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Sebelius Never Warned Obama About Healthcare.gov

Written by Gary North on October 23, 2013

There is incompetence in government, but Kathleen Sebelius has set a new record of nonperformance.

In a CNN interview, she said that she did not personally test www.Healthcare.gov. Why not? Because she had insurance. “I have not tried signing up because I have insurance.”

Of course she has insurance. She works for the government. There are no crummy ObamaCare policy options in her life. She’s covered.

When did the President find out about the problems? The day the site opened. “Well, I think it became clear fairly early on, the first couple of days.” It became clear. Yes.

Nobody warned him? No. “I think that we talked about having testing going forward.” But then again, maybe not. It’s all a little hazy.

How does the mistress of mayhem describe the site? “Well, I think there certainly are some challenges. It could be smoother. It could be easier to access.”

This woman does not understand what has happened to her, her boss, and comedy routines on late-night TV.

It is always entertaining to watch some high-level bureaucrat explain why, in full public view, the bottom has dropped out. We get to hear the language of evasion. He speaks of “challenges.” This is a code word for “disaster.”

She said: “It could have been smoother.” That is a bureaucratic response suitable for this question: “How effective was the Navy’s response at Pearl Harbor?”

Is the site a complete and total disaster? Of course not. “People are signing up every day.” How many people? The White House is not saying. No one is saying. Just “people.” At least two.

You know a bureaucrat is in trouble when she begins to spew out raw numbers, but not the key number: the number of completed transactions.

. . . if we had an ideal situation and could have built a product and, you know, a five-year period of time, we probably would have taken five years but we didn’t have five years. And certainly, Americans who rely on health coverage didn’t have five years for us to wait. We wanted to make sure we made good on this final implementation of the law. And again, people can sign up. The call center is open for business. We’ve had 1,100,000 calls. We’ve had 19 million people visit the website. Five-hundred thousand accounts created and people shopping every day. So, people are signing up and there’s help in neighborhoods around the country that people can have a one-on-one visit with a trained navigator and figure out how to sign up. So people are able to sign up.

This is verbal squid’s ink. This is a smoke trail streaming out of the engine of a World War II fighter plane that is heading into the ocean. We are waiting for the pilot’s parachute to open.

After initially stonewalling, she has agreed to testify before Congress. That will be fun to watch. C-Span will be there. The networks will be there, looking for a sound byte. Jon Stewart’s note-takers will be there, gathering snippets for his opening segment.

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46 thoughts on “Sebelius Never Warned Obama About Healthcare.gov

  1. Sebelius had a responsibility to check out the website!

  2. And if you think that she didn't let Jughead know about the little problems pertaining to the website, you really need to commit yourself……

  3. Bill Smith says:


  4. Sammys Dad says:

    More of Sebelius' male cattle excrement. More deceit. More lies. Just like Benghazi, protect BO' arse no matter what. The buck sure will never stop at his desk, not with this useful morons parading around delving out bits and pieces of excrement wherever they go. And America merrily and gladly accepts these dingle berries as gospel. How disgusting and errant has America become continuing to follow a decrepit spewing impostor who has proven over and over again he doesn't care about results as long as they are bad for America.

  5. RivahMitch says:

    Sorry but you're giving the Kenyan marxist and it's minions the benefit of the doubt when you say they "don't have a clue". Most likely, this is intentional. If your goal is to destroy the American economy, lifestyle, middle class and Constitutional government in order to install a totalitarian communist replacement, making sure nothing is working right becomes a strategy rather than a mistake. Semper Fi!

  6. SpiderMike says:

    Of course Obama knew this would not work. The Regime is a cabal of liars. Never trust a grown man (Obama) who says his favorite TV program is 'Modern Family'. How very "light in the loafers" of him.

  7. Throw every dam government employee in the ocean. They are all a bunch of over pay leeches on society. Including those in my family that work for the government

  8. bless2live says:

    I don't care anything about obamacare, working or not as long as it is gone!

  9. tiacarolann says:



  10. RivahMitch hit it on the head. Any thinking individual knows when he is being scammed. The last three Presidents set the stage for this Marxist. This is the take over of America. We are at the pivotal moment when America will become a totalitarian state or not. Be vigilant.

  11. Are you kidding! This was supposed to be his claim to fame, the piece of legislation that he thought would put him in the history books! And he thought sign my name and never think about it again? If he was concerned that it would work perfect he would have watched. and as far as no one telling hin anything… he is the Presidenr for God's sake.. he should have enough sense to ask! If that's the case then he is even a bigger idiot than I know he is! And if he did keep up with it then its all lies! Someone is going to have to take the blame…. And as everyone knows he never takes blame!

  12. I’m not a computer expert, I don’t build websites,” Carney said.

    When asked whether Administration officials would cooperate with a Congressional inquiry into the $500 million failed website, Carney called into question Congress’s ability to conduct a “legitimate” investigation.

    “I’m just saying that everybody here that wasn’t born yesterday has seen questionable congressional oversight in the past,” he said.

  13. The government never tested any of this. Heck, they never even read it befor passing it. My company spends at least 2 years testing software prior to sending it out to the public. The BOT and CEO are all informed on every step. This is government for you.

  14. What would they do if they had a denial of service attack on the website? Multiple of millions of robo coumputers all logging on at the same time? It would have been almost as bad.

  15. you know they are all represented by an ass. also just read that they infringed on our right to bear arms by signing some thing with the united nations. but that has to be unconstitutional too. are these people wanting to die or what?

  16. Daniel Spickard says:

    She's just as incompetent as the rest of this administration. Why would you think that any one part of this administration was any more competent than the head, who is only as smart as a fifth grade child, and as spoiled as one! This healthcare train wreck is coming, and it's coming fast. People need to watch out for all of the healthcare scammers out there. This is the biggest screw up this administration has done to date. Anybody else would have built a web site and tested it before they started up a business. This only goes to show you how incompetent the Obama Administration really is. We need to take back control of the senate in order to straighten out what this administration single handedly destroyed.

  17. Daniel Spickard says:

    What would happen if an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) were to hit and take out the whole system?

  18. Jeanne Stotler says:

    Anyone who believes Obama wasn't told of the problems, well I have some land about midway between Naples and Miami for sale. She sends almost as much time at the WH as does Obama, and it's her JOB to keep him informed.

  19. Jeanne Stotler says:

    Are they all brain dead, There is no way a sane person should be standing up and covering for an inept boss, time for some of these people to grow spines and spill the beans as to what is going on an WHO"S RUNNING this show.

  20. Jeanne Stotler says:

    My son does, he programs satalites, and he say's this is all BS, that they have wasted money. A good program co. could have done it with proper info, it starts in the WH, constant changing of this or that, supending this item, adding this one, NO ONE could have kept up with his changes and mandates.

  21. Sebelius is the consummate bureaucrat. She surely deserves a pay raise. The bigger the problem the more taxpayer money and control is required to fix it. In the eyes of every big-government ideologue, Sebelius’ strategy is brilliant. Bureaucratic failure is always fixed by increasing staff, budget and power.

  22. Regardless of whether of not she had insurance, it was her job to make sure the program worked correctly. After all she had no problem taking money out of medicare, or making the rounds begging for sums from the very people she would be overseeing, to pay for obamacare.
    As the head of HHS, she is responsible and a nickle to a donut, she not only knew of the problems but informed obama. But she will suffer a memory loss or lie as did Clinton, the head of the IRS, the NSA, and others that appear before congress.

  23. POTUS, must be the MOST Uninformed Pres. Of The United States I’ve EVER Known Since we’ve become a Nation… Or Refuses to take Blame for Anything OR ALL OF THE ABOVE

  24. BS they are all in this togeather and keep passing the blame. The failure in chief could care less about this country and has to go . The sooner the better

  25. Cabinet members are just cheer leaders for the executive branch, paid to get out their pom-poms and rave about what a brilliant job their boss is doing. Sebelius actually said the reason the site is crashing and inoperable is because Obamacare is so popular and so many people are trying to sign up!

  26. Can't be fixed. Underlying design is flawed. Just piling failure upon failure. Interesting statistic: healthcare.gov cost more to develop (and still turn into epic fail) than Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter combined!

    Think of typing something into Bing or Google and getting a message back saying "Your search results will be ready in February 2014!"

  27. The fact that she did not check because she already has insurance is indicative of government officials in general. Do you suppose all this bodewash would be taking place if all of the government officials in all 3 branches were REQUIRED to have Obama care ? Of course not.! The problems would have been solved immediately, if not sooner. Maybe the government officials forgot what happened to Marie Antoinette when said : " Let them eat cake."

  28. RealTruth13 says:

    This administration never takes responsibility and is lazy and refuses to do the job. They are to busy attempting to destroy the country and their opposition that they never get the people's work done. It is one thing after another and they always claim Obama did not know. This is either done deliberately to give him ability to deny or he is one of the dumbest incompetent leaders there has ever been. He is being given a pass and never held responsible. Any Conservative would be held 50 times more accountable. Any Democrat white male would be held 5 times as accountable.

    Either way he is the lowest and lousy president this country has ever had. He is a gangster and a conman.

  29. Obamacare will be like Stalin imposing collective farming and starving millions of Ukrainians to death. Substitute health care for farming and senior citizens for Ukrainians.

  30. Bull S it. We have loads of that in Washington d.c. Talk about organic!

  31. The democrats like to say that capitalism does not work. They all made a lot of money off the capitalist system and it has worked for all these years in spite of the politicians, not because of them. Obama and his cronies will stop at nothing short of destroying our way of life and destroying our economy.
    *** Juan Williams (on the Oriely factor ) has said that when Obama said he was against raising the debt ceiling, we should not have paid attention to that because it was just a political statement that he knew would not pass. I have heard him say that twice. What does that mean? Does it mean it is acceptable to tell something that is not true because you are a politician and everyone knows that you can't believe anything they say? Juan was fired from the liberal public station just 2 months before his contract was up. I suppose he doesn't belong anywhere. That would be my vote.

  32. Bravo!

    There are Pulitzers waiting out there unclaimed, just waiting for some real journalist to break this administration wide open.
    The problem is that there is nobody willing to die for writing the articles.
    Andrew Breitbart may win one someday posthumously, if the country survives and people come to their senses.

    For now, podunc1 will suffice.

  33. What would happen if we had someone in the White House who knew what he was doing?
    What would happen if someone in HHS was not completely incompetent?
    What would happen if we held people responsible when they do something bad?

    What if pigs had wings, could they fly?

    We have an administration where the most evil man in the country is in charge and he has hired the most incompetent people in the country to be his assistants.
    Unfortunately, Obama is always the smartest man in the room, but he has no morals, and he hates the country.

  34. They can't even build a WEB site that works.

    And they want to run our health care system?

    Any tenth grade student who was computer savvy, could have written the WEB site for a hundred bucks.

  35. Whether it works or it doesn't work, you and I will be paying for it for the rest of our lives.

  36. So you agree with Obama.

    It's Bush's fault.

    Get real. Obama and his minions and George Soros and the Muslims get the blame for this one.

  37. WhiteFalcon says:

    Kathleen Sebelius is a totally incompetent airhead. So what else is news? This is the best this Government has to offer. Aren't you proud?

  38. Kathy Sudduth says:

    Well, well, well !!! Is it not so nice of her to shoulder the blame! It seems to be what this administration is the best at! The blame game!

  39. Bob Marshall says:

    Congress should have to live under the same laws the public does and that includes health insurance.

  40. bless2live says:

    Sebelius stupidity maybe the best thing for America in getting rid of of obama and obamacare! She maybe up for the Nobel Peace Prize!

  41. If you really think The Dear Leader was blissfully ignorant of all this and Sebelius is solely responsible, then I've got some ocean front property in Montana to sell you. She's taking the blame, period. Certainly not the first time Der Fuehrer has hidden behind Sebelius' skirts.
    But then, Americans did believe that a low level WH flunky got fired because he ordered Air Force One to fly low over NY city, resulting in some very terrified citizens. Any idea what is involved before AF One even leaves the ground? But why confuse people with facts.

  42. And obama is ultimately responsible for knowing about all that was going on. If you had a signature project in the works, would you not want timely and periodic updates as to the progress and any problems that might have been encountered……prior to it's roll out??????
    Obama IS ultimately responsible.

  43. when there is no penalty for doing a crappy job what is the motivation for the extra effort and going out of your way to do an outstanding job

  44. Based on Sebelius's numbers, less than half of the people who visited the site were able to create an account. You can't access anything on the website until you create an account, so more than half couldn't do anything on the website. I've also heard that many people that created an account, couldn't login afterwards, so many (if not most) of the accounts created don't work. This is a collosal failure. In reality, compared to the number of people in the country. There weren't many people that even tried to use the website.

  45. Carl D Sedillo says:

    Ms. Sebelius shouldn't have to advise the Pres. He appointed 26 Whitehouse Czars that have command responsibility over what ever Department they were given authority to manage. Secretaries have responsibility without authority. How screwed up can the Government become. Does anyone know the names or their area of responsibility of these Czars? What University did the Pres attend. He sure doesn't know how to manage—and that has become self-evident.

  46. Hi Carl,
    You're absolutely right. Sebelius shouldn't have to advise the president. Obama should make it his responsibility to know exactly what is going on. Instead he hides behind a woman's skirts and let's her take the fall. The mark of a real man.
    Can you imagine the CEO of any major corporation whining about how he/she only learned of a problem with the company while at a cocktail party or because he/she read it in the local paper, let's see, last Friday? Then tries to dump it on his secretary to take the flak?
    Yet we continue to let Obama dump on Sebelius. We should hold HIM accountable and demand answers from him and only from him.