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Video: Carney Walks Out. ObamaCare Questions Annoyed Him.

Written by Gary North on October 23, 2013

Reporters wanted to ask questions about Healthcare.gov. White House spokesman Jay Carney did not want to answer them. So, he walked out.

Isn’t YouTube great?

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48 thoughts on “Video: Carney Walks Out. ObamaCare Questions Annoyed Him.

  1. Sammys Dad says:

    When you can't , in all good conscience, answer, even with a lie, walk out.

  2. Bob Marshall says:

    Congress should have to live under the same laws we do.

  3. This proves nothing. All news conferences end. When they end, everyone walks out. I am definitely not a Carney supporter, but this looks like a fraudulent and amateurish attempt to smear him. The same clip could be made of every news conference that has ever been held. Shame on you for trying to pass this off as yet another nasty trick by Obama and his cohorts. Actually, it has the opposite effect upon me. It almost makes me sympathize with them because of creeps like you.

  4. you are right
    congress dont sign up or the presedent
    we dont sign up
    he has to lead by example
    whitch he has not done for yrs

  5. ok
    more coolaid for you
    on the house [free]

  6. did you get your free phone yet
    its in the mail

  7. Dale Alber says:

    Im All our years have we ever seen a mouth for the president
    as stupid as this one is!!

  8. EHeassler_USN Ret. says:

    Even obama's paid liar can't handle this fiasco. There is absolutely no excuse for incompetence on such a massive scale as the squandering of over $325M on software that not only doesn't work, but hadn't even been beta tested before it's roll-out. Unbelievable!

  9. DenverKitty says:

    fiddle, you got your name right…as the U.S. of A. burns by Oslimey's match, you fiddle.

  10. You can have sympathy for Carney if you want. But it doesn't change the fact that Obamacare is one big mess. The government stooges that were supposed to have the system up and running, (they only had 3 years) have botched it. And these are the people you want in charge of your personal info and health care decisions. Obamacare is so complicated and convoluted that no one can even began to understand anything about it. Hidden taxes, fees, and outright lies permeate this whole nightmare. Carney just ran out of handy lies. Don't worry, he will be back with more.

  11. grumpy3625 says:

    It proves everything. We have witnessed the tap dancing and breathtaking lies of Obama’s mouthpiece for longer than I care to vomit now. There comes a time when you simply run out of lies and the only response is to angrily walk away fantasizing that your inquisitor is going to feel sorry for asking you to fess up.

  12. It looks to me as if the bunch of you are hopeless and not deserving of any reply; nevertheless, I have to say that I did not express any opinions, pro or con, about Obama, Obamacare, Democrats, or any of your other Demons. All I pointed out was that the video appears to be an outstanding example of fraud. I'm sure that none of you cares about fraud perpetuated on your behalf, but most people (I would like to think so, anyway) dislike it wherever it appears. None of you seems very bright, but you should be able to understand that ANY news conference could be manipulated in this way, although this particular manipulation is so clumsy that only people of your quality could be deceived. All news conferences end. All news conferences end with the speakers walking out. All news conference videos can easily be edited so that only the "walk-out" portion is shown. Fortunately, only people of limited intelligence-like the people here–are fooled by such transparent tricks. In closing, I admit that Carney MAY have left too early. It's just that no proof of that is shown. To fairly draw that conclusion, you'd have to see more than the doctored video. Of course, that doesn't apply to you. For you, there's no hope.

  13. Doug Rodrigues says:

    Obama's Minister of Propaganda can't take the heat, and you're feeling sorry for him?

  14. I give up. There's just no hope for you people. You just can't get it through your heads that the issue in this case is not about Obama, Obamacare, or Carney. The issue is about the people who "doctored" that video, those who labeled and posted it, and about the conclusions that can reasonably be drawn from that snippet. None of you seems to be capable of realizing that the same technique can be used just as easily to discredit your heroes. Try to use your limited intelligence to understand that to you would have to see at least the preceding thirty-seconds to draw any kind of a valid conclusion. Aren't you at all curious as to why the clip started where it did? No, I guess not. Well, at least I have learned that this is one site not worth visiting. I should bookmark it to make sure that I don't make the same mistake again.

  15. "None of you seems very bright"

    "Try to use your limited intelligence"

    Out of curiosity fiplepop, what is your IQ? For a man who likes to strut around and act if he is smarter than everyone else here, I am curious if you really are as intelligent as you claim or if you are just bullshitting.

  16. Straw man, ad hominem, disingenuousness,…. I'd say he's bullshitting. IQ probably 100 to 105 — a trainable monkey, but nothing stellar.

  17. I'll never get why idiots like you feel it necessary to sympathize with professional criminals.

  18. Advise for you:

    Go into your bathroom and look in the mirror from time to time. Maybe you'll finally learn something.

    " Well, at least I have learned that this is one site not worth visiting. I should bookmark it to make sure that I don't make the same mistake again."

    Cool. We don't need people with the IQ of a carrot here anyway. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


  19. This is going to be Obama's "legacy" and how he will be remembered in the history books (for the dwindling number of Americans who can read above an 8th-grade level).

  20. Yeah, as everyone has said, the foremost question is "Why isn't Jay Carney on Obamacare?"

  21. Carney is just not smart enough. He could not answer questions that the OBVIOUS ANSWER was going to look bad. So he walked out. Now WHEN will the media POINT THAT OUT.

  22. AD Roberts says:

    LOL Is that the best you have. LOL

  23. AD Roberts says:

    This is all part of the plan. Spend 700 million. Creat a system that does not work. Then throw up your hands and say, "Well we tried. I guess we will just have to have government health care for everyone, (but us)"

  24. This congress and past ones are so corrupt that the American people have finally had enough. As for Obama's administration, where do you start, liars and thieves the whole bunch. If congress wasn't so corrupt so many would be facing jail time. Come on people, LETS CLEAN HOUSE IN 2014!!!!

  25. Remember how big a liar Oblammer WAS when Carney worked for Hitlary??? Now he's in Oblammers pocket!!!

  26. Jim Johnson says:

    Poor little baby got his feeling hurt, now he getting his loving from the king to make him feel better.

  27. But there is NO denying the constant arrogant, condescending tone that Carney directs at questioners (such as Ed Henry) whom he suspects of believing ANYTHING that differs from the official script of The Regime. Dig up clips of the press briefings late last week and you'll see a couple of fine examples. Mr. Carney has a wife and two children, so we know he DOES have balls. Perhaps one day, for their sake, he'll discover that he also has a CONSCIENCE, and will resign to write a terrific history of his years as The Regime's mouthpiece. Now that is one book I'd buy.

  28. someone should wipe that smirk off his face.

  29. This guy? has the mentality of a person with an IQ of almost 30. He probably forgot to ask Obamay if he could use his teleprompter .

  30. You overlook the obvious!! Carney, the mouthpiece for our fraud President, has a history of not answering questions that make him uncomfortable. He constantly denigrates critics and is condescending towards anyone who dares to question Barry and his motives. To say that you sympathize with someone who skates around legitimate questions says tons about you own intelligence and judgment. This clip is NOT and amateurish attempt to smear BO; it merely reinforces the belief held by sensible Americans that this fraud President adopts the dictatorial position of ""My way or the highway!!"

  31. He probably is In Obamamers care!

  32. fibblepooper: Just another Obama teat sucker!

  33. If you were for real, you would start a rival blog of your own to counter/refute Gary North's opinions. You would work your way up in the Alexa & Google rankings until you were one of the most-visited sites on the internet, if you had anything worthwhile to say or worth listening to.

    But you know you don't.

  34. Apparently the top Obama employee is tired of covering up the lies and false statement that were made about the Obama care being good for any of us. It a bad bill everyone should know it by now. Congress need to do the right thing and replace it with a good bill that will work for everyone.

  35. 2 things:
    1. You can see the woman journalist continuing to finish asking the Q she was in the middle of when Carney walked out. You are an apologist who will ASSUME anything, no matter how far-fetched, to maintain your religiously zealous love for the cult of Obama — that's sure what you make yourself sound like.
    2. The history of the site which posted this is one of absolute reliability. They have too much to lose — all their readers followed by all their paying advertisers — to fudge a story like this. Get a brain. On top of it, if they were stupid enough to risk that anyway, why would they pick on a relative inessential like this? There are many people in the Admin far more important than Carney, and there are many things you could fudge them doing than walking out of a Press Conference. Go ahead, you have another free chance to try and get a brain.

  36. I admit you're right that it would have had the benefit of shutting up people like you if the prior bit of what happened had been included. However, that isn't necessary at all if you really watch what is shown. The woman is IN THE MIDST of asking the question at the start of the video, and continues uninterrupted as the camera switches to her. Yes, I know that voices can be dubbed by cutting and splicing, but you ALSO see the faces showing indecision and a bit of perplexity on the faces of the audience of journalist, and hear background questions addressed to the crowd, out loud, asking for "at least" some rep to answer questions, logically implying that questions weren't being answered, and such an outbreak is pretty rare at ongoing press conferences. As the meeting subsequently starts to gradually break up while the majority just sit there — very unlike other press conferences — it is all consistent with what the presenters of the video claim for it. If they are telling the truth — as their record shows they do — and if they know their readership knows they tell the truth — then the video contains everything they need to see to know that (a) Carney walked out and (b) questions were not being answered on some TOPIC (not just A question, but all or at least many questions of the press on A particular topic were not being answered. This is known by the question posed in an obviously disappointed/frustrated manner by some unknown reporter in the audience. She was begging for answers from at least SOMEONE. Finally, this is a matter of record, and if it weren't correct there would be scads of refutations all over the leftie websites showing everything you ask for to prove that it was not true. There aren't any, which is evidence that such does not exist, and the claims the video was intended to illustrate are true.

    On a site like this, the kind of absolute proof you are demanding is not observed by anyone of any political persuasion unless by coincidence sufficient evidence to constitute proof happens to be inextricably entwined in the video segment offered. When someone's telling the truth, when their very job is to impart correct knowledge to its "clients" who are its readers, it is typical to explain the truth briefly in bottom-line words, and then show the confirming evidence in a video. This was not about some factual issue which will have extremely important consequences, but just a side comment, in effect, saying “we told you so” or “here he goes again” about an individual’s unlikable persona. Not a big deal worthy of wasting time on providing bullet-proof confirmation for it.

    IE, you demand an unnecessary amount of PROOF from all directions, which is actually impossible by your own standards. EVEN IF THE PREVIOUS 30 SECONDS YOU DEMAND WERE INCLUDED, then if they had proven the claim to be true, EVERY ONE OF YOUR CRITIQUES COULD STILL HAVE BEEN MADE DESPITE YOUR CLAIM THAT THAT 30 SECONDS IS ESSENTIAL: NAMELY THAT VIDEOS CAN BE SPUN AND DUBBED AND SO FORTH. You could still have asked, as the camera switched from the 30 seconds of the woman’s questioning to Carney's refusal to answer "How do we know the tape wasn't cut?"

    EVERY VIDEO, no matter how accurate and true, can be cut/pasted/dubbed/etc. in ways that are undetectable unless you take very special investigative and analytical steps.

    So again, try to REALLY think it through. We can't go around constantly providing the proof surrounding every word or image we utter or display. Sometimes, more or less evidence is necessary. In this case, it not such a big deal — it isn't a claim that Obama stole the election via fraud, or that Eric Holder lied 17 more times than previously reported. It's just a side issue, showing what a boor Carney can be — just a little confirmation of what most of us know about him already from observing his live press conferences. CONTEXT IS ESSENTIAL. If you think this was a distortion, I'm sure you can find the previous 30 seconds and more of the event on the web using google or other search engine. If YOU really think someone went to the effort to "spin" this minor event, then the burden's on you to prove it, since the proof does require a LITTLE effort, but most won't exert it becasue they've learned that the accuracy of this site can be trusted.

    I have a bit more to say on this, but will post it after sending this, just following it

  37. read the replies to "fipplepop" above and find out why he/she has shut up. Click on "replies" in blue under her second post above. She's the one being illogical while impugning the intelligence of everyone else who's being thoroughly logical, which is demonstrated conclusively. I'd guess he/she's too embarrassed to reply because there is no adequate reply she can come up with.

  38. Carl D Sedillo says:

    Hitler's propaganda minister was Goebbels. Obama's propagandist name is Carney. The only difference is if you differed with Goebbels you surely wouldn't see the sun rise. Maybe that what we will come to expect from this Administration.

  39. That is the way liberals are. When they can't give a logical answer (an illogical person cannot give a logical answer)
    they avoid the questions.

  40. He don't know any more about Obama care than anyone else that's the reason he walked out he doesn't know how to answer them.

  41. Thought the cost was $634Million

  42. Jay Carney cracks me up—the dictionary says a carney is a "person who works for a carnival". Doesn't that fit him? Doesn't carnival describe the wacko bunch in the White House? "C'mon in folks! C'mon in and see the Kenyan snake, the fat lady, the man without a brain, the biggest collections of wackos in DC….!

  43. Rude, crude and corrupt. Yep, he makes the perfect stooge.

  44. oh look.

    Public servants not serving the public.

    Fire them all.

    And "it's too hard" isn't a fraking excuse.

  45. Richard Holmes says:

    Typical DAMNOCRAT. Redirect, misdirect, misinform, spin, lie, or just don't answer. You could hang a democrat and IT would lie with ITs' last breath that the neck you were stretching was not ITs neck. And probably blame it on Bush.

  46. Try $800 million. That's what I heard.

  47. James Hopkins says:

    feel sorry for who? Obama said that we would have to pass the bill so we could read it. now that this bill is law and we have read it we have questions and he don’t want to answer. Really?
    Thats Carney’s job. Answering questions. what you should feel sorry for are all the little babies that don’t even understand debt and the money they have to pay back. pathetic lib puke

  48. feel sorry for who? Obama said that we would have to pass the bill so we could read it. now that this bill is law and we have read it we have questions and he don’t want to answer. Really? Thats Carney’s job. Answering questions. what you should feel sorry for are all the little babies that don’t even understand debt and the money they have to pay back. pathetic lib puke