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8 thoughts on “Social Security’s Tiny Increase: Flat COLA

  1. One question, will congress and federal workers be getting a COLA? If so, how much will theirs be? I think it's time we controlled their raises!

  2. It strikes me as odd that when they are computing COLA increases for social security the cost of living has not increased. But when they are computing the COLA for federal employees, those people are suffering under cost increases that are burdensome. Through this whole thing interest rates on savings are held so low that seniors get no relief when they must tap their savings. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  3. How about SS peeps get the same % rate increase as congress, and as offten

  4. Don't want an increase – the increase goes to the state and medicare, not to the SS recipient.

  5. Haven’t our federal politicians (eagerly) assumed responsibility for the economy? If so, they should suffer some cost of living penalty – a COLP. Give retirees a cost of living allowance and deduct an equal amount from our federal legislators and administrators. . . . Seems fair.

  6. That is a great idea. We need raises the same size that the reps get…..or they need raises our size going back 40 years.

  7. Soloman Salazar says:

    A person on SS will see his buying power decrease each year until he dies naturally or starves to death.

  8. Soloman Salazar says:

    Has it never occured to the American People that when the Federal Reserve prints money and buys debt with it, that the printed money has not been earned through productivity.Therefore, it is usless as a medium of fair exchange and will erode the real value of money that has been earned through fair exchange amonst people.