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Kentucky Kickback in the Budget Law: $2.2 Billion Extra for a Dam

Written by Gary North on October 18, 2013

Senator Mitch McConnell’s state of Kentucky got a lift from the budget ceiling law: a hike of $2 billion in the ceiling. That will pay for a dam.

McConnell’s office says this did not originate from him.

Senator Alexander of Tennessee included it. Tennessee will also benefit from the dam.

The full explanation is here. Ringo understood it.

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14 thoughts on “Kentucky Kickback in the Budget Law: $2.2 Billion Extra for a Dam

  1. Cliffystones says:

    And yet he'll stand there on camera and justify it with a straight face!

  2. Yes, we have such wonderful Senators in Tennessee…NOT! RINOs both.

  3. if it produces electricity it may not be such a bad thing.

  4. obamacare how to buy a politician with other peoples money you can hang Mitch McConnell`s portrait right along side of Benedict Arnold, Judas and John McCain`s!

  5. this sort of sellout for personal gain (votes, friends "bought" in high places) makes me think of a word describing it. Its not a nice word, but begins with the word "who"…….

    We now have a list of "republican" "representatives" to turn out of office in 2014 and 2016. They have proven, once again, and when "the chips are down' that they do NOT listen to us, nor do they have our betterment in view.

  6. Mitch McConnell don`t worry , what goes around comes around and you will have to answer .

  7. Why do they always have to add the pork, like thieves in the night……………………………….

  8. Because they ARE thieves in the night – and in the daylight, too! Our government needs to be renamed "the Thieves Guild"!

  9. I agree – but not at a time when the Nation is already so far in debt! This is more Government "make work". The taxpayers money being used to benefit the few who stand to gain from it! And who is likely going to work on this dam – newly legalized illegals?

  10. I have voted for both of them. My sincere apologies; and it'll never happen again! From now on it's Tea party endorsed or no vote – unless I know the candidate personally!

  11. And Corker and Alexander! Both closet Progressives who infiltrated into, and were accepted by, the GOP in Tennessee!

  12. Too bad; he may indeed need to answer someday – but the scru has already been turned – again – for We, the People!

  13. If we make it to 2014/16 with the Republic still intact; and if amnesty doesn't create millions of new Democrat voters and make our efforts to vote an exercise in futility!

  14. This just goes to show you that McConnell already has accepted the fact that teh feeral treasury is going to go broke. At this point fiscal restraint would just cost his state the ability to generate electricity ater the collapse of the federal government, and the ensuing third world chaos. This is the beginning of the looting. At this point, those who futilely try to balance the budget by foregoing pork and kickbacks are going to get nothinhg back for their federal tax dollars. McConnell knows the dam will at least provide electricity to heat all those rest homes full of Kentuckians who are no longer going to get their social security checks and medicaid payments after Economic War Obama. The states are already doing what the Katrina victims did — first come – first serve in the looting spre.