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93% of IRS Workers Are on Furlough

Written by Gary North on October 16, 2013

The Internal Revenue Service is on vacation. They know it will be a paid vacation. When the fight over the debt ceiling hike results in a debt ceiling hike, they will be paid for their time off. The House voted 100% to secure this.

But for now, 93% of them have gone fishing.

The IRS issued a notification on October 15 that the final filings for deferred tax filing were due as scheduled. That’s the law, the IRS said. But there will be no one there to process them.

The IRS asked that late-filers file electronically. But what if everyone had filed paper forms, not digital forms? That would have gummed up the works.

What if the shutdown continues? What if 93% of the IRS remained on unpaid furlough . . . permanently? What would that do to federal revenues?

What if audits of businesses simply ceased?

What if people declared themselves as independent contractors, and told their employers not to withhold taxes any more. “I’ll file my own taxes.” How many would?

That would be a real test of people’s commitment to the federal government. That would test their commitment to the welfare-warfare state.

I don’t think Congress wants to run this test. The furloughs will end.

Too bad.

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7 thoughts on “93% of IRS Workers Are on Furlough

  1. 93% are on a paid vacation.

    We need to get rid of all 100% permanently.

  2. I don't know what the current figures are, but completely eliminating the IRS/income tax would simply roll the federal budget back a few years…like less than a decade…to a time LONG past when the Fedgov was way too big already.

    So why do we need this horrible tax and horrible agency, again?

  3. 'What if people declared themselves as independent contractors, and told their employers not to withhold taxes any more. “I’ll file my own taxes.” How many would?'

    Nowadays, big companies (and even temp agencies) won't hire you unless you come in as a W-2 employee. The reason they do this is simple: when you're W-2, they get to deduct everything related to your employment as a business expense. Big break for them and the government, nuts to you.

  4. Marc Jeric says:

    Those "non-essential' government unionized employees are also applying for unemployment benefits for a double whammy against the people.

  5. The 8.9% that are still on the job are for "protecting life & property or law enforcement activities"? Is that what all the new, fancy weaponry they now have is for? I didn't know the IRS had their own "law enforcement" dept.!

  6. Larry Cates says:

    In San Antonio, Texas, these non-essential government unionized employees are sucking up all the free food at city food banks causing the people that really needed the help to do without, all the while knowing that they will be reimbursed for their time off when they go back to work. I wonder just how much reimbursing the food banks that they will do when they're reimbursed.

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