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Affordable Housing: Check Your City

Written by Gary North on October 14, 2013

The most affordable city: Akron, Ohio (86%). The least affordable: San Francisco (14%). Most of the most affordable cities are in Ohio. Most of the least affordable cities are in California.

How affordable is housing in your city? You can check this easily by using the handy list that is available on another site. Click the link.

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9 thoughts on “Affordable Housing: Check Your City

  1. Buckeye Libertarian says:

    The housing here in Ohio is affordable because there is so much of it as Ohio has gone from a manufacturing belt to a rust belt. People have left as the manufacturing has left. From Toledo, to Cleveland, to Akron, Canton,Springfield, and Dayton, you'll find cities that are a fraction of the size they were in the 1960s and 1970s. A lot of the houses in Dayton are so old that the amount of money you'd have to put into them isn't worth it. The houses are in horrible neighborhoods where you'd have to guard the home while you were remodeling it to prevent your building materials from being stolen. A lot of the homes have been stripped of copper and other metals. The city of Dayton has been going after grants to rip these houses down. They have also set up a Land Bank to streamline the process of getting these homes turned over to new owners who would pay property taxes; they have also created a program to make Dayton an immigrant friendly city to encourage immigrants to re-populate these empty pockets. A few years ago, they came up with a "new formula" to determine property taxes. Magically, they collect the same property tax revenue despite 7000 vacant properties across the county. So long story short I'd be careful comparing housing in Ohio to housing in California.

  2. Excellent point Buckeye,
    I'm a Realtor in Florida, and it always amazes me when "national" statistics compare apples to oranges. There is so much more to "affordability" than just the initial cost of a house.

    As you stated, jobs, schools, security in the neighborhood, taxes–property as well as state income taxes, inheritance taxes, weather/climate, medical care, and on and on and on. Even the surveys that magazines tout as picking "the BEST places to live, work, retire, etc". They may be honestly trying to boil down essentials to get a valid comparison, but you cannot compare San Francisco, CA to San Antonio, TX anymore than you can compare Dayton, OH to Tampa, FL. Not only are the tangible differences obvious, but many intangibles such as culture, religious beliefs, family values, politics, etc.

    Years ago I travelled for a living and was able to spend time in a variety of places. While many had positive attributes such as physical beauty, low cost housing, etc. Not every plac e is for everybody.

    I will say though, my two favorite places are Texas and Florida! Come on down.

  3. Denver Kitty says:

    BWG: Where would you suggest for a retired military woman, 65, on the west coast of Florida? Kitty wildkatt1.1@gmail.com

  4. Explains why Buckeye boneheads sent Boehner to Washington: to retrieve all the Bucks lost back home from their Boners!

  5. As a military retiree with conservative values and if you can stand the beach without the ocean, being baked and not steamed in the summers, I'd recommend Phoenix as a good place to be. Arizona has a lot of good things going for it.

  6. Buckeye, do you realize how much of an oxymoron your moniker is? I just heard today that the state of Ohio has outlawed third parties! So: "Move to Ohio and you vill vote for ze Democrat or Republican or not at all, schweinhund!"

  7. Kitty, take a look at the Fl. Panhandle. Great beaches, plenty of bases, commissaries and prices (rent and to buy) are affordable. After that try Crystal River. Plenty of retiree's there and again, affordable.

  8. Buckeye Libertarian says:

    I scored as a conservative when I took a "test" in my high school government class. 10 years later my brother was sniped in the neck in Iraq. It was at that point I woke up and realized it's all bullsh*t. R's and D's are 2 sides of the same coin. Don't know what you're talking about with the outlawing of 3rd parties. Hadn't heard it here locally. I do know that I am surrounded by people with whom I share few values, and that my well informed vote is cancelled out multiple times over by people who are maybe as smart as the people you see on Jay Leno's Jaywalking segments.

  9. Rattlerjake says:

    You hit the nail on the head. My comment about Ohio's cities being affordable because of the mass exodus would be the same. I feel for your predicament knowing that those northern states are a major reason this country has been destroyed. Keep up the fight!