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ObamaCare Laws (2): 381,000 Words. Enforcement Regs: 11.5 Million Words.

Written by Gary North on October 15, 2013

When a law is passed in Washington, that is only the first step. That says what the government wants enforced. What is actually enforced is not what Congress wrote. It is what the lawyers in the executive branch say the law means.

Take ObamaCare. It is two laws: one short, and one long. Combined, they take 381,517 words. This is 961 pages. So far, the federal bureaucracy has issued over 11,500,000 words of enforcement regulations. That is 30 times longer than the law.

There are 109 regulations. There will be more. They have been published in the Federal Register. Each year, this publication publishes about 80,000 pages of 3-column fine print pages. Congress virtually never sees these pages. They are the law of the land, not the original law. They say what people must do or not do, not the original law.

This system is enforced by the federal bureaucracy, few of whom — a few hundred — can be fired by the President. The rest are protected by the Civil Service law.

The regulations are enforced by agents of the agencies identified by the bureaucracy as the enforcing agencies. These people interpret the regulations in specific cases. These people are called administrative law judges. But they are not independent of the agencies. They are agents of the agencies.

The federal courts only rarely exercise jurisdiction. The cases must be appealed to the agency. Then, if the decision is still negative, a case may be appealed to a federal court. Few businesses are rich enough to survive the first appeal.

Harvard legal historian Harold J. Berman in 1983 wrote that this system of administrative law is overturning the Western legal tradition. His book, Law and Revolution, is a study of the origins of this tradition in 1076. His introduction warns that if this extension of bureaucratic law is not reversed, we will lose our liberties.

It has not been reversed since 1983. It has been extended.

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14 thoughts on “ObamaCare Laws (2): 381,000 Words. Enforcement Regs: 11.5 Million Words.

  1. bless2live says:

    obamacare, the evil to rid America!

  2. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Yes, Obamacare, Pelosicare, Hilarycare, whatever you wish to call it is evil. But so are all these regulations. The Constitution says CONGRESS shall write the laws. Just because it is printed in the Federal Register does not make it law. It should not be enforceable unless Congress specifically ratifies it. Same goes for Executive Orders.

  3. Sheer insanity! Proverbs 10:19 states:"When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise." Not only is Obama foolish in his orations, but his written law is so complicated and so obtuse it is dangerous! But his Democrat minions are even more stupid because they blindly support this fiasco! They make excuses left and right because not one of them is intellectually honest concerning this diabolical, unworkable, destructive legislation! Obama needs to be impeached!

  4. LOL. Show me the regulations, then I'll believe it. I see no sources here.

  5. Is your username "bless2live" supposed to be ironic?

  6. I tend toward the mindset of Shaner. Research needs varied sources from both sides. I'll look up the regulations, send the site to Shane and Chels. Evan if it has to be a condensed coopy! We'll go from there on Obamacare. There was No reason to curse ! On his part!

  7. And HOW exactly does obozocare provide AFFORDABLE care to 40 million people???
    Oh, and nice use of profanity to get your point across. What are you, a fifth grader? Grow up and learn to communicate without using profanity. People will take much more seriuously.

  8. Typical lib – doesn't want to actually do any work, wants everyone else to do it for him.

  9. Mickeymike2 says:

    Same old, same old. They are voted to be OUR representatives, but they represent only themselves and the party line. That's why we have to do everything we can to stop life time politicians. We have the vote. Don't vote for incumbents. If we can't get our representatives to enact term limits. We'll have to do it at election time. Get them out before they get locked in. We'd be better off just pulling names out of a barrel than having the self-representing "representatives" that we now have.

  10. LOL. Another stupid blunder by Shane. Click on the link to go to CNS news, and they actually provide PDFs in the article for you to click and download.

    Shane, the man too stupid and lazy to click on a link.

  11. Yes, but I guess they didn't get the memo!

  12. william spires says:

    May those that conceived and supported Obamacare( the Affordable Euthanasia Act) suffer it's consequences and those who saw fit to exempt themselves meet the same fate as the peasants whom they despise so that they are forced to participate. It's not enough that citizens are forced to pay for the extravagant lifestyle and vacations that cost more than the average citizen earns in one year for just one trip but now we have (non)healthcare by extortion !!

  13. Marie morris says:

    No matter how much we holler and scream and replies,text, or anything else it's not doing any good the people voted him in and all he did was lie to us and they voted him I again peoples fault

  14. I'd agree that some bureaucracies are out of control. But generally speaking, enforcement of rules has actually been going down for several decades now. We have fewer bureaucrats per capita than at any time since the 1950's. The bureaucracies of all agencies are shrinking and have continued to shrink under Obama, who has gotten rid of seven times more regulations than W. Bush did. These facts don't fit into the Tea Party narrative, but they are true.