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Cong. Grayson: “Tea Party = KKK”

Written by Gary North on October 23, 2013

Congressman Alan Grayson is a Democrat. He recently sent out a fundraiser equating the Tea Party with the KKK.


This is good news. When a politician goes looking for someone to demonize, in order to raise funds, he searches for the hard core. Conservatives used to scare donors with the words “Teddy Kennedy.” Liberals used the words “Jesse Helms.” But with the departure of those iconic figures, fundraising has become more difficult.

With Congressman Grayson targeting a group rather than an individual, he is helping to elevate the Tea Party into negative icon status. This will help create name identification.

Senator Cruz may make it as a replacement for Senator Helms. His filibuster against ObamaCare surely gave him front-runner status in the Helms-replacement sweepstakes. The position has been open for a decade.

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60 thoughts on “Cong. Grayson: “Tea Party = KKK”

  1. bouboulina says:

    Was it the usual Dem-facilitated voter fraud that got this walking travesty elected or are there really that many morons in his district? Anyway, criticism by the likes of Grayson can only be qualified as praise. All this Tea Party-bashing shows that the movement is alive & well & scaring the organized traitors who are trying to bring America down.

  2. Sammys Dad says:

    Grayson is certifiably psychotic as were the people who voted him back in. He is a disgusting despicable looney neanderthal with no common sense or conscience spewing forth lies, deceit, and falsehoods trying to impress a base of fools.The only people who take him seriously is the left media and then they don't believe his crap but print it anyway.

  3. deniseandros says:

    Where are all of the sanctimonious Democrats who supposedly loath the language of "hate?' Obviously, they only hate it if it doesn't spew from out of their filthy mouths first. Grayson is the poster boy for liberals, and an Obama boot licker, nothing more!

  4. retiredcaptain says:

    I'd say liberals are hypocrites, but to be a hypocrite you must have moral values. Liberals don't have any!

    Alan Grayson Uses Cross-Burning Image In Email Comparing Tea Party To KKK

    CNBC host calls for Mexican music on segment about Ted Cruz: http://youtu.be/ukvCUWh8Tfo

    These AREN'T "cherry picked" attacks, insults, propaganda, ethnic slurs or bigoted untruths – they're just the latest two!

  5. The KKK was an advent of the Democratic Party…Who terroirzed and murdered thousands of blacks and white Republicans as well during and after the Civil War…Shame on Grayson for equating tea party folk with those of his own kind!

  6. Stuart Shepherd says:

    The democrats are the party of hate. They are ruthlessly vicious and amoral. sociopaths. Sociopaths will always win until confronted with violent uprising, otherwise they will continue to accumulate power through any and every means available and crush their opposition through any and every means available, up to and including, without remorse, execution and termination. If you don't think it can happen here, you're a fool. If you don't realize it IS happening here- likewise, and probably the first victim.

  7. …. The KKK was of the Democratic Party ….

    Reckon that will be the only lasting reminder to come out of Grayson's ghastly goof-balling, too.

    Wasn't long ago half the southern "Democrats" and the sage of the senate were all KKK and/or segregationists or worse and a from-time-to-time reminder lets in a little light on that fact and is as if a refreshment of the Tree of Liberty.

  8. deniseandros says:

    Greetings Stuart,

    How long do you think we have before we are carted off to FEMA Camp? I know that the powers of darkness will prevail for a short while, so this evil cabal that currently runs the world, will be destroyed by David's greater Son, Jesus. So really, it is only a matter of having genuine faith and endurance.

  9. Actually, definitively it already HAS been destroyed. Recheck the statue in Daniel out and note the Roman Empire has been destroyed, the 5th empire, that of the Son, has permanently replaced the statue in Daniel and is a mountain filling the earth.

  10. I guess you didn't read your history books well enough. The so-called "Democrats" of the South were the conservative ones, and they turned into the Republican party.

  11. Funny, because nearly all voter fraud has been perpetrated by Republicans. It's a fact. You should look it up.

  12. Stuart Shepherd says:

    what do you think they (the government, Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano) bought up billions of rounds of .22 caliber ammo for. this is a fact. you cannot buy .22 caliber ammo, the formerly most commonly purchased type of ammo. Try looking yourself over the internet. It is a known and open fact that the government bought up all the .22 caliber, not an urban legend. One can say that they bought it as a form of gun control, but what can or will they do with it? In actuality, both (the gun control and the use) are 2 sides of the same coin, anyway. Each day I try to put things in God's hands, but I understand the preppers now and I've availed of the 2nd ammendment in non-.22 caliber ways.

  13. Grayson was one of the most outspoken and relentless critics of TARP and taxpayer bail-outs to the "too-big-to-fail" banks, and when the people rise up in righteous rage and activism at all the criminality in Washington, he smears them as "KKK"???

  14. The left always demonizes anyone who disagrees with their agenda. Here is the Tea Party's mission statement. Will somone please tell me how they resemble the KKK or any other of the names that have been thrown their way.
    We of the Tea Party Patriots have a three-pronged mission:
    1. Have a Constitutionally Limited Government.
    2. Have Free Markets with limited government involvement.
    3. Have a Fiscally Responsible government.
    If that resembles the KKK, I will kiss your derriere on the city hal lawn at noon, and give you an hour to draw a crowd. And NO, I am not a Tea Party member.

  15. Shane,
    You are the one who needs to read history.
    Name for us the "conservative" Democrats who turned Republican.
    Former klan recruiter and long time Democrat senator Robert Byrd never switched parties. Neither did Democrat segregationists J.Wm Fulbright or Al Gore Sr. Democrat Senators Lyndon Johnson and John Kennedy opposed the civil rights bill put forward by Republican president Eisenhower, fearing they would offend southern Democrats if they supported it. Thankfully the Republicans were there to help President Johnson pass civil and voting rights bills, considering the Democrats, including Byrd, Gore, and Fulbright were filibustering.
    Oh and that Democrat icon Franklin Roosevelt? He signed an executive order putting thousands of American citizens in concentration camps, after confiscating everything they owned. Their crime? Japanese ancestry.
    BTW, FDR refused to give his moral backing to anti lynching legislation supported by Republicans and opposed by Democrats, much to the chagrin of Mrs. Roosevelt, who also urged her husband not to incarcerate Japanese-American men, women, children, and old people.
    Do some serious research Shane, you might actually learn something.

  16. Hi Brian,
    Grayson, obviously the first member of his family to walk upright, is blissfully ignorant of the fact the KKK was the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party. One had to be Democrat to belong. You're correct, the most notorious segregationists, including George Wallace and Bull Connor, notorious for turning fire hoses on black civil rights demonstrators, were Democrats.

  17. Kathy Sudduth says:

    Dude! You are so fricken STUPID, that you are hard to describe! I am an Independent an I find you horribly offensive! KKK MY LILY WHITE ASS!

  18. I wonder if he is even old enough to know what the Ku Klux Klan was about and that — even in the federal government — one of the most prominent names to be a card-carrying member was the late Senator Byrd from West Virginia.

  19. Democrats are failing at History. Only Democrats were the slave owning, white share-cropper controlling Aristocrats in the South. A Republican Party was created to Defeat the Confederates not fight for them , as Congressman Rangel laments. It took the first Republican President to fight slavery, issue the Emancipation Proclamation and the first Republican Congress to pass the 13th and 14th Amendments.

    The KKK! Even PBS' Rise of the KuKlux Klan gets it right: “…white supremacists were conducting a reign of terror throughout the South. In outright defiance of the Republican-led federal government, Southern Democrats formed organizations that violently intimidated blacks and Republicans who tried to win political power. The most prominent of these, the Ku Klux Klan,…was formed in 1865”. The article accurately continues “ By 1868, the Klan had evolved into a hooded terrorist organization that its members called "The Invisible Empire of the South." 
    Congressman Grayson was not challenged by the Media or by our elected Republicans. What a travesty!.
    Larry White
    Card Carrying Member
    Capitalist Workers of America

  20. Vincent J. DiPentima says:

    Stuart is correct. I know first hand how vicious, tyrannical, and ruthless Democrats in power can be. I worked for local government for over 30 years, saw two Democratic governing bodies thrown out by the voters of my home town, one for their involvement in a garbage scandal, one councilman sentenced to one year in prison, the other for violating the Council/<Manager Act, by overruling a managers appointments, and depriving one man of the top job as Chief of Police. Thats when the citizens of my town threw them out of office. Don't we see that going on in Washington now?

  21. Grayson = an ignorant loser elected by other ignorant losers!

  22. Philadelphia: 100% voting precincts voted 100% democrat in the last election. Good call, shane.

  23. $20,000 on his head

  24. Bryan76016 says:

    Grayson, may the Tea Party "cast you overboard."

  25. This insane prick needs to be committed !!! Any body that voted for him need to be rounded up and have shock treatments !!

  26. Bryan76016 says:

    Let's straighten a popular misconception. The "Civil War" aka War Between the States, was about States Rights. Unfortunately the trigger was slavery. There was a bad mix of evil and righteousness. While not supporting slavery but absolutely not supporting federal government's intervention in states rights, the South was forced to fight under a cloud of doubt. For which cause are "you fighting." Abolish slaver or States Rights? You can't "broad brush" the intent of those entering the war. I had a grandfather on each side. I don't question either's motive.

  27. Excellent Larry,
    I would also point out the most notorious segregationists and opponents of civil and voting rights were Democrats. The late Democrat senator Robert Byrd, former segregationist who filibustered the civil rights act of 1964, was a former Klan recruiter. Democrats never seemed to have an issue with this. Thankfully LBJ had the Republicans to help pass civil and voting rights legislation.
    I cannot understand the blind loyalty black and Jewish Americans give to the Democrat Party. Have Jews forgotten that Democrat icon President Franklin Roosevelt, would not allow a boatload of German Jewish refugees to enter the U.S., forcing their return to Nazi Germany? Most would die in the death camps.
    We must keep in mind that Grayson is the first member of his family to walk upright and as such, is inclined to be dimwitted.
    Facts can only add to his confusion.

  28. Good point Bryan,
    Historians still debate many aspects of the Civil War including its cause, Lincoln's motives, and attitude toward slavery.
    Conflict, especially civil war, is for the most part very complex and not cut and dried. Each side has their own history, perspective, motives, and reasons.
    This is why we should keep our noses out of everyone else's conflicts, a lesson we have yet to learn!

  29. What a jackass, We could use a few pitbulls as him in the GOP. They have a great strategy, pick a few soldiers on the left and let them " dog " the right.

  30. Alan Grayson was more than slightly confused about Tea Party and the KKK in the Florida Democrat Party ad depicting the “T” in Tea Party as a burning cross. I have a photo of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger standing on a cart speaking to a flock of hooded KKK members – men and women, all giving her a "Seig Heil" salute ala Hitler. Can't post it here, but its out there to stick in his ear.

    Sanger was a Eugenicist, just like the architect of the ACA, Zeke Emanuel with the help of fellow Eugenicist Dr. Peter Singer. Eugenics became an unpopular name, so the "progressives" changed it to Feminist – just like unpopular liberal changed to "progressive" – Sanger always pushed to purify humanity – get rid of Jews, Negroes, Catholics, retarded and infirm. She also advised Hitler on tactics.

    The East Coast Elite were enamored with Hitler – including the Bush’s and the Kennedy’s. Notice their arms raised in a Nazi-like salute?

    Nice going Baltimore Ravens! You took $130,000 to lie to your fans and the rest of the country. “Ignorance of the 2,700 page law and its 17,000 pages – so far – of regulations written under George Soros with the help of Muslim Brotherhood operatives (Neera Tanden who bragged about it!) is no excuse?” Yes, Emanuel and Soros – now Hillary plus her Muslim Brotherhood contingent are up to their butts in this totalitarian mess. Pg 107 says Muslims get theirs free – its called Dhimmitude you silly infidel!

    The Ravens get the Millstone Award for the week. Planned Parenthood, abortion by any means “free” and other future football player killing techniques are part and parcel of Obamacare.

    Just ask the 43 Catholic institutions that are suing the Administration over the ACA. They're getting it shoved down their throats ethics and morality be damned!

  31. PAUL V. LUTZ says:


  32. Grayson comes up for re-election in 2014. It may be a little too early to see who is going to be successful in getting on the ballot to oppose Grayson, but I contributed to Peter Vivaldi for Congress as a goodwill gesture. Grayson has to be turned out. He is as vile and reprehensible as they come.

  33. You sir have a speaking and hearing problem, with the walls of your rectum that are interfering with the movement of your eardrums and your jaw.

  34. Well, congratulations, your party has stolen the mantle.

  35. If the pointy hat fits…

  36. Carl D Sedillo says:

    The KKK is a Southern Democrat initiative. It was the means used to subjugate blacks. I believe the Tea Party was instrumental in electing to the Congress, while others definitely support the Tea Party. You are viewing Democrats running from their own mistakes. The Liberal information media complained and complained about the Tea Party. What idiocy can you expect from a political party and information media that lie, lie, lie?

  37. PAUL V. LUTZ says:


  38. You still need to tell us who all the "conservative" Democrats were that turned Republican.

    Also, I'm sure you agree its just great that Republicans were there to help LBJ pass the Civil and Voting Rights Acts. If the Democrats could have had their way, who knows how much longer black Americans would have sat at the back of the bus.

  39. Paul,
    You are obviously very well acquainted with people who hang around alleyways and dark street corners.

  40. Laughable. ACORN was sued in multiple states in 2009 and the heat was so high it changed its name for a while. Obama has gotten around the cut-off of funds to ACORN by House Republicans by providing them millions of dollars as "navigators." Imagine, $60,000 salaries for people with little education and a lot of Obama-passion — handling our personal data and signing up new Democrat voters. So now their fraud is "legalized" by Democrat law-makers using them to expand their base.

    Make up all the anti-Republican junk you want. Democrats have overreached and angered America by their liberlous rhetoric. Alan Grayson is Exhibit #1. His attacks are lies, and despicable lies. He ought to be an embarrassment to his own party, but most Dems today have no morals beyond raw political power. Obama can smile and call for civility while his storm-troopers lay waste to the political landscape. Pure Chicago thuggery on display, except now Obama has brought it to the national stage.

  41. I think that the klan boys should invite him to a meeting , he probably would be safe since most of them would probably be federal agents

  42. balance2scale says:

    Words like what this "piece of shet" sound powerful and the democrats use strong words and the republicans put their tale between their legs and shut up. This is why they will loose most elections because they do not bite back.

  43. historianMI says:

    There is a concept or mechanism in psychology called "projection,) in which the person projects his/her own defect or fault onto someone else, in order to lose his/her feelings of guilt. The KKK WAS a part of the Democratic Party for a long time, and had a history of extreme beliefs and extreme actions. There are still extreme factions and cliques in the Dem Party.

  44. I stopped reading and listening to any democratic for as far as I am concerned ii is garbage in and garbage out of their mouths.

  45. Listen up! Obviously no one knows the history of the KKK. It's a fact. The KKK was organized by the 'DEMOCRATS' shortly after the Civil War ended. It was Margaret Sanger a Democrat/Communist party member who advocated the murder of all black babies. (not my words, her words exactly as she said them when she advocated abortions), It was the Democrats who wanted to keep African-Americans slaves. It was a Republican President who freed the slaves. So, wake up and and know the truth. Everything I've mentioned above it fact and you can Google it. So, you want to put the Tea Party and Christians in the same category with the KKK the greatest hate group in the entire U.S.? Time to start with the tyrant BHO by removing all liberals from Washington. They've been sitting on their butts, drawing their pay (which we the people pay with our tax money). Don't you realize Democrats want to spend, spend, spend, tax, tax, tax. Republicans want people to have jobs, money, and freedom to live in peace. So, you decide. Live as slaves under Democratic rule or freedom under Republicans.

  46. Stuart Shepherd says:

    The reason nothing would ever surprise me about Democrats- no amount of lying, cheating, stealing, viciousness, and other sociopathy is because it is the atheist party, while Republicans purport Godly values. It is NOT a socio-political movement or party, it is a SPIRITUO-sociopolitical movement or party. The spirit precedes the behavior and the ideology. What kind of person would advocate for, literally, the "right" to suck your own babies' brains out of it's head when it is halfway out of the womb?! can you just try to imagine how gruesome and evil that is?! Just try and then you will know why you really can't have a legitimate discussion with these people and that they do not have a legitimate political position on ANYTHING. Modern feminists (mostly white) have been the "useful idiots" for the communists and the marxists. They just play to their narcissism in even the slightest way, or some kind of "empowerment," and they will always have the majority of the white female vote. It is what has tipped the balance permanently to the "left," I believe. Before any white female readers get mad at me- 1. obviously I'm probably not talking about you if you're reading this and, 2. think about it- I might be right.

  47. An infinitely more apt expression is:

    Democratic Party = Communist Party

    Barack Obama = Josef Stalin

    Alan Grayson = Trotsky

    Given the aptness of this expression, I would advise Congressman Grayson against taking any extended trips to Mexico.

  48. The is the same party that claimed that the Republicans were going to put black people "back in chains."

    Only the Democrats can put blacks back in chains. The Republicans can't put them "back" in chains because the Republicans never had them there in the first place.

  49. There really are that many morons in his district. There are so many morons in this country that a monster like Obama can get elected twice. The same way that Grayson has been elected twice. I just can't understand why there are so many people in this country that are willing to sell themselves into slavery. When you think about it the group of people whose ancestors were brought here in slavery are really trying the hardest to be lead back into slavery. I find that hard to believe, but it is true. Think about it.

  50. Posting Policy: Anything Grayson says should be banned from this site as it is always filled with hate speech and lies.

  51. This poor soul really needs medical intervention.
    He raises the question: Are all Democrats idiots or are all idiots Democrats?
    Sad, but there are evidently enough voters in his District who are idiots or this Representative(?) would not be in Congress.

  52. Those sucking on the government teat will always vote for any idiot who promises them more. That's how we got the pathological, narcissistic, Marxist liar that we currently have in the Oval Office.

  53. "Free" comes with a very, very high price. When the economy collapses, those dependent of the government WILL perish for they know not how to provide for themselves. That's if they survive the rioting and looting.

  54. SEIU equals Useful Idiots. Nothing more needs to be said

  55. "…most Dems today have no morals beyond raw political power."
    This is a very astute observation, and perhaps truer than you realize. In the absence of moral absolutes, we are eventually left with nothing but Nietsche's "will to power". There are then no moral checks on what man does; he is not limited by what he SHOULD do, but only by what he CAN do. And in such a situation, the question is only, Who will rule? The Progressives (liberals, humanists) are determined that it is THEY who will rule, and their rule shall only be limited by what they consider appropriate. To be fair, there are conservatives who have bought into this mindset, but it is not characteristic of conservatism as it is with progressivism.

  56. Considering Grayson knows nothing about the history of the KKK and the fact that is was started by Democrats just tells me that this useless idiot must have failed US history class many years ago. Do a little research you liberal morons before you start flapping your gums about information that is not truthful or correct.

  57. The media prints it anyway because they are paid big bucks to print falsities and lies by the democrats. It does not matter that we know that they know right from wrong. Its all about ratings and money. Pretty sad when you get paid to not tell the truth.

  58. Richard Holmes says:

    The democrats are the KKK. Make no mistake about it. They own it and are still using it. it just has a different name. union, aclu, naacp. These organizations make you think they are helping but in the long run they oppress the very same people they supposedly fight for. They are all shill games.

  59. James Thomas says:

    Grayson is right. All you Tea Party scum are trying to wage civil war on the USA. You lost so put down your confederate flags and get over it.

  60. bonniewheeler says:

    The man has let his hate send him completely over the edge – he needs to know what the tea party stands for: He also needs to see a psychiatrist as quickly as possible.