amendment and owning firearms!"

  4. PAUL V. LUTZ says:

    Along with arming private citizens is the required training program completion. Very little more dangerous than an unschooled
    armed person.

  5. Hmph! Seems to me that a school armed person working under the color of "law" has proven to be much more dangerous than any private citizen.

    NKVD "special action squads", CHON special action squads, Einsatzgruppen, etc. left a lot of dead bodies in their wake throughout the world since 1917.

  6. Of course the Secretary General of Interpol is wrapped a lot tighter than the Secretary General of the UN. The UN is still pushing a global cun control treaty to keep guns out of the hands of civilians. The terrrorists have already anticipated Interpol's suggestion, and have already run a mile with actions to undo it.

    And Hillary wanted the U.S. Senate to ratify the treaty.